Big 10 Tunnel Walk/Entrance Comparison - Who Has the Best?

OK, All us Husker fans are well versed in the Nebraska Tunnel walk that started in 1994.  The chants of "HUSKER!" then "POWER!" across the stadium until Alan Parsons "Sirius" rumbles through the huge stadium speakers.  The Huskervision large screen displays very professional videos of glories and chest thumping to get the crowd pumped up.  The cut live to the players in the tunnel, touching the horseshoe, the doors being opened by armed forces representatives, and the stadium just going nuts:

Now, if you Google "football tunnel walk" and usually all but maybe one or two of your top 20 results are for the Nebraska tunnel walk.  If you Google "college football entrance" you will get mostly the Virginia Tech "Enter Sandman" entrance, and it is cool, but out of conference. 

Here are some samples gleaned from a couple hours on Youtube.  If you have something more representative post it because in some cases what I found was, well, underwhelming (or poorly shot).   

I have heard Iowa walks on to either "Enter Sandman" or "Back in Black".  Here's the latter:

The Ohio State ramp entrance seems to focus on the band, not the football team.  Very cool old school tradition: 


Wisconsin: U2, "Where the Streets Have no Name".  Decent montage  This one from 2007 is cool:

Michigan State: 2007 clip.  

Michigan: Band comes out.  Banner goes up. Football team runs out and tags the banner while the band plays some snappy music.  There has to be something more.  

NorthWestern:  Wow!  Fireworks! And smoke!  And Jon, they got an inflatable cat!  

Illinois:  The entrance from 2008 looks kind of ho hum, but this is really cool:

Indiana:  More smoke and fireworks.  My favorite part of this one is the guy saying "Our mascot is not a buffalo, man!" 

Penn State: P! S! U!  

Purdue:  My favorite part is the little engine that could leading them onto the field. 

So, who has the best entrance?

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