Nebraska Football: Weekly Predictions, Arkansas St Week.

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College Football Predictions & Thread - Week 3

Husker Mike: even crappier week of games this week...almost as crappy as our picks last week.

David McGee: Hoo, boy. We might as well be picking the Lincoln Southwest vs. Omaha North game on Friday. Heck, that game might be more compelling than most of these games.

Salt Creek: I’m not sure we want the spreadsheet for last week.

Jon: Is it that bad? Probably. Hey, Alabama vs Arkansas was going to be a big game until a motorcycle accident and ULM.

Aaron: Being on a motorcycle with a hot young chica is probably a better spot for Bobby Petrino right now than being the head coach of Arkansas.

Andy: We’re definitely still in paycheck season. Everybody’s out there playing directional Louisiana schools and Sacramento Sts. and- bwahahahaha. Sorry, Colorado and Arkansas, couldn’t resist - I guess weed and moonshine do have their downsides, huh? See Husker Nation? Things could be much, much worse.

Billgrip: At least I wasn’t alone in thinking that anyone who picked UCLA last week was an idiot.

Brian: Well, I thought I did worse than this so... /backpat /falls /breaks arm /weeps.

Mister Mike: ‘Sup boners? Look at the spreadsheet and see me tied for first! You ask “Mister Mike, how can I be as awesome as you?!” Well sorry Francis, you can’t.

Salt Creek: OKAY. Spreadsheet.

Lessons: Texas A&M is still prone to disappointment. LOLWA. And Nebraska needs to tackle.

Boston College (+4) at Northwestern

Kevin: The purple Cats carry the B1G banner for another week. What? Yikes. 31-28

Husker Mike: Will they get Ryan Field resodded from last week? That’s my question. At least we know why NW's field looked so bad.

Seriously, long will Colter hold off Simian at quarterback? I see Colter becoming more of a slash/Wildcat (in the general sense) weapon as this season evolves. NW 28, BC 17

Salt Creek: The B1G is still better than the ACC. Northwestern by ONE.

Aaron: After this week, the game between Northwestern and Michigan State in late November might be for the Legends title. Wildcats 52, Boston College 27

Jon: On the BC side, they seem to be missing linebacker Luke Kuechly as much as we’re missing Lavonte David. I’d give the edge to BC on offense, on defense to the Wildcats even though BC’s is much higher ranked. The Northwestern offense isn’t explosive, but again, they’re efficient. Wildcat Venric Mark isn’t as much a surprise as Trevor Simian. I’m going with Northwestern because they’re at home, and because I believe they’ll figure out how to pull out a win. Wildcats 24, Boston College 20 (first one to 30 will win)

Andy: Pick a Northwestern game? Really?? Ummm, the purple blow a 31-7 early 2nd half lead to lose in 4 OT’s. BC 53 Unnattached Directional 50

David McGee: Northwestern going for the BCS trifecta! First a Big East team to get their feet wet. Then they stepped it up and went for the SEC. Now on to the ACC! Go get ‘em Wildcats! Next week they storm the MVC! Wait, what? Whatevs. I like the Wildcats to win going away. 27-3.

: Northwestern has looked okay so far this year against average competition. They get to play average competition once again this week, and will likely be okay. Wildcats 35, BC 18.
Take a look at Northwestern’s upcoming schedule: Boston College, South Dakota (FCS), Indiana, Penn State, Minnesota, and then Nebraska. Right now it looks like they could be 7-0 and ranked when Nebraska plays them on October 20th.

Brian: This game... gack. If you put a gun to my head... Northwestern wins. Why? Cause I gave BC the benefit of the doubt against Miami, and the Canes won while KSucks took Miami behind the woodshed.

Mister Mike: ANOTHER BC GAME?! Who makes these decisions?! I can’t get away from them. I feel like I’m the jaded husband that’s been trying to divorce the (soon to be) ex-wife for years, but every time I keep filing papers, her ass keeps dragging me back to court for some silly shit. That’s what I feel like every time I see a BC game pop up.

Northwestern’s going to spread them sideline to sideline and try to turn it into a track meet. Because Lord knows that just because you attend a Catholic university, doesn’t mean that the Almighty himself will bless you with defense. Too much offense for BC to handle in the end. Wildcats 34 BC 30.

