Arkansas State Week Reads - September 11th, 2012

Let's take a page from UCLA's book and tackle things.

Bringing you coverage of Nebraska and Big Ten sports and other stories from college football and beyond.

The unranked Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves at Memorial Stadium this Saturday at 11am CDT on ESPN2.

A hearty congratulations to mikhead for somehow emerging victorious after this weekend's foolishness. Last week's winner rcech remains the leader in the clubhouse for the season. Congratulations to both of you!

Go Big Red!

In today's Reads, Alonso Whaley says Nebraska needs to tackle, Tim Beck regrets the fullback carry on third and one, and Haggerty wins more honors for her play. Those stories and more below.

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The Check-Down Pass:

From yesterday's press conference...

In actuality, Bo was suggesting that this year's team is similar to the squad he coached in 2008. I see two possible meanings from Pelini: either he's suggesting this team has regressed back to where it started OR that this team will give rise to a championship defense next season. Neither of which are very comforting for this fall. Yes, Pelini won nine games during the 2008 season. But shouldn't his teams, with his specialization in defense, get better over time? Not regress to the 70-90th range? And there weren't many solutions offered. Should Pelini burn redshirts to get the interior threats that he needs to make the two-gap work? Should he force players who don't know the system on to the field just to get some speed out there? Or should he stick with his starters who appear to be either stuck in concrete or otherwise caught flat-footed?

What would you do? Can Pelini fix this before Big Ten play? Is a Big Ten championship too lofty of a goal?

Another question I'd like to pose: is Pelini's steadfast adherence to his two-gap scheme born out of some false belief? Did Suh, Crick, Hagg and Prince set the development of this defense behind? Would Nebraska have been better off having a truly bare cabinet on defense?

Volleyball (8-0)

Haggerty Named Big Ten Freshman of the Week - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Two weeks in a row! Great job, Meghan!

Nebraska football and other stories after the Jump!

Football (1-1)

Yesterday's Corn Nation reports:

B1G Ballz: Mar'Queis Gray, Braxton Miller, Denard Robinson, Andrew Maxwell, Tyler Scott, Brett Hundley - Corn Nation

They forgot about you fans for watching every painful moment.

Bowl Projections: Dienhart’s list post Week 2 " Big Ten Network

Seriously, he stuck with Nebraska in a BCS bowl against Oklahoma.

Nebraska's Maher Named Lou Groza Award "Star of Week" - Big Ten Conference

It's like a cruel joke.

Big Ten Rundown: Week Two - Corn Nation

It was a bad week for the so called "top tier" teams.

Wait, Rewind That: 3 Good Plays / 3 Not-So-Good Plays vs. UCLA - Corn Nation

May cause frothing at the mouth.

Nebraska Football: Live Chat Alert! - Corn Nation

We talked about things that matter. And DallasHusker really was in a good mood!

Nebraska Football: High Expectations Turn Into Harsh Realities - Corn Nation

It's a tough thing being Nebraska.


Huskers to Take on Idaho State on Big Ten Network - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Big Ten Conference and Big Ten Network have announced that Nebraska's Sept. 22 home game against Idaho State will kick off at 2:30 p.m. CT and will be televised on BTN.

Mark your calendars!

Hail Varsity: Close Encounters

That’s going to mean doing some things differently. It’s not a new opportunity — Nebraska has had it before under Pelini – but it is becoming more urgent with each loss, close or otherwise.

I think this article sums up most of y'all's frustrations.

(**) Practice Report, Sept. 10: Defensive changes |

After playing virtually no snaps in the first two games, linebackers Zaire Anderson and David Santos moved up to the No. 1 unit Monday at the Will spot, working alongside middle linebacker Will Compton. Expect both to play, linebackers coach Ross Els said. "These guys are much more progressed in understanding how we play the game and what we need to do," Els said. "They’ll see playing time."

Read: we're getting killed out there and these two are just a little bit faster in the speed department.

Husker N Side, Pelini’s Confidence Remains Unshakeable

Randy does sort of gloss over the 2007/2008 comment. I'm not sure what else Pelini would say... "yeah, I'm pretty much done with this, mostly just yelling at people now, lining up some interviews."

Hail Varsity: Pelini still confident in scheme

–Pelini said the Nebraska defensive line has not been up to his standard so far this season. Missed tackles have plagued Nebraska at all levels, but the defensive line in particular really struggled on Saturday, missing out on a number of lost-yardage plays.

I think there's the slightest bit of an understatement in there.

Living and Dying in L.A. - Dave Feit - HuskerMax

Despite what you may hear or read, the season is not over. The 2012 season remains a very good opportunity for Nebraska to break their conference championship drought. The B1G (Nebraska included) is somewhere between not very good and downright pathetic. But here's the thing: 10 years from now, few people will remember that it was a down year for the league. They'll just remember who won. If (and that is a rather large "if") Nebraska can win the Legends division they would have an excellent chance to beat whomever comes stumbling out of the Leaders division. Obviously it will take some drastic improvement as well as a bit of luck, but it can definitely happen.

(**) Steven M. Sipple: Martinez can hold head high : Husker Extra

A reminder - Taylor had a decent outing. He wasn't the weak link.

(**) McKewon: Husker offense was lost in second half -

Beck's play calling in the second half was like a Roomba in a cardboard box.

(**) Red Report: When it fizzled : Husker Extra

The Nebraska offense talks about the collapse some more.

(**) Beck says Huskers all took turns with errors -

Well, I'm glad they've learned sharing is caring. If only the defense could teach other offenses that, we'd be better off.

