Monday Question: Are You Making Big Plans For Next Season Yet?

We're getting closer to spring practice, so there will be plenty of opportunities within the next two weeks to discuss who'll be starting at each position, and how each unit will play itself out before the season starts.

 Due to a recent event and nothing to do with the new digs in the Big Ten Conference, some of my old college buddies are talking about getting together next year for a game in Lincoln. It's been mentioned that maybe the Ohio State game would be a good fit, although, honestly, trying to get tickets to that game might be more about armed robbery than finding the right outlet.

That got me thinking - what are we going to do next year? Nebraska comes to Minnesota, my home for the past 24 years, the first trip the Huskers will make up to the Twin Cities since 1989. People are starting to ask me - you have tickets, right? You're going, aren't you?

And I'm thinking, no, I don't have tickets, but I'll get them, but I don't normally plan that far ahead. Most things in my life just happen. But, then, maybe I should plan ahead. This is kind of a big deal. Maybe we should have an official Corn Nation tailgate, or assembly, or invite the Sidetrack Band up here.

So my Monday question is this: What Big Plans (If Any) Are You Making for Next Season?

Another change this week - rather than me surprising y'all with a photoshop theme on Friday for Friday, we're going to introduce them on Monday and allow you to vote for your choice by Wednesday. That should give you more time before Friday to come up with some rock ‘em, sock ‘em photoshops.

Your introductory themes are as follows:

Japanese SCI FI movies

It Involves An Ostrich

Cheese Balls!

I'm Bond, James Bond

The Worst Call Ever Made

Please vote for your theme choice. If you'd like a theme to be considered for next week's photoshop Friday, then please leave it in the comments section. 

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