Weekly Predictions - Idaho St. Week

This is combined the number of people who picked Stanford and Notre Dame to win last week here.

Husker Mike: Can we just start the conference season already? Sheesh...if we thought last week had crappy games, just look at this week’s slate.

Billgrip: The first few weeks of college football is basically the equivalence of the NFL preseason...except it actually matters. There aren’t that many interesting games, but I know I’m still watching.

Kevin (Cornhead): And that’s the power and pull of college football: A bunch of turd games on slate, but we still tune in!

Brian: As bad as these games tend to be, bad college football games are better than no college football games, remember that.

David McGee: What? These games are a lot better than last weeks. A lot of mediocre teams lends to really exciting finishes. Whether Nebraska is or not, college football as a whole is gravitating towards mediocrity. Bring on the game winning field goals!

Mister Mike: To hell with all of you. I’m just excited that we don’t have to do another BC prediction this week.

Salt Creek: This week we learned to stop listening to the media. Let’s pick an Alabama game next week. And let’s pick another Boston College game, why not?

DM: 4-1. Mmmhmmm.

Salt Creek: 11 - 4. *drops mic*

DM: Those things are expensive. If it’s broken, you’re paying for it.

Andy: OK, overall I totally suck, but Stanford, bitches. Eat it.

Michigan (+6) at Notre Dame

Husker Mike: Can I pick neither? Nope? Dang it. Well, Michigan can’t help but challenge Notre Dame’s defense more than Michigan State’s inept offense ever could. Purdue nearly got the Irish at home two weeks ago, and I think Michigan’s better than Purdue. Weasels 27, Amish 24

Salt Creek: I am obligated to root for the sink-hole here. Michigan on a last second September Heisman highlight for Denard Robinson.

Jon: When was the last time that this was a big game? Ten years ago? Because you can make fun of Notre Dame all you want, but if they win against the Wolverines, they’re probably in the top ten. The Irish are 18th in total defense, 23rd against the run (you don’t even want to compare that to Nebraska) - is it possible that Michigan State’s offense is less inept than Notre Dame’s defense is good? The truth is probably somewhere in between. I’d like to pick Michigan, but unless there’s truly a curse Robinson has on the Irish, I’d going with the Catholics. Notre Dame 27, Michigan 24

Aaron: This game got me thinking about being a Michigan fan and life after Dennard Robinson. I think after two years, Brian Kelly has learned what Robinson is capable of and has an answer for him. Will Michigan fans miss Dennard next year or be happy he is gone? Notre Dame 38, Michigan 13

Jake Sorensen: I’ll make my predictions debut this week. This should be a fun one after Notre Dame DESTROYED Michigan State...but we all know the Irish are known for a big letdown. Wolverines won last year’s game on a miracle...I think they pull out the win this week, too, and avoid an embarrassing 2-game stretch for the B1G vs. the Catholics. Michigan 31, ND 27.

Will Grubb: I have a hard time buying into the Notre Dame hype every single year. That being said, I am a big believer in Brian Kelly and his ability to build a program to his style. I’m going to trust Vegas in this one Notre Dame 27 Michigan 21

Billgrip: As mentioned above, Brian Kelly seems to have the Irish on track. I really wanted to pick them to win last week, but I just couldn’t because I was told repeatedly how good Michigan State was and I believed it. I don’t think Michigan is actually that good if you can contain Denard Robinson. Even so, I think I’ll take Michigan in this one by a field goal... Wolverines 34, Irish 31

Kevin (Cornhead): Aw, aren’t the Irish a nice little story so far this year? You know the whole shithouse would go up in flames in college football without a relevant Notre Dame. Shoelace has their number, but he will need a little more help in this one and won’t quite get it, though the Wolverines cover in a close one. Just be prepared for all the talking heads to be slobbering over the Irish. Irish 28, Wolverines 24

Brian: I care about this game because this is going to prove to me what is better: Denard’s arm or the Notre Dame secondary. Last year, Denard went LOLOLOL on the Irish secondary, but Notre Dame has looked better this year. Granted, Michigan St makes the Nebraska 2009 offense look downright unstoppable, but little victories. Notre Dame is better than they were last year, but Michigan needs this game more than the Irish do. Michigan wins, but it’s within a touchdown.

