Nebraska Recruiting Needs For 2013

**ADAM TAYLOR is the 15th verbal commitment**

Randy Gregory has committed.

List has been updated to reflect Lacouture's decommitment.

Let's take a look at Nebraska's minimum recruiting needs for the class of 2013. Remember, these are the minimum needs. The rest is up to the discretion of the coaches. Things like quality of talent in a given year as compared to the following year are considered by the coaches and are often the explanation for taking more than the needed minimum.

This page will be dynamic to reflect changes in the plan, including position switches. Please remember that this is an estimation and will become more accurate as the season progresses and likely attrition is determined.

Attrition consists of, but is not limited to: early departures for the NFL, failing out of school, transferring to another school for more playing time, career-ending injuries, disciplinary departures and players electing to end their eligibility to pursue a career in something other than sports. And in Nebraska's case this year, just being pissy. Obviously, some of these situations are difficult to predict.

Quarterback: Even with Brion Carnes moving to receiver, Nebraska will likely return three scholarship quarterbacks in 2013, and, barring injury, the next battle for a starting job will not occur until 2014. Johnny Stanton's verbal will give the Huskers four scholarship QB's (though Bronson Marsh currently is a non-factor) which likely ends fills the position for this class. Do not be surprised by either a Marsh switch back to defense and/or a scholarship for RK3 [Most schools prefer to carry three or four QB's.]

Skill (RB/WR/TE): The minimum here is generally considered to be 20. Nebraska will technically return 14 here and it might not be reasonable to expect additional attrition of 1-2 players - maybe at receiver? Thus, a minimum of six skill recruits should be brought on. But within this, a look at specific positions is also needed. Nebraska needs to have at least six running/fullbacks, three tight ends and eleven receivers for its spread offense. That's something to keep an eye on.

Offensive Line: 15 is the minimum here under most circumstances. Nebraska will technically return 13, and six of those will be seniors in 2013, so a few additional may be required this year to spread the position out. Much more attrition should not be expected with Moore and Klatchko already gone this season. Thus, Nebraska needs to bring in a minimum of four offensive linemen.

Defensive Line: 15 is the minimum here in a 4-3 defense, and within that, at least seven ends and tackles. With the loss of Chase Rome, (Rome returned) Nebraska will return 13 defensive linemen, I am not sure that any more attrition should be expected at this point. Nebraska needs to bring in a minimum of three defensive linemen but will likely try for more especially at DE.

Linebacker: The minimum here is generally eight in a 4-3 defense. Nebraska will technically return six linebackers, but given the youth at the position next year, no attrition should be expected. With the position looking very young next year (one sr., two sophs, three frosh), Nebraska needs to bring in a minimum of three linebackers which they already have. Keep an eye peeled for the possibility a JC transfer being added for experience.

Defensive Back: A minimum of 14 defensive backs is typically desired. Nebraska will technically return 11, and attrition of 1-2 may be expected as competition remains wide open and attrition is becoming fairly constant at this position. Nebraska will need to bring in at least five defensive backs.

Special Teams: The Huskers typically want to have a kicker and punter on scholarship. Maher and Bondi are both on scholly and perform both duties. No more are required for this class.

Recap Of Minimum Needs:

QB - Johnny Stanton
SKILL - WR - Kevin Gladney
SKILL - TE - Greg Hart
SKILL - RB - Adam Taylor
SKILL (optional)
OFFENSIVE LINE - Dan Samuelson
OFFENSIVE LINE - Gabriel Miller (Long Snapper)
DEFENSIVE LINE - DE - Randy Gregory
LINEBACKER - Josh Banderas
LINEBACKER - Courtney Love
LINEBACKER - Marcus Newby
LINEBACKER (optional)
DEFENSIVE BACK - Jonathon Cook
DEFENSIVE BACK - Marcus McWilson

(Stay tuned - this will change and update as commitments and Rome/Moore type circumstances dictate)

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