FCS Idaho Week Reads - September 20th, 2012

This week, Nebraska stays home to take on the Idaho State Bengals, a FCS school located in Pocatello, Idaho and part of the Big Sky conference. The game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network, for those of you who have it (sorry Dish customers), with kickoff at or around 2:30 PM CDT.

Go Big Red!

In today's Reads, the Secretary of Defense green-lights the Eric Martin for continued deployment, Husker Volleyball drops a tough one in State College and the Next Generation Post-Season goes back under the knife to address the smaller leagues' concerns. Those stories and more below.

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I've learned to start out with the negatives.


How about that! Two more years of Zaire! I bet he'll be every bit the monster as Lavonte.

And he'll have Rose and...Okay, I won't pretend I know our two-deep or roster that well. But the future is bright!


More Eric Martin? Yes please.

And one quick story:

Commissioners discuss tweaking postseason format - Yahoo! Sports

We haven't even given the system a go and the Boise States of the world are already complaining. How long will the NEXT GENERATION POST SEASON last?

More Nebraska football and other stories after the Jump!

Yesterday on CN:

If Air Force is any sort of barometer, Nebraska should be able to deploy healthy amounts of Kellogg in the second half. And Rex should be able to break off some nice sprints and then take a rest.

It's tough but I'm confident Miles will find more ways to reinvent Nebrasketball.

Football (2-1)

On Sept. 29, Burkhead is scheduled to be awarded the Rare Disease Champion Award by Uplifting Athletes. The Big Ten Network also is scheduled to air a feature about the friendship between Burkhead and Jack.

One of the good guys of college football. (The Wisconsin-Nebraska game is on ESPN or ABC, DISH users - have no fear.)


The defense isn't doing terribly but it has it's work cut out to establish itself as elite.

Expect to see a lot more of #46. At least until the Big Ten decides to hire Dan Beebe.

Terry Joseph seems to be working out pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Husker coaches continue to evaluate true freshmen like Thomas Brown and Michael Rose, keeping them prepared in case they're needed this season.

Fingers crossed we don't...

Asked if he considered leaving the program - five four-star recruits have since the end of spring camp - Peat said no. He chose to redouble his efforts to get back into shape.

Here's hoping his loyalty is rewarded.


Basically, Johnny Stanton throws like a...high school QB. SURPRISE. We've survived two (almost three) seasons of Martinez - I think we'll be okay with Stanton and Armstrong competing for the start.


What a combination those two are going to be. Will this be a rerun of 1992's Husker "We Backs," Calvin Jones and Derek Brown?

Let's not forget our friends Cross and Heard. We've got one hell of a Wildcat Diamond package.

This is what the SEC has done to college football. It has taken the joy out of the season.

I don't agree with this. First, 2007 is enough proof that anything can happen. Alabama may yet stumble. Second, I still get to watch Nebraska football and occasionally hang out here with you other Nebraska fans as we get annoyed at the little things for three hours. If you can't find joy in that, you don't understand college football.

173.4. Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez's passer rating after three games. No, the defenses of Southern Miss, UCLA and Arkansas State, are not exactly Alabama's, LSU's and Florida State's. But strong game-planning (and lots of passes on standard downs) have done Martinez some serious favors. In a 42-13 win over ASU, Martinez completed 13 of 14 passes for 180 yards and two touchdowns and gained 77 yards on nine carries.

Well done, Taylor!

Idaho State (1-1)

Pretty good policy, I think. Sort of like "Catch then run" for wideouts.

Well, as long as they don't throw towards Green all day we should be fine.

Volleyball (8-2)

A very tough loss after such a promising start to the season. The ladies will find a way - they're tough. They travel to Columbus to take on Urbzville State this Saturday at 6pm CDT.


The Nebraska softball team opens its fall schedule by hosting South Dakota in a Sunday doubleheader at 1 p.m. In a change from the original schedule, the games will be played at the Doris Bair Softball Complex (Field D), located on 48th Street, just north of Superior.

Catch some softball action! Good luck, ladies!


Take in some fall baseball as your favorite MLB sits at home after missing the World Series or whatever happens in October that disrupts television so much.

Big Ten Football (26-10)

5. Nebraska, 117 Points--Natty Light

Never had it.

/beer snob

OTE's Mike Jones projects Nebraska to the Outback Bowl based on current performance of Big Ten teams. They do not project multiple Big Ten BCS berths, which based on current data is probably the case. I can't argue with their projection.

If we're depending on this fall's Iowa or Wisconsin to rebound to help out the Big Ten, we might be waiting a while.

Dear Big Ten: Let's win the post-season this year and shut everyone up, mmmk?


Looks like double-dipping in the ACC free market didn't work as well as Bielema thought.

Penn State

I think every team would be better served by treating every game like it's important. My guess is that's Nick Saban's secret.


That's one heck of a recovery.


There's confidence and then there's just being silly. I think Mr. Brown is being silly here.

Other Stories


/implied joke goes here

A nice way to kill ten minutes. Spencer Hall smartens up college football while distilling the weekend's tomfoolery. (And yes, Notre Dame might be real.)

Your brain may get confused. Mine did. PRIMER: Each line represents a single game against another opponent.

No Colorado? Oh well, a couple more weeks and they'll find a place.

Speaking of terrible, I'm not sure how Idaho would survive as a FBS independent.


Clemson's going to win. Just putting that out there.


Sounds familiar...(Sorry to our resident Dish Network customers.)

Watson makes a good point - other teams' players may target an injured player. I hadn't thought about that. Still, Kiffin's gotta find a better way to deal with the media. They do, after all, control the voting.

Tsk tsk, Jim Mora. I have no problem with coaches changing their minds but at least have the guts to inform the kid and try to give him time to find a new place to land. (Maher just kicked another FG, by the way.)

Colorado is going to get worse? Oof.


Gold Star to Ole Miss.

Why would you hire this guy to try to coach your team? I mean, Smith has to be slightly distracted here.

John L. Smith would be better served his time sorting out the team than defending himself on radio.

A depleted Michigan? Toussaint doesn't play defense. (Also, Kiper Jr. is no longer welcome in Tuscaloosa but he might find a friend in Auburn.)


Carl might want to put a sock in his player's mouth.

Taggart starts by answering a question and then can't help but let it out, yelling, "I will tell you this: The WKU red is the new blue in Kentucky now, baby! How 'bout that?"

If Western Kentucky gets bowl eligible and gets locked out of bowl game again, it's a crime against the game.

You can just hear them saying "You're welcome, America".

No Fun League

That'll teach him. (This is why I hate the NFL, by the way. And why I get angry at college football. I lose my job if I do something like this. NFL players get a paycheck and a stern talking to.)


Final thought for today:

Thanks, Frank. Sorry about Steve.


Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Thursday! Remember to join us for tonight's Thursday Night Football open thread! GO BIG RED!

-Salt Creek and Stadium

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