Delany vs the CWS


Delany wants to see changes to NCAA Baseball.

Can't say that I agree too much with Delany on this, except maybe moving the season to March vs. February. Having lived in Dallas for the last 7 years, the Feb through May timeframe for college baseball is perfect for the schools in the south, whereas Feb thru April can be absurdly cold in the north. And some of the counterpoints to this are themselves quite debatable.   For instance.

"The original purpose of college athletics was to create a spirited campus environment for students. In July, most students are gone."

First, when is the last time athletic directors even cared about a "spirited campus environment for students" and not the bottom line?  Second, how much school spirit can be mustered at outdoor sporting events when it 10F in February?  Third, a full month and a half is outside of the school semester anyway.

"Summer programs, a traditional component in player development, would be shut down, even in hotbeds like Alaska and Cape Cod."

This is probably the most legitimate concern.  I doubt they would be shut down, but certainly reduces the playing season.   I don't have a gauge on how damning this really is.  And this probably cannot be account for during the school year.

 "Omaha and ESPN, two of college baseball’s critical partners, want the CWS in June, not July or August."

I can see Omaha not liking it, but I kinda doubt ESPN would really care if it is in July.  I doubt that anybody wants it in August, or even at the end of July.  

The problem with baseball is that while there is some money in it, I bet there is nowhere near enough to invest in facilities to offset the south's advantage, at least not right now.  Maybe that is what the sport will become, like hockey and lacross, highly regionalized, and maybe many programs in the north probably should drop it.

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