Arkansas State Game Reads - September 14th, 2012

We can go ahead and blame volleyball for this!

Bringing you coverage of Nebraska and Big Ten sports and other stories from college football and beyond.

The unranked Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves at Memorial Stadium this Saturday at 11am CDT on ESPN2.

Go Big Red!

In today's Reads, we finally find out just who was responsible for Lil' Red, Arkansas State's coaches don't have much faith in their defense (allowed 298 yards against MEMPHIS) and Frank Solich might've stolen the magic of Boise State. Those stories and more below.

As always, join us at 8pm tonight for a game thread as we watch Mike Leach's Cougars attempt to get the Air Raid going at UNLV and then again tomorrow all day as we cheer on Nebraska and watch football!

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The Check-Down Pass:

Frank Solich transforming Ohio University into the 'Boise State' of the Midwest - Yahoo! Sports

Perhaps Ohio has stolen the magic from Boise State. That would be cool. What do you all think? Has Solich built that at Ohio? Would you want Nebraska to hire Solich if for some reason Pelini moves on?

Anonymous Mascots Spread Big Red Spirit - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

THIS IS IT. This is the piece we've been missing. The downfall of Nebraska football, Osborne's retirement, Solich's "firing", Steve Pederson, Bill Callahan, Bo Pelini. It's not just the cyclic nature of college football or the concentration of talent in the Gulf region. It's not any sort of karma for firing Solich. No, no, no. FAR more devious.

We're on to you, Terry Pettit. You want volleyball to be the ONLY SPORT at Nebraska. They're even taking over the building named after one of the two legends of Nebraska football, the Bobfather himself!

What's next, you ask? When football becomes irrelevant and is eventually scrapped under the draining powers of Lil' Red, volleyball will move into the now DOME-IFIED Memorial Stadium. ESPN will broadcast non-stop women's volleyball every week in the fall and angry debates will break out over the post-season format and rankings and scheduling and...No no no no no...

There's only one thing we can do to prevent this future: #BanVolleyball

Yesterday on CN:

Nebraska Football: The Video Crew - How They're Helping The Huskers Win - Corn Nation

A really great look at Nebraska's super-amazing video crew. (H/T SB Nation)

Nebraska Cornhuskers Gameday: Arkansas State Red Wolves - Corn Nation

Mister Mike gets us a quick run-down on this Saturday's game. Set your alarm clocks - it's going to be an early morning!

Nebraska's Keys to Victory: Game 3, Arkansas St. - Corn Nation

Pretty much just tackle.

Bellevue Man Murders Neighbor After Hearing One Too Many Bo Pelini vs Tom Osborne Comparisons - Corn Nation

Cobby broke into an internet cafe to bring us this story.

N for 'Nowledge:

UNL holds steady in U.S. News & World Report rankings -

Nebraska remains 101st among national universities while other peer Big Ten schools lost ground. (Okay, we're still the caboose, but the separation to the next car is smaller!)

Conventional Forensic Theory on Order of Bugs That Feast on Corpses Upended: Scientific American

Entomologist Amanda Fujikawa of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln made her discovery while analyzing how the decomposition of mammal carcasses affects nearby ecosystems in Valentine National Wildlife Refuge in the Sandhills region in Nebraska, a unique prairie environment with grass-anchored sand dunes.


Football (1-1)

(**) Steven M. Sipple: Husker player departures reason for concern? : Husker Extra

I'm not sure if Steve makes the case one way or the other. Frankly, I'm not concerned but I'm a registered sun-shine pumper so you can't trust me. Oh, and Steve? Savannah State needed that money. So yeah, it was worth it.

Doc 25, Week 3: Are more upsets on the horizon? | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Nebraska The first week the Huskers were being championed for quarterback Taylor Martinez's improvement, but after last week's loss to UCLA, concerns from a year ago have reared their ugly heads. The Huskers better focus so they don't fall prey to an upstart Sun Belt Conference team this weekend.

Buzz word for the week: TACKLE. TACKLE. TACKLE. TACKLE.

Hail Varsity: McBride talks defense

Tackling is only half of the play. But it really helps. (Oh, and the boo birds are in the comments.)

Hail Varsity: Burkhead doubtful, Westerkamp ‘ready to go’ this Saturday

–Pelini said cornerback Mohammed Seisay wasn’t quite 100 percent last week, but he is now."Mo took a large amount of practice reps this week and I think he’s a lot more ready to play," Pelini said.

Seisay might play. Might be a whole new defense Saturday. Can they tackle? (Oh, and as expected Westerkamp will be backing up Bell.)

Huskers Stuck in LA-LA Land - Angry Dad -

Nothing is ever truly dull when it comes to college football.

(**) Recruiting: The Hunt for Defensive Linemen |

Frankly, the article is a whole lot of nothing (Sam basically brings up two players with offers but no insights into what they plan to do with said offers) but for those of you who enjoy recruiting, I thought you'd like to see this.

(**) Husker offense wants to practice patience -

It wasn't Martinez' fault in the second half. (Is the defense practicing tackling?)

