Black Helmet adidas Pajama Party Week - September 24th, 2012

In today's Reads, Tom Shatel plays "fan for a day" at Memorial Stadium, Roger Kellogg III enjoys his moment and the Lady Huskers rebound with a win over Ohio State. Those stories and more below.

Bringing you coverage of Nebraska and Big Ten sports and other stories from college football and beyond.

At Saturday's re-scheduled Red-White game, the Red team dispatched White 73-7 in one of the more lopsided games of the series. Taylor Martinez was pulled after one quarter only to inexplicably return to the field several more times, much to the confusion and annoyance of everyone. Rex Burkhead wowed, rushing for 119 yards and two TDs on eight carries, despite having a strange monster eating his leg. For those interested in the practice's statistical outcomes, head on over to the HuskerMax Game Page. The pollsters liked what they saw in the scrimmage, moving Nebraska up to No. 22 in the AP and No. 20 in the Coaches'.

This week, Nebraska hosts (NR/#23) Wisconsin, who inexplicably traded their offensive line for an ACC QB and then in a moment of "clarity", fired their offensive line coach and promoted a former hockey coach to the same vital position. In spite of all this, Wisconsin enters the game 3-1. Rumor has it, Bret Bielema has a box filled with lucky objects, including a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a rabbit's foot and one of Russel Wilson's socks, unwashed. The game will kickoff around 7pm CDT on ABC.

In an effort to extort more money out of fans screw with tradition appear hip to the young people who apparently need glasses or a color wheel, both schools will be sporting alternative threads for Saturday's game. Nebraska will be sporting a black helmet for the first time ever. The rest of the uniform will look like a kid's pajamas, complete with iron-on letters and numbers. You haven't seen them yet? Well, here you go. And here are the Badgers' pajamas. This is why football players play football, not design clothing.

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The Check-Down Pass:

You have to admit that Nebraska's focus on Saturday is new to this season. In past years, when faced with such an over-matched opponent, Nebraska seemed to take a day off. So kudos for that. Time to focus on beating Wisconsin now.

They did the same thing with Texas in 2010. That didn't work very well. If Nebraska stays focused and executes (and Beck doesn't panic if things start going south), they should win. If Beck starts getting cute, it'll be a tough go.

The real question is why? How did the conference get this far behind so quickly?

Really, I'd love to know how the Big Ten came into non-conference so ill-prepared. But what's done is done. Time to go ruin each others' seasons and then try and save face in bowl season.

This Weekend on CN:

Unfortunate but only time will tell what effect it has on Nebrasketball.

Will and Jake recap the game from the field itself. Take a look!

Grading Nebraska was difficult but Idaho State certainly earned a Participation Award.

Football (3-1)


Tough news; Stanton tore his ACL in his left knee last week. Get well soon, Johnny!


Memorial Stadium would never work for the College World Series. There's not a lot of room to "hang out." Everyone is there to watch the game. What a concept.

A nice piece from Shatel about Memorial Stadium. I miss it.

Basically a bye week where we got to watch practice.

Three yards and a cloud of dust. We're bringing it back.

Here. We. Go.

The difference in athletic ability was painfully obvious from the start. This game was so lopsided that Husker fans were doing the wave in the second quarter, and it was not just the usual wave.It was one that started slow, eventually speeded up and then even started going both ways at once. As waves go, it was pretty cool.

This must've been some wave. Need video and GIF.


We're going to need to build some depth at linebacker if we're going to seriously challenge in the Big Ten.


We're finally building depth on our offense. Why it took so long, who knows.

Volleyball (9-2)

The Huskers return to action on Wednesday as they host the Michigan State Spartans at the NU Coliseum at 7 p.m.

Great job, ladies! Wednesday's match will air on BTN, so expect a game thread here at CN!

Women's Soccer (5-5-1)

The Nebraska soccer team (4-5-1, 1-1-0 Big Ten) played to double overtime for its second straight game on Friday night, and was unable to come away with a victory in its Big Ten home opener. With the game tied at 1-1, the Purdue Boilermakers (6-3-1, 1-1-0 Big Ten) got a goal from Taylor Niewoit just 58 seconds into the second overtime period to secure a 2-1 win.

A pair of corner kicks from sophomore Caroline Gray led the Nebraska soccer team to a 2-1 win over the Indiana Hoosiers on Sunday afternoon at the Nebraska Soccer Field, as the Huskers improved to 2-1-0 in Big Ten play. Now 5-5-1 overall on the season, Mayme Conroy and Jaylyn Odermann each scored a goal off a corner kick from Gray less than five minutes apart in the second half.

Softball (2-0)

Nebraska defeated South Dakota 8-2 in the first game of a Sunday doubleheader to open the Huskers' fall season.

Brooke Thomason powered the Nebraska softball team to a doubleheader sweep of South Dakota by hitting a pair of home runs in the Huskers' 4-3 victory in game two at the Doris Bair Complex.


Sophomore Ross Dickson fired a 70 in the final round of the D.A. Weibring Intercollegiate on Sunday, leading the Nebraska men's golf team to a tie-for-seventh place finish.


The Nebraska men's tennis team faced off against Denver and Air Force in the second day of the DU Invitational on Saturday, winning 10 matches in all.

