Cobs of the Week: Washington State, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Iowa

Dear Mom: We'd really like to transfer to a real football school, but Iowa State just laughs at us. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

For this week's excursion into the Worst of the week in college football, there were numerous candidates that narrowly missed the cut. Wisconsin for dancing once again with mediocrity. Michigan State for trailing Eastern Michigan much of the afternoon. Ohio State for making UAB look a lot more Alabama and a whole lot less Birmingham. Oh, and Idaho State as well, just for being, well, Idaho State. Some weeks, that might just be enough to get a nomination.

Not this week.

We've got a prime selection of candidates for this week's worst of the week...and you have to know that if Colorado isn't on the list of candidates, somebody else probably gets in as a result.

Washington State

Mike Leach, welcome to the Cobs of the Week. No, we haven't turned into the Craig James fan club. But when you blow a 17 point lead in the final seven minutes of the game to COLORADO, well, you get a Cob nomination. I mean, anybody that allows THIS Colorado team to be on TOP of the Pac-12 South (ahead of Southern Cal AND UCLA, for crying out loud) has to get a mention.


EveryDay Should Be Saturday pretty much sums offensive coordinator Al Borges' game plan up.


Missouri's defense might qualify for it by itself, allowing Connor Shaw to go 20 for 21 passing. But then there is this little GEM of an audition for the 1995 Florida defense.



Well, we should have seen this coming after week one at UTEP. Now things seem to be unraveling in Norman. A crystal ball and owning about half of the Big XII titles this century only go so far, I guess.


It's one thing to lose 52-24. It's another to lose 52-24 at home. To Louisiana Tech. Frank The Tank hasn't been heard from in days.


Oh, Iowa. Blowing an eight point lead in the final up nine instead. To the Chippewas, no less. When Central Michigan missed a two point conversion that would have tied the game, you had to figure Iowa had dodged the bullet, right? ricocheted back and got them in the heart. You would think that when a walk-on rushes for 217 yards, you'd be good, right? Right? Not when you've got that NFL prospect James Vandenberg leading your team. He's 112th in the nation in pass efficiency...only 101 quarterbacks stand between him and Taylor Martinez, a guy who "can’t throw his way out of a wet paperbag." Gee, how the heck did Martinez fall to 223rd in the nation in pass efficency? Oh, wait. Look the other direction on that list.

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