Bellevue Man Murders Neighbor After Hearing One Too Many Bo Pelini vs Tom Osborne Comparisons

Comparing Tom Osborne to Bo Pelini is fine some times, but when you have to keep doing it over and over and over and over and over, it could cost you your life 'cause some people just don't have that much patience.

Discussions about football can get intense in the Cornhusker State, but it appears that at least one man has taken things a bit too far. 45-year old Bellevue, Nebraska native Adam Baskin has been accused of murdering his 48-year old neighbor Martin Jensen after the two began arguing about Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini.

The breaking point appeared to come when Jensen brought up Osborne's 25-year streak of nine-win seasons for what Baskin said was the "673rd time that week".

At that point, Baskin picked up a piece of concrete that had been salvaged by Jensen from the Memorial Stadium east expansion and bludgeoned Jensen over the head repeatedly until he was dead.

"Really dead, in fact. He's unrecognizable", said Sherriff's Deputy Dan Larson.

"I can only imagine the amount of rage he was feeling."

Larson laughed, and then said, "673 times, though. That's amazing. I'd have probably killed him around 100. I'd have to say that he [Baskin] actually showed a fair amount of restraint."

Baskin has been questioned by police, but so far not arrested. County Attorney Diana Rooney stated that Baskin "went with a self-defense argument and honestly, did it well enough that we're not sure there's been a crime committed here. And we're damn sure that we're never going to get a conviction. We'd have to have this trial on the moon, or Minnesota, some place like that."

Rooney noted that neither man had been drinking nor had a history of drug usage.

"It's kind of refreshing, really, that neither of them were under the influence of anything other than Nebraska football."

Jensen's wife, Sally, said she didn't think her husband would think too badly of Baskin.

"I kind of think he would have appreciate that he'd been killed with a piece of Husker paraphernalia, even more so since it's [the chunk of concrete] so uncommon."

Jensen said she and the children were looking forward to a pleasant weekend watching the Huskers take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves. The game is on ESPN2 at 11:00 am Saturday. Nebraska is a 24.5-point favorite.

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