Corn Flakes: Only 1 Week Remains

It's Friday. Go ahead and search for The Rebecca Black song if you want.

1 week left people, let's stay focused and finish strong! For next week we watch!

Practice report: True freshman making bid for starting OL job

A kicking update, true freshman to play, and some QB news.

BTN's talking heads are mum about NU -

After nearly 10 seconds of silence, Griffith, a former Illinois running back, didn't respond. DiNardo, a former college head coach, begged off. "I don't know exactly what they did last year,'' DiNardo said. "So, um, I don't know that I'm comfortable answering that question. Hard to tell. It doesn't remind me of anybody.''

This doesn't make me feel good, maybe I'm just pessimistic? Big Ten Bloggers: 5 Bold Predictions, Part II

Nebraska will finish unranked.

He makes a pretty solid, albeit a worse case scenario College Football - Ultimate schedule: Best games each week

The game:Oct. 29, Wisconsin at Ohio State Why watch: The programs have split their past eight meetings, with two of the Badgers' victories coming in Columbus. This could be a de facto Big Ten Leaders Division title game. Ohio State will be coming off a bye week, while Wisconsin will be coming off what should be a tough game at Michigan State.

Nebraska makes the list again against Michigan

Some news from LSU, and a letter to Tressel after the jump.

Jordan Jefferson has been charged with felony battery. Let LSU’s quarterback reckoning begin. - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Jefferson and Johns were both in police custody as of 10:15 a.m. CT. Both were identified by name in a police report as two of at least 10 people who assaulted Andrew Lowery, 21, who according to witnesses had intervened in an ongoing brawl to help an unidentified man who had been pulled from his pickup truck;

Big problems at Miami and LSU.

John Brandon sends a letter to ex-Ohio State coach Jim Tressel - Grantland

Believe me, I understand that many of these elite players are already doing 10-over on the parkway to Assholeville when they reach college, but instead of treating them to a tank of high-test and sportily slapping their back bumpers, you could throw up a speed bump or two. But I know: Speed bumps to Assholeville are often roadblocks to Titletown. I know, Coach.

Worth a read.

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