Mister Mike: Point blank, I hate the Irish. Like, I would rather have eye surgery done with a plastic straw and sulfuric acid than root for the Leprechauns. This week they face an offense that knows what the hell it is and what the hell they’re doing. If their game last week against the Spartans showed us anything, it showed how MSU puts the "fun" in "dysfunctional." On offense. If their offense was any good, ND doesn’t win as handily last week, because I’m still "selling" ND on their defense, while everyone else seems to be "buying." Hell with that. Shoelaces runs right up their ass and makes life miserable for the Drunken Leprechauns. Wolvey 31, Aye-rish 24.

David: I went to the Michigan game last year with a side trip to Notre Dame because I’m a college football fan and that’s what you’re supposed to do when South Bend is less than an hour out of your way, right? However you answer that question, that’s what I did. There is a certain aura in South Bend when you walk up to the tunnel and look around wander the campus a bit and take a lap (or two) around the stadium. But when you get to the mouth of the tunnel and the old volunteer security guard gives you a little welcome packet and smiles and says "Welcome to Notre Dame Stadium, feel free to walk down to the field" it just was cool. Really, really cool. Touchdown Jesus was cool and I’m not Catholic. I got to touch the "Play Like a Champion Today" sign (ok, it was probably a replica, but still!). All that said, Notre Dame hadn’t seen a play maker like Robinson yet. I think this is a really close game. It will probably be hard to watch until the 4th quarter. I’m taking the Irish. ND: 24 Mich: 23

Andy: Taint happening back to back no matter how far out Holtz and Golic grow their Longhorns after last week. 2012’s most overrated Michigan takes down perennially and monstrously overrated Notre Dame 30-27

Kansas State (+14) at Oklahoma

Husker Mike: Ever since that 2003 upset nearly knocked the Sooners out of the national title game, the student has had the better of the teacher. The Sooners break out of their funk. Sooners 42, Wildcats 21

Salt Creek: Bill Snyder’s gang of misfit toys takes on Oklahoma and shocks the Sooners, 31-28.

Jake Sorensen: K-State has had an interesting season, struggling in the season-opener before absolutely owning Miami; but a lackadaisical performance last week vs. North Texas shows signs of vulnerability. Collin Klein gives the Sooners fits, but Landry Jones and Bob Stoops come out on top. Sooners 38, Wildcats 31

Will Grubb: This game has me captivated. I’m still trying to figure out who K-State is. This one will go down to the wire with a defensive second half. Oklahoma 21 K-State 17

Billgrip: Oklahoma has more talent than K-State, and it’s at home where Oklahoma rarely loses. I can’t really see them losing this one, even though this year’s K-State is even better than last year. Oklahoma 35, K-State 21

Kevin (Cornhead): Boomer Sooner rocked the fighting Snyders last year. I’ve got a funny feeling this game is closer than expected. I’ve already stated I’m a Collin Klein fan (kind of reminds me of Scott Frost), and he keeps it relatively close: Sooners 38, Wildcats 28

Brian: I get Klein is a fantastic quarterback. However, KSU at home and KSU away from Manhattan are two different beasts. However, I still wonder what Landry Jones w/o Ryan Broyles is as a quarterback. I think Oklahoma still wins, but Kansas State puts the fear of a deity into em.

Mister Mike: I’m hoping I get to watch this game. I’m eager to see what Old Balls and his black magic have cooked up for Boomer Sooner this week. I think the Kitties keep this thing close going into the half and give the wife-beater, mustard-stained shirt wearing Sooner fan all that he can handle. Big Game Bob and the Land Thieves kick the Kats in the nuts in this game though and end up winning it: Sooners 34, Wildcats 27.

DM: The nostalgia game of the week. KState’s been able to peck teams to death the past couple of years. KState is what Nebraska basketball was a couple of years ago with a little better results. They play reeeeeeeeealy hard. But when they came up against another theam that played similarly as hard with significantly better talent, it made for a long day. I’m expecting the Sooners to play pretty hard. Could see this being something like 14-10 at the half. OU: 42 KSU: 17

Jon: Colin Klein is one of the more efficient guys around, but he’s no Landry Jones. (That’s a joke, son.) I’ll go Oklahoma 35, Kansas St 21

Aaron: I think this is the year Kansas State gets Oklahoma. It should be the upset in the Top 5 for the week. Kansas State 38, Oklahoma 31

Andy: Bookmakers remain oddly unimpressed with Kansas St. I don’t think they look as good either away from Manhatten. Sooners 38 Kitties 14

Missouri (+10) at South Carolina

Husker Mike: The problem with doing these picks early is that we really don’t know if James Franklin or Connor Shaw will play this weekend. It sounds like they will, but it wasn’t until gametime when we learned that Franklin wasn’t going to play. So assuming both play, I’ll go with Shaw. Better quarterback, better defense, better team. Cocks 24, Tiggers 10

Salt Creek: Going against my better judgement here - Missouri with the upset. The Slightly Annoyed Pinkels take this one after a missed South Carolina field goal in the final seconds. Jon: I didn’t think Missouri would win this one before the season started, and I’m still thinking the same. At SC as well, a whole new place to Mizzourans. Cocks 28, Mizzou 14

Jake Sorensen: Missouri has had quick starts this season, but has failed to stay strong the whole game. An early lead vs. Georgia turned into an ugly loss, and a closer-than-expected game against AZ State. Give me Spurrier in this one, but tighter than you might think. Gamecocks 17, Tigers 14.

