A Month In Review For Husker Wrestling and Looking Ahead To Penn State


I apologize for the hiatus to Corn Nation, but I've been subjected to a battery of tests the past month and have had little free time. Here is what you've missed since I've been gone! )

(Note: If you guys have any questions regarding scoring, please message me and I will explain anything you may not understand. This link may help explain things as well)

Huskers Vs. Hawkeyes

Halting the record setting 10 win opening streak, the 2nd ranked Iowa Hawkeyes marched into the Coliseum on January 13th and defeated the 7th ranked Huskers 24-9.

Some breakdowns:

Tucker Lane (HWT) defeated his fourth nationally ranked opponent in a minor victory of 3-1, improving his record to 17-2 for the season, with 11 wins in a row.

Freshman James Green (157) scored major points early for what was heading for a major decision, but gave some ground on a takedown late in his match to bring the victory to a minor decision. James has defeated 3 ranked opponents and is currently on a 9 win streak.

Josh Ihnen (184) was the last Husker to achieve a victory that night as he won by minor decision late in the dual to put the Husker point total to 9.

Unfortunately, Iowa took the 'Skers to the cleaners in this dual. With one pin and several minor decisions, the Hawks propelled themselves to 24 points and a large victory that night. I believe the veteran squad of Iowa was too much for the young Husker squad to handle in several matches. The one match I was surprised to see turn out the way it did was Robert Kokesh (165). He was ranked 3rd in the nation at his weight bracket and fell 7-3 to ninth ranked Mike Evans. This was his first dual match loss and only his third total loss for the season. Watching the matches take place, though, I couldn't help but notice the potential inside our young grapplers. I believe that in the coming years, we might be able to challenge the Hawks better in the future.

Huskers Vs. Indiana

After falling behind 14-3 early after only 4 matches on January 20th, the Huskers stormed back to beat the Hoosiers 24-17 and raise their record to 11-1 and 2-1 in B1G play. Indiana fell to 6-5 overall and 0-5 in the conference.

Some more breakdowns:

In the first four matches, there was a pin and a technical fall against the Huskers at the 141 and 149 weight bracket. After that, the Huskers hit back and scored two major decisions at the 157 and 165 weight brackets, bringing the dual score closer, at 11-14 still in favor of the Hoosiers. at the 184 weight bracket, Josh Ihnen scored a pin to propel Nebraska to a 20-14 lead, their first lead of the dual. The 197 match gave Nebraska 3 more points, while the HWT bought gave the Hoosiers 3 more points and caused the end of the 11 win streak of Tucker Lane.

This could have been a devastating upset for Nebraska. While Indiana isn’t the powerhouse that Iowa is, they do have some solid talent that definitely gave the ‘Skers some fits at some weight classes. In the end, they were able to pull away and land another W.

Huskers Vs. Purdue

There wasn’t much of note during this 24-9 Nebraska victory over Purdue. Of the 24 points amassed, there were three major decisions, and the Huskers only let three matches gather points for Purdue.

The only outstanding statistic for this dual is that Nebraska still has a perfect road record. Their record after this meet is 12-1 and 3-1 in the B1G

Huskers Vs. Michigan State

This dual started off rocky, with the Spartans starting early with a technical fall at the 125 pound weight class and jumping ahead 5 points out of the gate. Nebraska won the next two matches at 133 by Ridge Kiley and 5th ranked Jake Sueflohn at the 141 pound weight class. Jake scored a major decision in his match. Dan Osterman of Michigan State beat Brandon Wilbourn in a minor decision in the last Spartan victory of the night. Nebraska then dominated the remaining six matches to come out on top 27-8. Nebraska still is undefeated on the road after this match, with their record climbing to 13-1 and 4-1 in the B1G.

Huskers Vs. Wisconsin

Finally the Cornhuskers can say they beat those pesky Badgers at something this year. With a shutout victory, The ‘Skers handedly defeated Wisconsin. With four major decision victories, coming at the 125, 133, 165, and 184 weight class, and one technical fall coming at the 141 weight class, the Cornhuskers hit the Badgers hard on January 29th.

Some breakdowns:

9th ranked Tucker Lane (HWT) won his 20th match of the season at a 5-0 minor decision.

19th ranked Ridge Kiley (133) claimed his third major decision of the year with a 12-0 victory.

5th ranked Jake Sueflohn (141) won by technical fall in the final seconds as he gained nearfall points as time expired to win 17-2.

8th ranked James Green (157) won by minor decision 8-5.

6th ranked Robert Kokesh (165) wrestled in the only match featuring two nationally ranked grapplers. The first round was completely scoreless, and the start of the second round allowed Kokesh’s opponent an escape. Interesting fact: this was the Badger’s only lead of any match of the night. Trailing 3-2 going into the third round, Kokesh exploded to win 13-4.

All in all, a very satisfying victory for the Huskers after some forgettable losses in some other sports. (Side note: Can these guys be our real rivals?)

PREVIEW! Friday 2/3 Huskers Vs. Penn State

The defending national champion Nittany Lions come to Lincoln on Friday the 3rd. It is senior night and is a Pepsi "Pack the House" night. I’m not entirely sure what that is, but if anyone is in Lincoln and wants to see the ‘Skers battle some quality B1G talent, stop on in. Admission is only $1 and there is $1 drinks. GO BIG RED!

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