(**) Shatel: Big Ten was and is best choice for NU -

Not to say I want us to go back to the Big 12 (I don't) but I'm confident Pelini had figured out the Big 12 offenses. Defense wouldn't have been the issue.

Arkansas State (1-1)

Predictions, Nebraska-Arkansas State football 2012 -- HuskerMax™

We should have better luck this time - no dissenters!

(**) Scouting Arkansas State: Breaking down the Red Wolves : Husker Extra

The LJS is not aware that Memphis isn't that good. Even Malzahn thinks our offense will be very difficult for them to stop.

(**) Three keys vs. Arkansas State : Husker Extra

TACKLE. TACKLE. AND TACKLE. Everything else will sort out.

Nebraska Ready for Unknowns in ASU Attack - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Well, that's a change - there's no "well, there's not a lot of film, we don't know what they're going to do...". Adjustments to cover a different route is a lot different than having no idea what's happening. Of course, this is all useless without tackling.

Nebraska to pay Arkansas St $1 million guarantee - NCAA -

So Boise State must be asking for $8 million now, right?

Four Days, Four Plays All Red Wolves' Rocky Hayes Needs To Make Impression -

Someone Nebraska will have to keep an eye on.

Ranking The Red Wolves: Stopping Cornhuskers On The Ground No Easy Task -

Don't be so sure about the whole "running" thing, Gus. Tim Beck might just want to throw the ball around.

(**) Red Wolves like playing at fanatical pace -

"We enjoy it," Aplin said. "With 60, 70 or 80,000 fans booing you."

Um. Which stadium was he at?

Big Ten (16-8)

Previewing MSU Vs. Notre Dame - The Only Colors

Considering Purdue was probably one or two calls away from a win, I'd say MSU has an above average chance here.

Penn State Football: Kicker Matt Marcincin Next To Leave, According To Report -

That's not going to help. (And if you were backing up Ficken and your coach still thought he was better than you after the last two weeks? Yeah, can't blame you for going elsewhere.)

Ohio State's Bradley Roby strives for straight As - Big Ten - ESPN

The article title is as misleading - it has nothing to do with academics.

What to watch in the Big Ten: Week 3 - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

6. Bo vs. Gus: Nebraska coach Bo Pelini called his team's performance against UCLA "embarrassing," and the criticism justifiably centered on a defense that surrendered 36 points, 26 first downs and a whopping 653 yards to the Bruins at the Rose Bowl. Pelini pointed to the need for better tackling and also indicated the defense has been geared more toward stopping pro-style teams than spread teams. Nebraska faces Arkansas State on Saturday. While Gus Malzahn doesn't like his offense to be labeled a spread system, he'll use the entire field, numerous formations, accelerated tempo, and plenty of trickery to keep defenses off balance. Malzahn, the first-year Arkansas State coach, brings his offense, rated seventh nationally in total yards this season (574.5 ypg), into Memorial Stadium on Saturday. "We will be tested," Pelini said. "...We need to get better against that offense. It comes kind of at the right time for us."

It should be fun to watch Pelini and Malzahn match wits Saturday. Well-regarded gurus of their particular specialties face off Saturday. FIREWORKS.

Predictions: Big Ten Week 3 - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

ESPN picks Nebraska because Arky State's defense is woefully inadequate to stop Martinez and co. ESPN did not watch our game on FOX last week.

Rumor circulates about about another Iowa uniform | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

I hope they add a chrome helmet.

Other Stories

LeBron, Reading And How Books Can Benefit A Pro Athlete -

I'm going to go with "being a little bit cultured". Among other fantastic benefits. I'm kind of sad that this has to be written...

Commissioner Mike Aresco says Big East prepared to negotiate with Notre Dame on buyout - ESPN

Basically, the Big East will be fine because they have basketball and a bunch of D1A football outcasts.

/Big East Logic

Navy, USC, Stanford locks to remain on ND schedule - Yahoo! Sports

Irish athletic director Jack Swarbrick said Notre Dame will continue to play Navy, which bailed out the school in the 1940s when it was struggling financially by putting programs on the South Bend campus. The Irish also will keep playing Southern California and Stanford, to keep a presence on the West Coast.

How sporting of them.

Not all is lost for Razorbacks this season – except, perhaps, their faith - Yahoo! Sports

Would LOVE Arkansas to win out.

Forde-Yard Dash: Coaching moves shake up college football landscape - Yahoo! Sports

Big Ten (23). In a word, disaster. Power Points: Michigan State beat Boise State and Northwestern owns both of the league's victories over big-six conference opponents (against seven losses). Doesn't even matter that the Wildcats' opponents were Syracuse and Vanderbilt. Don't Mention: Anything else. Wisconsin, Nebraska and Michigan flopped pitifully in their first tests. Ohio State is on probation. Penn State is 0-2. If you want to get excited about 2-0 Indiana or Minnesota, go ahead. Has Realignment Helped: Nebraska is a lukewarm 10-5 since joining the league.

Flopped? We only lost by a touchdown to a team that Forde previously called incredibly good. I'm confused.


Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Friday! GO BIG RED!

-Salt Creek and Stadium

(PS: Some of you may have attempted access this around 11pm CDT last night from the Twitter. THAT WAS A MISFIRE.)

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