Will Grubb: Missouri’s grown man football education continues this weekend. The Gamecocks have some injury concerns that will make this game closer than it should be. South Carolina 34 Missouri 20

Billgrip: If Connor Shaw doesn’t play, I like Missouri’s chances in this one. However, it looks like he will play, therefore I like South Carolina. I don’t think they cover the spread, however. South Carolina 35, Missouri 28

Kevin (Cornhead): I could see Missouri going to South Carolina and getting the upset.......wait, no I can’t. I’m not convinced the Gamecocks are world-beaters, but they’re better than the Tigers. Gamecocks 34, Tigers 21

Brian: If Mizzou can’t operate in the Memorial Stadium environment, what makes anyone think they will handle a SEC East one? First CBS national game, Lattimore... no way. Just another chaper in the #PINKELFACTOR memoirs. Carolina all day in this one.

Mister Mike: Connor Shaw and the Cocks pull away in this one, putting a boot up the ass of the SEC wannabes, handing them their second loss in conference. Methzou sucks. Cocks 31, Tiggers 24.

DM: Mizzou vs. the Ole Ball coach. Puke fest city. The last time Mizzou faces a #7 team (two weeks ago vs. Georgia) it didn’t go so well for the Tigers. My crystal ball shows a similar result. In fact, I’m picking the exact same score: 41-20, Spurrier.

Aaron: Well, I thought Missouri could hang with Georgia a few weeks ago. I think this game is a better match up for them, though. Kitties 35, Chickens 21

Andy: How about some Ol’ Ball Coach football, Misery? Cocks 27 Misery 17

Clemson (+14) at Florida State

Husker Mike: FSU rolls. Next question? Free Shoes 31, Dabo Dabo Doo-Doo 10

Jake Sorensen: Florida State has looked great so far, but it’s about time for their annual meltdown...although Clemson is normally prone to the same thing (which will happen soon enough). Tahj Boyd and Sammy Watkins go haywire on the Seminoles ‘D’ and force another early-season upset of Jimbo Fisher and crew. Clemson 27, Florida State 21.

Will Grubb: Clemson is over rated in my mind. The ACC is incredibly weak this year. So far Florida State has looked the part and could run the table. The Seminoles keep it rolling Florida State 35 Clemson 17

Billgrip: Is it just me or does it seem like we’ve been told that Florida State is a national title contender with all this talent, but then they choke in all games that are somewhat challenging? For some reason, however, this year feels different. Perhaps it was the obliteration of Savannah State that convinced me...high school JV sqauds are tough. Florida State 42, Clemson 28

Kevin (Cornhead): Clemson is a team that when you just start believing, they pull a stinker. Well, I haven’t started believing in the first place. The Seminoles haven’t played anyone yet, so they get their first test......and pass. Seminoles 38, Tigers 24

Brian: I agree with Bill, we are being told that Florida State is a great team, but when it comes to games like this they tend to HNNNNGGG more than anything. Clemson and Tahj Boyd is going to be one of their best tests, but EJ Manuel should outshine Boyd, especially in Talahassee. Seminoles win this one.

Mister Mike: Why in the hell is Clemson getting 14 points in this game? This is FSU they’re playing, which is the poster child for the "Who Can Do Less With More" competition. FSU keeps this one close, but like Bill and Brian (they have their own sitcom) this is one of the games this year they just straight up *cough, cough, cough...GAGHGGHAHAG* choke in. In fact, I’d wager vitals parts of Bill’s anatomy that they look SO inept, everyone wonders how in the hell they were ever considered national championship contenders in the first place. Plus, Clemson has one of the great young offensive coordinators in Chad Morris. Ahhh...what could’ve been for Nebraska. Clemson 31, FSU 27.

