Do You Think Jerry Jones' Magnum Opus Was A Flop?

Subtitle: How Many More Ways Can Section 37 Bag On Texas?


Let's face it. In many ways, Super Bowl  XLV was a unprecedented disaster. It was supposed to be Jerry Jones' and Texas' magnum opus. It was anything but.  


The only thing that saved Super Bowl XLV was the game itself.  More on that later

Let's look at the comedy of errors leading up to and surrounding the game:

--The weather in the Dallas area was terrible all Super Bowl week and the Metroplex couldn't deal with it. My doctor told me his son lives in Dallas and said "they (the locals) drive like idiots down there." I witnessed that myself driving through there on my way to the 2000 Alamo Bowl. I would imagine the Packer fans and Steeler fans were like "what a bunch of wimps these Texans are." 


--The NFL screwed over 400 ticket holders, forcing them to watch the game outside the stadium. As if "the shield" didn't have enough of a PR mess on their hands with the impending lockout, they double-down on dissing their paying customers.


-- Christina Aguilera botches the National Anthem.....but wait, there's more. Oh, here's an idea; let's do a military fly-over....over a DOMED STADIUM.


-- That $1 billion-plus stadium with all the fancy bells-and-whistles....and the turf is crap!! How many players were slipping out there? Remember how many Husker/Sooner players were slipping on that cheap-ass rug during the Big XII Championship game? Oy, veh!


-- Everybody has their favorite Super Bowl ads, but, IMO, the majority of them sucked. I thought the Bud/Bud Light ads were downright horrible. How the mighty have fallen. Let it go, Louie. Let it go.


-- I didn't watch the halftime show, but I heard that was a comedy of errors, too. I gave up on Super Bowl halftime shows long before "nipplegate." Just too damn much hype and glitz. The game's the thing.


Speaking of "the game's the thing," that's the only thing that save Super Bowl XLV; the game itself. Two old-school NFL franchises who earned their reputations the old fashioned way, not like the Dallas Cowboys who glossed themselves "America's Team." The game itself was old-school; smash-mouth defenses and an opportunistic offense (Green Bay) that capitalized on the other team's mistakes. Sounds like Big 10 football to me fellow Bugeaters. 


The point being is if all this occurred at another Super Bowl site (Miami, New Orleans) I would consider these set of circumstances unfortunate. But since all this happened in Dallas TEXAS, under the "watchful" eye of Jerry Jones, the epitome of Texas decadence and arrogance, I feel a sense of poetic justice bordering on schaudenfreude. And consider this; next year's Super Bowl (if there is one) will be in Indianapolis......Big 10 country!

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