Notre Dame (+5) at Michigan State

Kevin: I’m a believer in Sparty, at least in their defense, which is enough to take the fight outta the Irish. Like many of the past matchups between these two, it will be close. 24-21

Husker Mike: I’m a believer in Sparty’s defense as well. I’m not a believer in Sparty’s offense. But I’m not a believer in the Domers either. Sparty 24, Domers 21

Salt Creek: Brian Kelly deserves his own cameras. Sparty by TWO touchdowns.

Aaron: The Spartans will look like Big Giants after this one. Michigan State 31, Notre Dame 13

Jon: After the first game, fans wondered if Bell could go a whole season. I have the feeling that the guy can carry this Michigan State team a long ways, although I wonder if we’re all picking Sparty because the Big Ten needs someone to carry a banner until other teams get their stuff together. Notre Dame has an excellent receiver in tight end Tyler Eifert, while running back Cierre Woods returns from a two-game suspension. Last year Notre Dame pulled the upset. This year Sparty gets revenge. Michigan State 28, Notre Dame 27

Andy: Notre Dame. Still hate ‘em both rationally and irrationally. Wouldn’t even pick them to cover. Bell runs wild and the university brought to you by the original Sanduskys begins their annual nosedive as Brian Kelly starts strategizing about what jobs will open up at the end of next season. Sparty 27 Domers 10

DM: This will be an epic battle. Or at least a battle of epics. Russell Crowe and the cast of Gladiator vs. Elijah Wood and his gang of hobbits, elves and wizards (they may not actually be Irish, but I feel like they should be). On DVD, this matcup should go the way of the Gladiators. They’re bigger, faster and stronger and fitter. However, not to be overlooked is the merry bands quickness and quick witted-ness, not to mention their sheer numbers and magic potions. It’s a back and forth battle early as each team opens up with a barrage of arrows, the Gladiators overwhelm the Hobbitons with sheer volume. They return the volley with a precision attack from the elves, picking off archer after archer. The dwarves and hobbits meet the gladiators at midfield for the deciding showdown. Crowe and his gladiators impose their will early but the dwarves stubborness is able to make some ground and we have a stalemate. In the end, it was decided in the hands of Elijah Wood himself, well, on the finger actually, with his ring, which made him invisible and nearly impossible for the Gladiators to defend. And while it seemed as though all the dwarves were wandering, it turned out they were not lost at all. Notre Dame 24-Michigan St. 23

Billgrip: I think Michigan State is overrated this year, and Notre Dame is overrated every year. Sparty wins this one on defense, and it’s a yawner of a game. Michigan State 20, Notre Dame 14

Brian: I really think Notre Dame has a chance in this game, but this is the game that Brian Kelly should win but just finds a way not to. I do think Sparty is overrated also, but I just don't trust ND in this game. Spartans in a visual trainwreck.

Mister Mike: I like Le’Veon Bell to get about 60 touches in this game. He might even play some QB, because MSU doesn’t have much else going for them on offense. Defensively however, that’s different. The mighty defense of the Spartans holds off the gang of fighting leprechauns. MSU 24, Leprechauns 20.

Southern Cal (-9) at Stanford

Kevin: Has the Tree won the past three meetings? Interesting, but the Men of Troy dominate the post-Luck Cardinal. 38-17

Husker Mike: Me things this one is going to get fugly. The Trojans didn’t have much staying power after the rain delay last week; I think they’ll keep it up longer this week. Condoms 42, Toothpicks 13

Salt Creek: USC. Stanford isn’t bad enough for USC to overlook.

If Jim Harbaugh were still at Stanford, I would put my money on the Cardinal. Seems like a potential for a big win by USC here.

