Cobs of the Week: ESPN Drops a Deuce, Mike Gundy RUTS, Husker Fans Too Demanding Meme, BTN & Dish, and Colorado

Dear Colorado: You aren't even good enough to be a Mountain West team. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

This week for the Worst of College Football, there aren't as many candidates to choose from. Michigan State's offense narrowly missed the cut for being anemic yet again. Even worse, that performance is going to give rise to a full week of "Notre Dame is BACK!" from the national media. Oh joy.

USC also narrowly missed the cut as well for losing their fourth straight on the farm. We had to draw the line somewhere, and frankly, this week's Cob candidates are so especially deserving, we didn't want to tarnish them by throwing them in with run of the mill suckage.

ESPN: We're not going to pick on Beth Mowins. Debate elsewhere, if you wish, the merits of having a female play-by-play announcer for football. We're going to pick on a pathetic broadcast. The spotters couldn't keep the rosters in sync; players and teams were continually misidentified on the broadcast. The director selected camera angles that typically are reserved for junior high and high school football highlight videos that end up on YouTube titled "That's My Boy!" An obsession with Gus Malzahn that probably warrants a restraining order for stalking. Todd McShay apparently called Ameer Abdullah "Rahim". And those are the mistakes we remembered; our crack team wasn't planning on tracking ESPN bloopers, but we guestimate there were another dozen or so doozies we lost track of.

The biggest, though, was that some doofus at ESPN decided to send sideline reporter Lewis Johnson on a fruitless ambulance chase in search of Bo Pelini during the second half. Even if he had found the correct hospital, what would Johnson have been able to report on?

Mike Gundy: This is almost self-explanatory:

Apparently, Louisiana was penalized 15 yards, so Okie Light was kicking off from the 50. So I guess Gundy figured the choice was giving Louisiana the ball at the 25 (after a touchback) or around the 40 with a chance to get the ball back. Except there's no need to do this against an outmatched opponent, except to show that you can.

The "Husker Fans Too Demanding" Meme: We've got a little disagreement on this one, so we'll let you figure it out. The UCLA game was just one game, but it was one game that set off every alarm you can think of. From a yardage perspective, the UCLA game was worse than anything Kevin Cosgrove did in Lincoln. So the idea that fans shouldn't be alarmed after last week's game is just that. Silly

BTN and Dish Network Screwing Fans: Even though the two supposedly kissed and made up last week, it all unraveled early Saturday morning. BTN says Dish pulled the plug, Dish says BTN pulled the plug. BTN says they are only asking a fair price; Dish says BTN is asking for more than they pay for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Golf Networks.

Who's right? Who knows, and frankly, who cares. BTN is right that BTN viewers lose, but let's not forget that if you've watched the B1G this season, this ain't "premium programming". Both companies need to quit screwing around with fans and make an agreement. Imagine waking up yesterday, turning on your TV to watch your team play, and finding the "Not Available" message. Oh and guess what... Nebraska's game against Idaho State will be on BTN next week.

CoLOLrado: Sometimes we go to the well too often with this one, but it's impossible to gawk at the wreck on the side of the road. How bad? They lost 69-14 yesterday. Yuck. Trailed 35-0 after the first quarter. Must have been against Oregon, right? Nope. We know it wasn't USC; they played Stanford. was FRESNO STATE. Yes. FRESNO STATE. Just when you think that Colorado couldn't do worse than Dan Hawkins, well, they can. So now the folks at the Ralphie Report are grasping at straws for who to hire next. Even Frank Solich's name came up.

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