Call Me Maybe Friday: Herbie Husker & the B1G Mascots vs. Cookie Monster

Purdue Pete elected not to "Call Me, Maybe" when invited by Herbie Husker and Sparty to remake Carly Rae Jepsen's video. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I'm not a pop culture guy; I don't watch Glee or American Idol. I don't listen to Top 40 radio and probably can't identify 80% of those artists. (I've heard that this Justin Bieber guy is supposed to be rather popular, though.) I don't know the difference between iCarly and Carly Rae fact, I hadn't heard of Ms. Jepsen prior to Wednesday. That's when the "Call Me Maybe" meme finally found a crack to reach an outlier like me. I don't follow pop music, but I follow the Big Ten ... and with two preschoolers at home, I certainly follow Sesame Street. (Except that annoying squeaky voiced red guy; he reminds me too much of the worst secondary coach ever.) And on Wednesday, the meme hit me from both sides.

The Sesame Street crew did a full rewrite of the song to feature Cookie Monster searching in a cubicle farm for someone to share their cookies with him:

Me look at you and me see
You like an elf in a tree

You cookie showing
And me hunger growing
Let’s get skim milk flowing
We’ll start this snack going baby!
Hey, me just met you and this is craaaaazy
But you got cookie, so share it maybe


Me no grumble or grouse
It’s taking toll on me house
Me going off me rocker
Please give me Betty Crocker

OK, pretty good rewrite. I like the lines, and my kids love the song.

Then later that morning, Herbie Husker tweeted that he had joined several fellow Big Ten mascots to do their own parody.

Herbie and Lil' Red are joined by Sparty, Goldie the Gopher, Brutus the Buckeye, Bucky Badger, Herky the Hawkeye, and the Nittany Lion in their own version of the Jepsen hit. Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan don't have mascots, so they didn't participate. Northwestern and Purdue apparently didn't respond to the invitation. (Brutus and Bucky don't seem to have much success in the dating game, it seems...)

We're officially in the dog days of summer. Media days are still a couple of weeks away. Jon's getting we need something to lighten the subject.

So who've you got? Cookie Monster, the Mascots, another spoof, or the Jepsen original?

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