Jon: Stanford had problems, real problems with San Jose State. Now they’re going to face a USC team that feels like it has something to prove? I believe USC’s defense can be had, but the Cardinal doesn’t have enough offense to keep up. USC 42, Stanford 21

Andy: USC had trouble with Syracuse and dammit..Lane Kiffin’s still in charge. Much like the Pete Carroll and his wide-eyed blank face that would emerge anytime his squad of Rivals 5-stars found themselves in a tight game, the bratty, little dolt won’t be Winning Ben Stein’s Money anytime soon. This might be a throwaway pick, but I simply won’t let Corn Nation go unanimous on these perverts. Upset special: Stanford 38 Rubbers 35

DM: The Luck has run out for Stanford. (Can’t believe no one had made that joke yet.) USC 42-21.

: Stanford’s got a pretty good thing going for them in football, but USC is a national title contender this year...or at least that’s what ESPN has been telling us and they’re always right. GIVE BARKLEY THE HEISMAN NOW YOU FOOLS!!! Trojans 45, Stanford 28

Brian: I kinda despise both damn programs. USC for the combination of Kiffykins and Orgeron the monster, and Stanford for being so damn overrated with Andrew Luck the last few years. I don’t think there is a way USC loses this game, so I will go with the Trojans. That being said, if both teams could find a way to lose, that’d be great (in a Lumford voice).

Mister Mike: I think Barkley and arguably the best receiver tandem in football take a buzzsaw and assorted axes to the pine trees, creating enough carnage in the process to draw the attention of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club to protest the mistreatment of our forests. They then call for a boycott of all USC games from then on. Trojans 42, Trees 20.

Florida (+3) at Tennessee

Kevin: Tennessee is a team on the rise; they have a few playmakers. But I’m gonna ride the Gator chomp. They won on the road against the 12th Man, they do it again in front of 100,000 crazy orange-clad people. 21-17

Husker Mike: Derek Dooley’s hot seat gets a whole lot hotter this week. Remember when this used to be THE game in the SEC? Wasn’t that long ago, either. Gators 24, Vols 17

Salt Creek: A SEC defensive battle. 3-2, Florida.

Aaron: I think Tennessee wins this one. Yea the Gators toughed out a good win last week at College Station, but how good is Texas A&M really? Tennessee 31, Florida 17

Jon: What if this were just Tyler Bray vs Jeff Driskel? Then who’d you be picking? Yeah, Vols.
Tennessee 24, Florida 21

Andy: When did this become such meaningless matchup? Muschamp will holler a lot and Derek Dooley may be recognized by someone other than his team and immediate family. I don’t have the guts to pick the push like Jon so I’ll say home field carries the Vols 23.5 Gators 20

DM: All the orange on my screen turns my TV into a citrus tree. The game’s at Tennessee? I’ll take the Gators in another squeeker. 21-18

Billgrip: This is a big game for Tennessee, and I think they’ve got the talent to get it done...especially at home. Volunteers 27, Muschamps 21

Brian: I think this is the time that Derek Dooley finally, FINALLY gets people off his hyde in Knoxville. If he loses this game, WHOA NELLY will they have it out for him. But he’s not losing. Florida too injured, and it’s virtually impossible to win back to back weeks on the road in the SEC. Rocky Top.

Mister Mike: I really do like Derek Dooley. I think he’s got handled a shit sandwich at Tennessee and is trying to turn the sumbitch into something he can finally take a bite of that doesn’t taste like...shit. This would be the year for him to do it too. Florida is vulnerable in Muschamp’s second year. Georgia always does some inexplicable shit in at least one or two games a year, so he has a chance to win there too. If he wins this game, can beat Georgia, and make a game out of playing with the Cocks (HAH!!) his seat gets a whole lot cooler.

I do think it comes down to defense. Gator isn’t facing a freshman QB this game. Bray is likely to be a high draft pick coming out of college. Driskel isn’t ready for the primetime yet. Vols 24, Gators 20.

Arkansas State (+24.5) at Nebraska

Kevin: Sure hope the HuskerVision and scoreboard techs are on their A-game Saturday. There may be a few points and yards put up in this one. Year 5 and Pelini has his worst defense? (yeah, I’m counting ‘08, give me that crew anyday). I just don’t understand how Cameron Meredith and Baker Steinkuhler, to name two, aren’t dominant in their third year of starting. I just don’t get it....I just don’t get it.....*head bashing into wall* Corn 78 Red Wolves 62

Husker Mike: Good question. I thought Steinkuhler was pretty good as a was Meredith. They just haven’t progressed, and I had hoped that Rick Kaczenski would change that. So we’ll see more and more of the youngsters. I don’t think this Husker defense is as bad as they looked last weekend, though. The most alarming stat on the night was the 170+ yards UCLA gained after missed tackles. Considering some of those kept drives alive, one could argue that half of UCLA’s yardage could be attributed to tackling snafus.