The Nebraska men's tennis doubles team won all four of its doubles matches and added four more singles victories on its first day of the DU Invitational Friday.

Cornhusker Alumni

Ahman Green comes home to Nebraska and says nice things.

So many puns...

Big Ten (33-13) (Indiana and Purdue did not play.)

Mike Jones of OTE attempts to project the ACC-ified Big Ten into their bowl games. Nebraska does manage to move ahead of Michigan in the pecking order, up to the Capitol One Bowl against Georgia.

ESPN projects Nebraska against a SEC opponent, either Florida in the Capital One or LSU in the Outback Bowl.

The Big Ten beat bloggers at ESPN got a hold of some STEELE-AID. #teamsunshineULTRA

I think it's safe to say GameDay won't be visiting Lincoln this fall.

It's this kind of play-calling that's making the Big Ten look terrible. Big Ten offensive coordinators: STOP BEING CUTE AND JUST RUN YOUR OFFENSE.

Jim Delany isn't forgiving you. Or for that matter any of us who have to deal with Domers. Or those people who still watch ESPN for their news who now have to hear both "FLORIDA STATE IS BACK" and "NOTRE DAME IS BACK".

But in all seriousness, don't be hard on yourself, Denard. Your offensive coordinator had a brain fart. Okay, brain diarrhea.

Congrats to McGloin. Though believing the Nittany Lions can somehow replicate the New England Patriots might be O'Brien's undoing. He needs to find his own approach and not fall into the same trap as every other disciple of Belichick's. (*cough* Charlie Weis *cough*)

Not arguing with their choices. A little surprised nothing for Nebraska's I-Backs, but then we played a team that is masquerading as a FCS school. That being said, Bell might be exhausted by the time Nebraska plays Mitten State in November.

I'd make a comment but our coach has that wonderful nugget of "You saw the game, what did you think?!"

Syracuse fans watched the Big Ten Network and were surprised to find out that the Big Ten Network does puff pieces about Big Ten schools.

Purdue was cheated, Michigan State has no offense and Michigan goes as Dennard goes. I don't see how that means Notre Dame wins the Big Ten. I bet a second go-around with Purdue or a game against Nebraska wouldn't end so favorably for Notre Dame. Not that they would schedule Nebraska.

Other Stories

Baylor had the Oregon wings on their jerseys this weekend. Enough is enough. Kids, grow up. Just because you drew it in kindergarten doesn't mean it looks good.

Speaking of Oregon, could they be the team to take down Alabama, ending their pursuit of a third national title in four years?

We're worse than Wisconsin now?

Who is your favorite to win the Big 12 now? I've still got Holgo and West Virginia. But K-State is making noise.

Maybe it's time to reassess some of your other front-runners, media people? Maybe, I don't know, actually watch the games and assess based on a full game resume instead of name alone?

Let's thank Oklahoma for trying!


LSU is going to drop one or two before December. No need to worry about boring rematch this year.

If Spurrier wasn't a SEC coach, I bet they would be more upset about not getting to ask questions.

There must've been a receiver with a career day as well, right?

No Fun League

Charlie Weis needs this play for Kansas.

It is possible to have fun even when your team is terrible. Chin up, Iowa.


How They Did: A Look at Our Upcoming and Past Opponents.

Click the link for a recap of each team's previous game.

Date Opponent Last Week This Week Record
9/1 Southern Miss at Western Kentucky, L 17-42 vs Lousiville (4-0) 0-3
9/8 @UCLA vs Oregon State, L 20-27 @ CoLOLorado (1-3) 3-1
9/15 Arky State vs Alcorn St., W 56-0 vs Western Kentucky (3-1) 2-2
9/22 Red-White Scrimmage at Nebraska, L 7-73 vs Sacramento State (2-2) 1-2
9/29 Wisconsin? vs UTEP, W 37-26 at Nebraska (3-1) 3-1
10/6 @URBZville vs UAB, W 29-15 @ Mitten State (3-1) 4-0
10/13 BYE

10/20 @NU vs South Dakota, W 38-7 vs Indiana (2-1) 4-0
10/27 Mitten @ Notre Dame, L 6-13 @ Purdue (2-1) 2-2
11/3 @Mitten State vs Eastern Mitten, W 23-7 vs Urbzville State (4-0) 3-1
11/10 Penn State vs Temple, W 24-13 @ Illinois (2-2) 2-2
11/17 #teamKill vs Syracuse, W 17-10 @LOLWA (2-2) 4-0
11/23 @LOLWA vs Central Mitten, L 31-32 vs #teamKill (4-0) 2-2

*I erroneously had Minnesota (#teamKill) playing Marshall this week in last week's run-down. Apologies.

Overall: 30-16 (three of our future opponents remain undefeated; only Michigan State and Wisconsin remain ranked.*)

*Yes, I know Ohio State is ranked in the AP poll. I don't recognize Ohio State for the same reason Jon doesn't vote them in the BlogPoll.


And my final link, because it's Wisconsin week:

Have a great Monday everyone! It's Wisconsin Week! HATE THEM. Or at least be moderately displeased with them.

Go Big Red! Beat the Badgers!

- Salt Creek and Stadium

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