College Football Should be Banned? (Part Deux!)

Hey Husker fans. I don't post over here very much (OU fan), but I noticed a thread that had interesting possibilities..unfortunately it was closed. I'd like to throw in my 2 cents on the issue. Bear in mind that I love college athletics and don't want to see anything happen to it, but from a logical standpoint I present the following.

Should college football be banned? Economically the answer is an unequivocal "YES". Consider that almost all the schools in Div1A are public universities and supported by taxpayer dollars as well as tuition and such. Of the 120 or so college football programs in Div1A, only about 20 were profitable last year. Should the taxpayer be on the hook to pay millions for unsuccessful programs? What is worse is that the "reward" for a successful season (which can be as bad as a 5-7 team as we've seen on a couple occasions) is a bowl game where the school is on the hook for a percentage of the tickets...if those tickets aren't sold, the school has to PAY THE BOWL for the privilege of attending. It's mindboggling how the NCAA allowed that type of thing to develop.

Another outcropping arising from football is women's athletics. Thanks to title IX women's programs have to receive equal numbers of scholarships as men's programs. Men's football has 85 as the scholarship limit, so that means there have to be 85 scholarships offered for women's programs. The vast majority of women's programs are large money losers, putting even more pressure on school's budgets and taxpayers.

Another point to be made is this: why should the school give a "free ride" to an athlete who a large percentage of the time can't even meet the minimal requirement to attend a school, when there are poor kids who are good students that have to put themselves in debt or not attend college at all because of financial difficulties? Case in point: Dexter Manley. Dexter "graduated" from Oklahoma State after 4 years and reputedly signed his pro contract with an "X" because he was still functionally illiterate. I don't know how OSU didn't get slapped down by the NCAA for that debacle, but I digress. Wouldn't that scholarship have been better spent on a real student? I personally knew a guy who played TE for OSU in the mid-80s. He scored a composite of 8 on the ACT. The minimum requirement to attend OSU at the time was 14. If we, the taxpayers, are expected to foot the bill for college sports then the athletes should at least meet the minimum requirements for admittance to the school.

As I said in the preamble to my ramble, I love college sports. The public universities are playing on the taxpayer dime. I'd say that if the taxpayers don't mind paying, then college football should continue to exist. However if a team has little taxpayer support, then that team should probably be disbanded.


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