Even if the defense isn’t better, the Red Wolves defense isn’t going to slow down the offense much. So let’s make this a track meet: Huskers 56, Arky Light 31

Salt Creek: NO MORE PLAYING AROUND. Nebraska shuts out Arkansas State.

Aaron: The Huskers bounce back, but not without a fight. Arkansas State can play and they have some confidence even at 1-1. Nebraska 37, Arkansas State 27.

Jon: We’ll win this one, but Husker fans will still be freaking out, angry and pouty that the defense wasn’t magically fixed in a week.

Andy: It may be Malzahn’s offense but it ain’t UCLA’s athletes. Oregon was up 50-3 on these guys in the 1st half before shutting it down and the fact that ArkySt can score 33 on Memphis doesn’t exactly make my teeth chatter. Folks, Malzahn isn’t at Arky St.because he thought it would be a great launching pad for his head-coaching career. He’s there because his insane wife made him unhireable by any university concerned with their image in the least. This isn’t a problem for Arkansas Lite who are still in an "any publicity is good publicity" phase.

Go ahead and Google "Gus Malzahn". "Wife" will be the first result on the dropdown. Search, read, enjoy as she insults Auburn fans (and just about everyone else) and expresses her cougary hots for Cam Newton among other crazypants thoughts. Oh, the game? Track meet for the offense, a sort-of bounceback for the defense.
Corn 55 Red Sea Wolf Werewolves or whatever 24

DM: We see what we’ll call "progress" on Monday. More playing time from Zaire Anderson and David Santos do make them faster, but we still see some busted assignments. Tackling should be better. It has to be. They’ll give up some yards. Ark. St. has some players, just not enough. That and they don’t have much of a defense. I think it’s a bit of a slugfest in the first half. NU will wear them down in the 2nd. NU 45-28. Oh, and no Burkhead this week. He’ll be back next week in the tuneup for Wisconsin (prediction, not knowledge...)

: I think they do enough damage to our defense for people to whine all the way up until the Wisconsin game, but in the end the Huskers get the job done, as long as they make some tackles. Huskers 48, Red Wolves 31

Brian: All week, both sides of the talking points have discussed why we should and shouldn’t worry about this game. Let us all face one thing: that the Defense is not going to be very good at all this year. I’d love to have what Salt is having in that KoolAid, however there isn’t going to be much in comfort with this defense playing a offense that is seventh in FBS in total offense. Just a fact of life, there isn’t going to be comfort much when the "SlackShirts" show up.

However, with a home game comes the extra pump up of the psyche that Nebraska will use in all three phases of the game to make this a victory. Now, I’m not going to say this is going to be comfortable in any way shape or form, however it’s not going to be a Ball State 2007 situation.... at least I don’t think.

Nebraska will win, but they will give up points and yards. Not enough to lose (knock knock) but enough to make people wonder about what’s going on.

Mister Mike: Check that spread. Makes it tempting to take the Huskers and the points huh? I wouldn’t though. This is going to be similar to UCLA last week I think...a track meet. Gus Malzhan’s spread is like a fine wine. An acquired taste and a beautiful thing to enjoy as long as it’s not getting thrown in your face. He’s doing a lot with little, but the addition of David Oku and Josh Jarobe to go with Ryan Alpin certainly helps. Bo’s unveiling the 3-4 look he was saving for conference play, so we’re going to experience some turbulence on this ride. Be prepared.

ASU’s defense won’t be able to keep up with Taylor and our skill players on offense though, so we should outscore them handily. That said, their offense will likely roll us for around 500 yards and anywhere from 28 - 35 points. We’ll score more and more often than they will. Who would’ve thought that the offense would have to carry us in year 5? Huskers 52 Ark St 34.

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