Off-Season Reads - July 25th, 2012

A run-down of sporting stories from yesterday covering Nebraska athletics, the Big Ten and around the world.

An update on the East Stadium Construction, the Big Ten introduces a new reservation system for the title game and people ride ostriches in Minnesota. Those stories and more below.

38 days to kickoff!

First, from Scott Enyeart (@scottenyeart) we have an interview with Nebraska 2013 commit Johnny Stanton after the Elite 11 camp. Tip of the hat to Brian Floyd for passing it along and of course to Mr. Enyeart for taking the time to do this interview.

*Note: the audio is a little difficult to hear.


East Side Story: Watching a Stadium Grow - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

An exciting time for Nebraska athletics. Memorial Stadium truly is an icon, isn't it?

And here's a YouTube video with an update from the construction.

Preseason Big Ten Player Rankings: Ball, Short on top " Big Ten Network

They put Mr. Burkhead at No. 4 for pre-season Big Ten player. Not bad for a player who plays on such a terrible offense. amirite?

More Nebraska football and other stories after the jump!

The 25 Most Memorable TDs in Nebraska Cornhuskers History (1962-2011) - Yahoo! Sports

What are your thoughts on this list?

ESPN Football Recruiting - Player Rankings - ESPN

Stanton up to #10.

Camping time for ex-Huskers | (OWH Link: 20 free reads a month.)

And good luck to all of them!

Big Ten

Big Ten unveils new title game ticket system - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Now that's some innovative thinking. Reservation sales begin at 10am on Sunday.

B1G Mascots "Telephone" by Lady Gaga - YouTube

Pete and Willie are upset with the other mascots for leaving them out...and respond with a video of their own. *We do not claim rights to this song*


Jim Delany Has A Few More Suggestions If You're Still Listening - Black Heart Gold Pants

Evil Jim Delany would have Kenny Bell shave his hair.

Camp previews: Michigan State : Husker Extra

And the LJS continues their march through the Big Ten. They've picked Sparty to win on the back of their reportedly more agile QB. If Sparty takes advantage of Nebraska's difficulty stopping mobile QBs, I can't say I disagree with Michigan State winning the whole thing, even with a loss or two.

Penn State

Penn State -
The NCAA explains the rules of engagement for recruitment of the Penn State student athletes involved in football. A lot of suspended rules and regulations in there.

Penn State Loses Recruit To Michigan, USC Among Schools Eying Transfers -

Follow this story-stream to keep track of comings and goings at Penn State.

Adam Breneman Affirms Penn State Football Commitment -

The nation's top tight end recruit and most important player in Penn State's 2013 class says he intends to stay in State College.

Penn State loses one sponsor, others could follow - Yahoo! Sports

From Yahoo! Sports: STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) -- State Farm is pulling its ads from Penn State football broadcasts, while General Motors is reconsidering its sponsorship deal and Wall Street is threatening to downgrade the school's credit rating, suggesting the price of the sexual abuse scandal could go well beyond the $60 million fine and other penalties imposed by the NCAA.


Big Ten to Send Over 100 Participants and Coaches to the 2012 Olympic Games - BIG TEN CONFERENCE Official Athletic Site

Very nice.

London prepares for an Olympics to remember -

The Opening Ceremonies are Friday.

Nasty, British And Corrupt: A History Of The Olympics, Part I -

A review of the rather checkered history of the modern Games from the Mothership.

The Little-Known History of How the Modern Olympics Got Their Start | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine

As London gets set to host the XXXth Olympiad, acclaimed sportswriter Frank Deford connects the modern Games to their unlikely origin—in rural England.

Ancient Olympics Guide: Myths about the Olympic Games

Many aspects of our Olympic Games have been justified by specious ancient antecedents.

Other Stories

Notre Dame Football Gloves Could Use Spell-Check - From Our Editors -

Surprisingly, as of my reading this, there are no Notre Dame fans outraged over this disparagement of their team. This is how we know they're not ready to be in the national spotlight again.

VIDEO: Ostrich Racing Is Real, And It's Fantastic - From Our Editors -

An ostrich race happened in Minnesota. With real jockeys. You must watch it.


Media puts Boise State as tops in Mountain West - Yahoo! Sports

Well, I would hope so. TCU is gone - who else will stand in Boise's way?

While TCU now is in a 'big league,' the Horned Frogs have been playing big games for a while now - Yahoo! Sports

Just beat Texas and OU and you're pretty much set.

2012 Pac-12 Football Predictions: Media Likes USC, Oregon -

Can't say I disagree with that. The Dread Pirate Leach will need a few more seasons to turn things around in Pullman.

Pac-12 Media Days 2012: Lane Kiffin Needs A Running Back, Silas Redd -

Here's an idea, Kiffin...recruit one?

Pac-12 Media Days 2012: Jim Mora Holds You Accountable -

Accountability is coach-speak for "We're going to be terrible but it's okay because I'm changing the culture here".

Pac-12 Media Days 2012: Todd Graham, Impatient Builder -

"The hardest thing is being patient," said Todd Graham.



That's all for today. Join me every morning Monday to Friday for a round-up of the day's stories. Comments, rants and cat pictures are welcome below! (Not a member of CornNation? Join today and take part in the conversation!)

-Salt Creek and Stadium

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