Husker Football 2012

Nebraska vs. Minnesota: Game time, TV Schedule

How to find the Nebraska vs Minnesota game on TV, the odds, and links to preview articles you should know about.

Optmistic or Pessimistic about the Huskers in '13?

There are many more reasons to be optimistic than pessimistic. Doesn't mean there aren't concerns. The defense can't give up 70 again. But there are reasons to look forward to 2013.

Huskers Sweep B1G Postgraduate Scholarship Awards

Linebacker Sean Fisher and track runner Katelyn White have received $10,000 postgraduate scholarships from the Big Ten. Nebraska is the first Big Ten school to have students earn both the male and female awards in the same year.

Do Husker Fans Regret the B1G Move?

David Ubben thinks Nebraska regrets moving to the Big Ten. I think he's dead wrong.

Op-Ed: Enough of the Grievances On Husker Football

Certainly there are enough reasons to criticize Bo Pelini for the 2012 season. Comparing 2012 to 2007 is excessive hyperbole.

Why Can't Joey Move On?

At least one Husker fan hasn't moved on from the last loss of the season. Others around him blame other things. What's the real problem?

Pelini Gives His Staff Raises

Tim Beck gets a big boost, as does John Garrison.

Pelini Is Optimistic About '13; Should You Believe

Pelini says he's "really, really excited" about the players that redshirted this season. Is Pelini blowing sunshine, or is there a reason to be optimistic about the youngsters in the program?

Ten wins have never felt so hollow.

How can a ten win season feel so empty?

Report Card: Georgia 45, Huskers 31

Nebraska didn't get blown out as some feared, so some will proclaim that as a moral victory. That's one way of looking at it. Nebraska gave a good effort, but the bottom line is that Nebraska didn't play well enough to win.



Nebraska is leading right now, 24-23.

Predictions: Bowl Time!

Predictions: Capital One Bowl Week!

The Georgia Q and A Part 2

The Capital One Bowl Q and A with Georgia, Part 2

Detasseling the Capital One Bowl: The Podcast!

The long-awaited Capitol One Bowl Preview with Greg and Brian.

Kaz's Unvarnished Truth: Huskers Need Help at DT

Those 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes are filled with major misses on the defensive line, and Nebraska is now paying the price for those misses.

Previewing Georgia

This game comes down to who runs the ball better; both teams have issues stopping the run, but are stout against the pass. Does this favor Nebraska with multiple rushing threats, or Georgia, with the tandem of talented freshmen running backs?

Know Your Georgia Bulldog Traditions

Nebraska plays Georgia in the 2013 Capital One Bowl in less than a week. This is your chance to learn more about the opponent's traditions.

Grade Inflation & And High Husker GPA - Related?

It's never been easier to get good grades, but that's not because of athletics. It's because the academics who are running higher education are failing to do their jobs properly.

Detasseling the Huskers: Kickin off Bowl Coverage!

Greg and Brian start their preview of the Capital One Bowl. Plus, Cobby comes by to drop his.... knowledge?


Win Free Stuff? What else do you want to know after that?

How Do You Want Your Big Ten Divisions Aligned?

Up/Down? East/West? Inny/Outy? Fat/Skinny?

Redemption at the Capital One Bowl

So lately, I've been all about the humor stories. They're fun. If you understand where I’m going, you probably get a chuckle out of them. At least that's my goal. I don't like a 100% serious blog...

Detasseling the Huskers: The sun comes up edition

Greg and Brian discuss the upcoming Capitol One Bowl, the length of time Bo Pelini will receive if Nebraska beats Georgia as well as the team's practicing approach to the New Years Day battle in Orlando.

Chatelain's Vendetta Against Pelini Continues

Dirk Chatelain of the World-Herald spends too much time stirring the pot of fan discontent and way too little time offering constructive criticism of Pelini's program. And that doesn't serve fans well in the end.

Georgia Beats Nebraska How, Exactly?

The SB Nation Georgia site Dawg Sports put together their keys to victory in the 2013 Capital One Bowl based on their past performance. How will those stand up against this year's Nebraska team?

Are The Huskers' Bad Losses Normal? Data Says NO

An examination of the number of embarrassing losses for each team since 2009, based on the spread. And no, the Huskers don't come out too well.

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