DM: Remember back when Nebraska met Clemson in the Gator Bowl? Nebraska had a first year head coach who appeared to have the ship headed in the right direction and the Tigers had this mystery man with the dreaded interim tag and a funny name. Well that goofy named coach now has a top ten team. If they can get by FSU, they’ve got a very favorable schedule in a conference up for grabs...if they can beat the Seminoles. I think they do. Clemson 27, Noles 22

Jon: The Seminoles are the top-ranked defense in the nation. Clemson, not so much. Florida State also has a decent offense. Clemson, not as decent, but they just won’t score as many points (I went to college to give you such great insight!). ‘Noles 31, Clemson 17

Aaron: So is this the year that FSU finally gets over the hump? Nah. Clemson catches an FSU team that hasn’t played anyone yet. Clemson 27, FSU 24

Andy: "Howbageebygobby boy?" is how Dan Jenkins once described a typical Clemson greeting. The answer this year is too fast and too athletic for your Tiger asses. FSU has been far too ACC’d to be a national contender, but they may be too much for anyone else in that sorry conference this year. Half Ass U 42 Climpson 17

Idaho State (NL) at Nebraska

Husker Mike: This is the style of defense that a Pelini defense vanquishes best: an immobile quarterback that loves to put the ball in the air. And this is perhaps the biggest mismatch ever for a Nebraska game at home. But there’s the rub; Nebraska should substitute freely, and when you put the reserves in, anything can happen. So I figure that Nebraska will get up to a quick early lead, but after that, all bets are off. If you are going to the game, buy a program so you know who’s out there. Halftime score: Huskers 49, Idaho State 0. Final score: Huskers 63, Idaho State 21.

Salt Creek: I’m ready for a healthy dose of Ron Kellogg, Jr. Abdullah has a 300 yard rushing day on limited snaps before the fourth quarter bell rings. Rex sneaks in a rushing TD before being rested. I’ve got Nebraska 70, Idaho State 10.

Jake Sorensen: I’ll keep this one short: Taylor Martinez plays 3-4 series, and puts points on the board each series. Huskers roll the pass-happy Bengals and Ron Kellogg III plays from the 2nd q through the end. Nebraska 52, Idaho State 7.

Will Grubb: Well your head coach calls you "Dreadfully young on defense" and your facing Taylor Martinez and company. That's never a good recipe Huskers 56 Bengals 3

Billgrip: Games like this will forever remind me of the 2010 game against South Dakota State...you never know what can happen. However, the more I read about this game the more I think all kinds of school records could be broken if Pelini doesn’t bench the starters after the 1st quarter. Im the type of person that will watch this entire game and enjoy seeing guys out on the field who may never have another opportunity to play besides the spring game. As long as the starters are ready to give their best effort and the coaches can keep everyone focused, the Huskers will dominate. No score prediction here from me, just an estimate. Nebraska more than 50, Idaho State less than or exactly 21

Kevin (Cornhead): I wanna see the entire roster play. I wanna see Martinez out of the game in the 2nd quarter. Hey, money is money is money. Every program needs it. I think our Cornhuskers will be crisp and sharp and keep them out of the endzone. Corn 55, Bengals 6

Brian: As everyone else says, this should be a game the entire non-redshirting roster should play. However, that doesn't mean that will happen. The first half of this game will show how much Nebraska put into the Bengals and how much they started planning for Wisconsin early. Bugaha 55, Bengals 14

Mister Mike: REMEMBER SDSU!! That should be the battle cry on Saturday for this team. We aren’t a good enough team that we can afford to overlook anyone on our schedule. I hope the coaches have a game plan and we straight up roll these guys. This game shouldn’t be in doubt by the end of the first quarter. If it is, it’s going to be much closer than we would like. I would like to see us stomp a mudhole in their chest and rip out their throat with our Eagle Claw technique. However, I think I might have to settle for a just a mudhole. Huskers 42, Potato State 13.

DM: On the pregame show, Greg Sharpe, during his conversation with Coach Bo, informs the listening audience that since April’s spring game was cancled due to the threat of tornados or something like that, they will be holding the drug free pledge at half-time of Saturday’s game. All those that will be taking the pledge will be admitted for free since this game will be about as competitive as the spring game would have been. Also, Idaho St. will get hot dogs if they lose. The red ones that everyone loves so much. Huskers win and get their first shut out in more than 2 years. Aaron: Nebraska will score a lot. Think it’s time for some yard work on Saturday. Nebraska 56, Idaho State 0

Andy: I don’t think there’s much more to say. Nebraska 56, Idaho State 17 Andy: Reenactment of Texas State vs. the prison team scrimmage in "Necessary Roughness". Computer fraud, indeed. NU 66 Idaho St. 3

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