Corn Flakes: What if Martinez is that good?

I know it was Western Kentucky, I know it was one game, and I know we should be patient, not go into hyperbole (at least not on Wednesdays).

But lets you and I talk for a moment, just as fans can. What if he's THAT good? Think about it, first run ever he takes it to the house. isn't that how a legend should start? How about no false starts, and no turn-overs, as a red-shirt freshman making his first start? How about 7 carries for 3 TDs?

Yeah the possibility is there, don't expect it to happen, but go ahead, and dream a little, I won't wake you up just yet.

Huskers jump to No. 6 in AP poll

And 7th in the Coaches.

Steven M. Sipple: Taylor Martinez adjusting to attention

I missed the post-game interview that Martinez did, anyone catch it and want to describe it? I know people were talking about it in the game thread. -JL


You see? Whack-a-mole. If an offense can get six different moving weapons, requiring the defense to account for all of them, you reduce the game to playmakers. Pick-up ball.

I sure as hell hope he's right about this. I'm also sure most of you are thinking the same thing I am. We're going to need a lot more offense this season to get to where we want to be. - JJ

Practice report: Watson says I-backs will get their touches

And some other Husker notes. -JL

Better Off Red | The Peso’s Devaluation? Two (quick) additional thoughts on NU-WKU

Nebraska will see some power running games this year, can they stop it? -JL

Notes: Pelini says expect ‘D' to improve -

Speaking at his weekly press conference, Pelini urged reporters on Tuesday to refer back to the defenses he's coached throughout his career. He said they've all improved as the season moved along. He expects the same from his current group of defenders.

Ark St last year people... look at the stats. 143 yards rushing against Suh and company. -JL

Dying Man Got His Wishes and Says All's Well Because Huskers on the Right Track

By the fourth quarter Saturday night, Bob Harrington had seen enough to declare the last two items on his Bucket List huge successes: 1) Meeting a Nebraska football player; and 2) Watching the Huskers in their season opener - an event that he, his family and his hospice workers weren't sure would happen.

I was expecting this to be a lot more cheesy than it was. Very good article by Randy York - recommended reading. - JJ

K-State sets 2011 nonconference football schedule, including game at Miami -

Well I was wrong, as TB from BOTC reminded called me out on. Better watch out, David Ubben, John Taylor, and Steve Sipple, TB's coming for you, and hell's Willy's coming too! -JL

Vince's Mother: Leave Reggie Bush Alone

"We're not interested in having no honor and no glory out of somebody else they are trying to tear down, no," Felicia Young said.

Hey, if Vince Young's mom says he didn't want Reggie Bush's Heisman, he doesn't want it, okay, Mack Brown? Now.... maybe if you're talking about a car or a house... then you call give her a call. - JJ

The Hidden Factors in the AP Top 25

Jay Coleman, a professor at the University of North Florida, co-authored a paper that analyzed the second half of the 2007 AP polls and found evidence that there's some favoritism toward teams in a voter's state, teams that are in the six major conferences and teams that play on national television.

The polls are biased? What? I can see it all crumbling down now that it's finally been exposed.... - JJ

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