2012 Week Three - Playoff Selection Committee Guessing Game

September 15, 2012; Stanford, CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal tight end Zach Ertz (86, left) scores a touchdown against Southern California Trojans linebacker Dion Bailey (18, right) during the fourth quarter at Stanford Stadium. The Cardinal defeated the Trojans 21-14. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

This past summer, the commissioners from all the major conferences got together and decided that starting in the 2014 season, college football (at the FBS level) will have a four team "playoff". Though all the details haven't been worked out yet, a decision was made to have a selection committee determine who the four "most deserving" teams should be. This year, we are going to have our selection committee (all ya all that want to post) determine the four teams that are the most deserving. And, so, we have our Week Three Selection Committee Guessing Game.

Previous Weeks:

Week One - Alabama takes the top spot.
Week Two - Spartans holding down the Hot Gates.

Well, USC proved me right by tanking to a PAC-12 team. I'm also still not convinced that Oregon will make it through the conference without a scratch and if Stanford's defense can keep it up, they may beat the Ducks this year. Too many penalties and too many points allowed will eventually catch up to you. UCLA is quietly putting together a solid year. They may actually earn their spot in the PAC-12 title game this year. Also, Michigan State is bounced out after their inept game against Notre Dame. Feel our pain from 2009 Spartans. No B1G teams are even on the radar for Top Four this week.

No.1 Seed - Alabama. Roll Tide. At this point in the year, the Tide looks like it might be competitive in the NFC South. 52-0 over Arkansas was a statement. I wonder if Bama's second string could make the Top Four all by themselves.

No.2 Seed - Early on in the season, I like to reward teams that have challenged themselves. But as I look over the perceived "best" teams, none really stand out to me right now. The best body of work right now would seem to be from schools such as Georgia, Notre Dame, Stanford, Clemson and Florida. Other teams such as LSU, Oregon, Florida State, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, UCLA, South Carolina, etc. will all have their chance to prove themselves down the road, but they don't stand out right now.

As bad as Stanford (vs. San Jose State) and Florida (vs. Bowling Green) have looked, they're also still undefeated and have quality wins. At the end of the year, the last teams standing will be the ones fortunate enough to get those tough wins. Since Florida has two good wins on the road, they get my No.2 seed for this week.

No.3 Seed - Stanford will check in at No.3 due to their upset of USC. While I still believe that the Trojans were a little overrated, they are still a good football team this year. The Cardinal will probably have to find a little more offense to stay undefeated, but for now it will do. I think Michigan State would have liked 21 points last weekend.

No.4 Seed - I still have Clemson here, but by a thread. If they beat FSU this weekend, then they will validate their place, but lose to the Seminoles and they will be out of the running. That Week One win against Auburn isn't looking as good right now.

Next week things will start to pick up a little. Kansas State visits Oklahoma, Missouri travels to Columbia (South Carolina), Notre Dame hosts Michigan, Clemson goes to Florida State and Oregon welcomes Arizona. We'll probably start to see a better correlation with the top four and the polls in the next few weeks.

Moving Up -
Notre Dame

Next Four In:
Florida State

Now it's your turn. Who would be your Top Four?

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