(**) Whaley knows tackling must improve : Husker Extra

"Start on me. Bad tackling. Something we have to get fixed or guys like me can easily be replaced," Whaley said. "I just need better tackling and as a defense we didn’t tackle well, either. That’s what killed us most of all." Someone brought this up in last night's chat.

I just thought y'all should know, the players hear you. Or at least they're thinking the same way. THAT'S SCARY. GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

Hail Varsity: Tale of the Tape: UCLA

NSFW - yelling profanities at your computer might garner strange looks.

(**) Chatelain: Husker numbers are bad, but how NU got them is more disturbing -

I'm all for putting Enunwa on defense.

Wisconsin, Nebraska Leave the Picture - Pre-Snap Read

I'm really curious - is our defensive front seven really slow? Or are they being caught flat-footed? Can we convince Pelini to have them run some 40s? Maybe have them tackle too? Mostly tackle. For the love of all that is precious, TACKLE SOMETHING.

No Coast Bias – Bo, What If I Told You…

Interesting piece about Pelini. Would be kind of cool if Pelini takes this UCLA game and last season's late stage collapse and turns it into a Osborne-esque ten year run of good luck. (h/t DallasHusker)

Arkansas State (1-1)

Nebraska-Arkansas State stats -- HuskerMax™

Ready for another challenge? I believe it's a matter of public safety that Nebraska finds a way to win Saturday.

Oku Leads Red Wolves to Victory of Memphis - Arkansas State Athletics Official Web Site -

Arkansas State struggled to beat Memphis. I think we can breathe a little easier. As long as the Huskers sped the week in tackling drills, I think we'll be okay. If we lose, feel free to lose it, because it means we're as bad as Memphis.

LOCAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Memphis Tigers lose lead in fourth | The Jackson Sun |

Memphis led for much of the first three quarters before giving up the lead on a touchdown in the fourth to fall 33-28 to the Red Wolves.

Seriously - losing would be embarrassing.

ASU Announces $22 Million Football Facility Project - Arkansas State Athletics Official Web Site -
I wonder if the BCS schools that pay them to play will get plaques on the wall of donors.

Big Ten (16-8)

Big Ten Post-Week 2 Power Rankings |

4. Nebraska (1-1)

Previous rank: 2

Week 2 result: Lost to UCLA 36-30 Rex Burkhead is the heart and soul of the Nebraska offense and while Ameer Abdullah was successful — 16 carries for 119 yards and two touchdowns — it is hard to believe that Burkhead isn't worth at least six points throughout the course of any given game. Be it leadership, blitz pick-ups or carrying the load, not having Burkhead had to have helped UCLA pull off the tight home win. A much bigger culprit, however, would be the Black Shirts defense. Nebraska allowed 653 total yards and let Johnathan Franklin top the 200-yard mark for the second time this season (26 att., 217 yds, TD). The Huskers didn't slow quarterback Brett Hundley down much either, as the freshman threw for 305 yards and four scores to go with his own 53 yards rushing. Finally, quarterback Taylor Martinez wasn't close to the same passer he was last week against Southern Miss. He went from the league's most efficient passer (212.46) to someone who took costly sacks, completed only 54% of his passes and failed to throw a touchdown (96.9 QB). The good news for Huskers fans is that UCLA is simply that much better than expected and the offense churned out 438 yards.

This week: Arkansas State (1-1)

Bret Bielema Week 3 Press Conference: "Panic Is For The Outside World" - Bucky's 5th Quarter

"Panic is for the outside world," Bielema said. "Reality is where I live." Biels? Um. You just fired your offensive line coach in week two of the season. If that's not panicking, I don't know what is.

Purdue QB waiting for answer on injured left knee - Yahoo! Sports

Purdue should really consider genetic screening for ACL strength. On a serious note though, get well soon Mr. Marve.

Indiana QB may miss 5-6 months with broken leg - Yahoo! Sports

Get well soon, Mr. Roberson.

Other Stories

Phillip Rivers attends the Martinez Passing Academy - SB Nation GIFs


Tulane's Devon Walker 'alert and responsive'; prognosis still unknown - Yahoo! Sports

He remains stable in an ICU. There's a cute story about his hair and a link for those who have the means to donate towards his future.

Utah QB Wynn calling it quits after latest injury - Yahoo! Sports

But he already had three shoulder operations - one to repair his left shoulder after the 2010 spring game, one on his right in December 2010 and another to his left last October.

Cripes. Tough kid. Here's to a bright future.

SEC commissioner welcomes Texas A&M, Missouri to conference during busy weekend - Yahoo! Sports

Texas A&M would then realize they had forgotten to pay off Slive; alas, they had already lost to Florida.

How the Conferences Rank, 1-12: Week 3 - Pre-Snap Read

Still ahead of the ACC and the other conferences. WOOO.

College Football Rankings: Simulated BCS Standings Show USC Shouldn't Panic -

Yeah, let's not worry about BCS, national championships or the SEC. Let's win a crappy Big Ten.

Arkansas' Next Head Coach Tracker 9/10/12 - Arkansas Expats

How about Bo Pelini? AMIRITE? /sarcasm

How To Beat Alabama: All-Access Look At Preparing For The Tide -

Take a look at how Western Kentucky prepared for Goliath. (They lost.)

The Underdog Masterpiece: What's Next For Arkansas And UL Monroe? -

The lesson? Go for it on fourth!


Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

Have a great Tuesday! GO BIG RED!

-Salt Creek and Stadium

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