College Football Picks Week 1

*Intro music plays*

Yes my friends once again it is time for your college football picks!

*Thunderous applause*

Same deal as in years previous the CN team will be making picks AND snarky comments about Big 12 and national games of interest. You all are invited to make your picks in the comment sections, or add your own hilarious thoughts.

The fun starts after the jump!

Colorado (-12.5) vs. Colorado State in Denver

Husker Mike: Dan Hawkins' bunch a 12 point favorite? Uh, no.  Too many holes that they'll need to fill early on. 

Colorado State 28, Buffies 24


Jon: I can see Colorado coming together and playing tough for Dan Hawkins, at least early in the season. Wait, I did this last year, didn’t I? Well, screw that. Colorado is going to suck rocks. Unfortunately, Colorado State will suck more rocks. Thankfully, there’s a lot of rocks in Colorado to suck. Colorado wins, though.

Colorado 8, Colorado State 5


JLew: Did you hear that Dan asked for a contract extension this summer? Wow talk about positive thinking. What was the reaction to that? Disbelief, or did they all just burst out laughing? That's a good one! Almost are good as the 10 wins one. What a kidder. New QB for CSU means that CU wins. Fans riot. Cops are called. Another college football game in Colorado.

Buffblows 17 Rammies 14


UCLA (+2.5) at Kansas State

Husker Mike: Skippy versus the Old Guy.  K-State really improved late last season.  KSU 24 UCLA 17


Jon: UCLA will be so shocked by the relative bleakness that is Manhattan, KS that they’ll be down 14 before they discover they were expected to play a football game this weekend. They never recover. 

Kansas State 24, UCLA 21


JLew: How upset was Snyder to be playing this game? At least it was at home for them. Fans should be tailgating a plenty for this one. I hope they head into the game before half. KSU is weak at QB, but should be good enough to beat UCLA.

KSU…Wildcats 24, Cheating Bears 17, Fans 13 beer bongs a piece.


Missouri (-12) vs. Illinois in St. Louis

Husker Mike: Gary Pinkel cancelled the team tour of the Budweiser brewery.  But all the legal problems the Tiggers have are no match for the Zooker.  Mizzou 34, Illini 13


Jon: Ron Zook’s last year at Illinois? Should be. Missouri will pound another nail in that coffin. Blaine Gabbert torches Illinois, and then Illinois torches themselves. Missouri 36 Illinois 17


JLew: Wow the whole Zook thing never really worked did it? Missouri wins, and then heads home for mandatory lock down.

Missery 31, Illinois 17


Washington State (-16) at Oklahoma State

Husker Mike: I don't care how much Oklahoma State needs to replace, they're still better than Wazzu.  Cowpokes 31, Cougars 7


Jon: This game is on FSN at the same time as Nebraska - Western Kentucky, but I’d like to see it to watch Okie State’s quarterback Brandon Wheeler. I don’t think the Cowboys will be that good this year, but their offense should be fun to watch. Of course, if you’re the Cougars, you’re not thinking that. Oklahoma State 31 Washington State 10


JLew: I have no idea what the Cougars are like, but a new QB is never a sure thing. Sill I think OSU wins.

Pokes 28, Wazzu 21


Purdue (+11) at Notre Dame

Husker Mike: Once again, Notre Dame thinks they've got "THE" coach.  Fifth times a charm?  Notre Dame 24, Purdue 21


Jon: I’m looking forward to seeing this Brian Kelly guy at Notre Dame. Believe it or not, I’ve been a Notre Dame fan most of my life. You wouldn’t know that, though, because I refused to root for a team that hired that last coach.… you know, the big guy with the schematic advantage stuff that never materialized.… yeah, that guy. 

Anyway, Brian Kelly is a good coach, this time Notre Dame got the right guy. They’ll win all their games and play in the national title game. 

Purdue 28 Notre Dame 24


JLew: WTF Jon? I feel cheated on or something. Dirty I feel dirty. New coach with a new scheme means the Irish are in transition again.

Irish 13, Purdue 28


UConn (+3) at Michigan

Husker Mike: Until I see proof otherwise, RichRod is Michigoon's Schnelleberger/Callahan.  UConn 31, Weasels 27


Jon: The more I see out of RichRod, the more he looks lost. I find it hard to believe that UConn could go into the Big House and win, but I never thought America would elect that Truman fella either. Laugh now, but I bet there will be some season ticket holders in Ann Arbor thinking the same thing. 

UConn 27 Michigan 21


Mr Corn:


JLew: See the thing is RichRod was a successful college football coach, not a NFL retread. Maybe it’s the karma from the way he left West Virginia? (Better watch out Lane, Karma ‘s a bitch). It is interesting to see people argue about the "Michigan Way" and being on the outside of a clusterfool. Michigan wins at home.

Future hated rival 28, Basketball school 20.


SMU (+13.5) at Texas Tech

Husker Mike: Tommy Tuberville has said everything right since arriving in Lubbock.  But if he's serious about keeping the offense the same, this could be a basketball score with June Jones on the other side of the field.  TT 52, SMU 35


Jon: I’m confused about what Texas Tech will look like this season. The offense is supposed to stay the same, but if they get to 30 points, will Tommy Tuberville start punting on second down so he can play more defense? Texas Tech 34 SMU 27 


JLew: I miss Leach already. I have no idea what is going to happen here, but there is no way the offense stays the same. It’s Leach’s offense. The defense will struggle in it’s first year of having to practice and learning "schemes".

Raiders 42, SMU 28


Boise State (-3) vs. Virginia Tech in Washington, DC

Husker Mike: Kind of surprised that Boise is the favorite here, though I won't disagree.  These first game picks are always potshots anyway, so what the heck.  Boise 27, VT 21


Jon: This is an excellent first-week game. People who hate college football’s lack of a playoff should be rooting for Boise State. Those of us who are still bowl lovers should root for Virginia Tech. I have no idea who I’ll be rooting for, to be honest, but I can’t see Virginia Tech winning this game. That’s exactly where Frank Beamer wants me, and that’s why they will. 

Virginia Tech 23 Boise State 21


JLew: Hey Boise, you too can leave your conference behind and join the ranks of the Independent! Otherwise you’ll continue to play a single difficult game a year, run the table in your mediocre conference and be left on the outside of the National Title Game! Or you could become Fresno State…
VaTech 23, Broncos 21


Western Kentucky (+37) at Nebraska

Husker Mike: Some national pundit thinks WKU might be the worst team to come to Lincoln ever...or maybe since Haskell came to town.  Either way, this one is essentially an exhibition.  NU 63, WKU 7


Jon: I can’t believe I’ll be spending $40 to watch this. I’d feel better if it came with a coupon for a case of cheap beer. Maybe I can steal some from my neighbors. It’d be more interesting if we spotted them 28 or 35 points, and then had to score more. 

Nebraska 56 Western Kentucky 10


JLew: Stupid cable company, bad DVR, no Nebraska pay per offering, but maybe it’ll end up saving me from buying a $40 scrimmage. Welcome back college football.

Lil Reds 48, Weird Reds 3

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