Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez - Odds to Win the Heisman Trophy

Courtesy of, below are your favorites to win the Heisman. 

Taylor Martinez is down there... ahead of Dan Persa of Northwestern, but not by much. I have to say, I'm surprised that he's that low on the list. Also - interesting that Denard Robinson is so highly ranked as Michigan transitions to a new type of offense, one that won't feature Robinson getting as many carries. 

Odds to win the 2011 Heisman Trophy

Andrew Luck (QB Stanford)                                 9/2

Landry Jones (QB Oklahoma)                             13/2

Marcus Lattimore (RB South Carolina)                 7/1

Denard Robinson (QB Michigan)                          15/2

LaMichael James (RB Oregon)                            15/2

Trent Richardson (RB Alabama)                          12/1

Justin Blackmon (WR Oklahoma State)               15/1

Kellen Moore (QB Boise State)                           15/1

Knile Davis (RB Arkansas)                                  15/1

Ryan Broyles (WR Oklahoma)                            15/1

Robert Griffin III (QB Baylor)                                20/1

Chris Polk (RB Washington)                               25/1

Roy Finch (RB Oklahoma)                                  30/1

Brandon Weeden (QB Oklahoma State)               32/1

Case Keenum (QB Houston)                               35/1

Darron Thomas (QB Oregon)                               35/1

Kirk Cousins (QB Michigan State)                       35/1

Michael Floyd (WR Notre Dame)                         40/1

Matt Barkley (QB USC)                                      45/1

Nick Foles (QB Arizona)                                     45/1

Russell Shepard (WR LSU)                                 50/1

Aaron Murray (QB Georgia)                                 55/1

E.J. Manuel (QB Florida State)                            60/1

John Brantley (QB Florida)                                  60/1

Ryan Tannenhill (QB Texas A&M)                       60/1

Tyler Wilson (QB Arkansas)                                70/1

Danny O'Brien (QB Maryland)                             75/1

Dayne Crist (QB Notre Dame)                             75/1

Taylor Martinez (QB Nebraska)                           75/1

Alshon Jeffery (WR South Carolina)                     80/1

James White (RB Wisconsin)                             80/1

Montee Ball (RB Wisconsin)                               80/1

Robert Woods (WR USC)                                   80/1

Michael Dyer (RB Auburn)                                  85/1

David Wilson (RB Virgina Tech)                           90/1

Geno Smith (QB West Virginia)                           90/1

Marcus Coker (RB Iowa)                                     90/1

Dan Persa (QB Northwestern)                             95/1

2011 Heisman Trophy - Will a defensive player win the 2011 Heisman Trophy?        

Yes                              10/1

Some notables  - those that will face the Husker defense include: 

Denard Robinson - quarterback - Michigan 

Chris Polk - running back - Washington

Kirk Cousins - quarterback - Michigan State

James White - running back - Wisconsin

Montee Ball - running back - Wisconsin 

Marcus Coker - running back - Iowa

Dan Persa - quarterback - Northwestern 

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