Time to Reflect

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Please read this article before continuing, you shouldn't need it, to provide context, but it'll certainly help:

Hardrick: NU teammates rallying around ‘mad’ Martinez.

Alright now that you've read it...

Raise your hands if you've ever had literally half the people you come across criticize you for what you do? Nobody? OK.

Raise your hands if you've ever had literally one fourth of the people you come across criticize you for what you do? Nobody? OK then, let's try again.

Raise your hands if one fourth the people you come across even acknowledge your existence? Nobody? OK, more after the jump.

I'm writing this because just as I was going to sleep, I did my last round of checking my favorite news sources and came across that article above. It wasn't until then that it occurred to me: I know Taylor is only 20 years old, we all know that, what we fail to realize is for every criticism we put out there(well, here,) it only piles on to a MASSIVE, let me repeat that, MASSIVE amount of criticism.

I really have no idea, but I'd bet that nobody on this board, hell probably none of the writers on any of the SB Nation sites have been in a position under which your every move is under the microscope. Make the right move and you're a superstar, but make the wrong move and man, the entire state turns on you. According to this article, a classmate in Spanish class threw out a jab about his interceptions. Come on people, we can do better, hell we ARE better.

The great majority of us have jobs, bosses, stakeholders, etc etc. If we screw up, we hear about, but we hear about it from our boss. Think of your reaction when a person you don't know that works for a different department in your company goes on a rant about your work. Now think of your reaction of a person that doesn't even work there! A person whose only connection to you isn't even having any stock on the company, but merely owning a million shares of emotional stock with no value to you whatsoever, to come and tear your performance apart using their four years' worth of high school football experience as the credentials for doing so.

This is getting out of hand. I just think, we ought to reflect on our reactions sometimes. Maybe our anger as fans is misdirected when it is aimed at a single person, maybe it is more humane to criticize the team and/or staff as a unit than it is to single someone out. I remember last year when Boise St lost to Nevada, god I felt awful for their kicker. It's was easy for someone to place the blame on him alone, but Kellen Moore knew better and spoke out. If it hadn't been for a number of things not executed the way they should have been, they wouldn't have needed the field goal to win to begin with.

That's the moral. Your criticism about Martinez, or any other player as individuals may make you feel better about a loss, but just like you think that person failed, you also failed to reflect on what it is that happened out there. That the game is a complex system, with no one moving part being any more important than the next.

I swear, my rant is almost over so bare with me.

Lastly, for those calling for Martinez to get benched and Carnes or anybody else to start based on preconceived notions formed through reading articles by writers who have probably never coached a football game in their life: Bo has not only won the BCS National Championship, but he's also won the Superbowl and has been around football first hand the better part of his life. So consider comparing your or your favorite writer's credentials vs. his before going on to say someone needs benched and someone else needs to start.

That's it, feel free to agree with me or tear me a new one in the comments below.

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