College Football Predictions Week 4: Not Much To Choose From

Week 4 - What a horrible week of games!

I remember back in my day when you had a smattering of college games to choose from. Everyone played everyone else and there wasn't none of this pussy-footing around with people who were out of your league. Back then, coaches were just normal people, not overpaid baby sitting managers like they are now. 

'Course... we only had two TV channels to pick from then, and one of was always showing Notre Dame or Michigan. Still, there were some great games every weekend, unlike this weekend, when there's 632 TV channels available, but only four worthy games to pick from. 

How the hell did this happen? What's that? You think it's too long a story? Well, screw you then, we'll get on with this week's picks. 

Oklahoma (-15.5) at Cincinnati

Matt: Cincy has struggled so far this year without Brian Kelly.  It doesn't get much easier when Oklahoma comes to town.  DeMarco Murray has a huge game for the Sooners.
Oklahoma  48    Cincy   24

Will: Cincy may hang around early in this but don't expect it to last.To many weapons for boomer sooner. Sooners roll 48-20

Jon: Watching Cincinnati against South Carolina State last week was painful. No big play weapons to keep the Sooner defense at bay, and I agree with Matt - huge day on the ground for Murray.  Oklahoma 42 Cincinnati 17
Mike: Oklahoma is schizophrenic this season...and this appears to be the week for "Good Oklahoma".  Sooners 45, Bearcats 7

JLew: I think it's bi-polar, maybe the Sooners could take something to even themselves out? Or are they playing to other team's levels? OU 35 Cincy 17

UCLA (+16) at Texas

Matt:  Rick Neuheisel apologized to fans a week before the Bruins big win against a Keenum-less Houston team.  They will use this momentum for no good and get routed by the Longhorns. Texas  42      UCLA   23

Will: Texas has failed to impress early on and may be looking ahead to the Red River Shootout. Garrett Gabbert ilbert en somewhat unimpressive early. However they still get the W Texas 28 UCLA 14

Jon: The biggest question this week - will Texas continue trying to run the ball, or will they give it up and focus on developing their spread passing offense? UCLA doesn't have a chance in hell of winning in Austin, and Longhorn's Kheeston Randall is going to feast on their offensive backfield. The next biggest question - can Texas score 40 in a game this season? Texas 35 UCLA 9

Mike: Skippy seems to be skating on thin ice in Westwood.  Things are not so hot in Austin either, but that shouldn't matter here.  I think Texas is going to give the running game one more week to get figured out.  Texas 34, UCLA 10

JLew: Wow things have gotten bad for football in LA. You'd think with the power vacuum of U$C on probation that UCLA would be able to take all that money and become the pro team in the area. Is Texas like NU last year? With a marginal offense, and a stellar defense? It'll be enough for them this week. Texas 28 UCLA 10

Alabama (-7) at Arkansas

Matt: Ryan Mallett has been every bit his hype so far this year, leading the Razorbacks to a big win in Athens last weekend.  He comes home to Fayetteville and will be welcomed by an Alabama team that may be looking ahead a week to Florida.  Scary part is, even though this team may be looking ahead they'll still win by at least 10.
Bama   34        Arkansas 20

Will: Even though Ryan Mallet has been extremely impressive I don't think he has enough weapons to take on this Bama defense. Ingram will continue to impress as Tide win 
Bama 31 Arkansas 24

Jon: Intriguing game. Can't decide who I dislike more though, Nick Saban or Bobby Petrino. You'd love to see #1 lose, but it won't be this week - too much pounding by ‘Bama.  Roll Tide 28, Razorbacks 21

Mike:  I don't see how Alabama looks ahead to Florida when they have to travel to a ranked opponent. But yeah, Alabama is too much for the Razorbacks.  Tide 27, Piggies 14

JLew: Give me the Razorbacks! In a stunning upset at home Bama goes down! 24-21, the BCS people tremble as TCU and Boise loom.

Oregon State (+17.5) at Boise State

Matt:  I want to do it....Really, really bad....But, let's face it Boise State won't lose despite the Beavers turning their practice field into ‘Smurf Turf'.  Boise State wins this one going away, ending their two game season.  Next up: The conference slate of high schools in the WAC.
Smurfs  35   Beavers   18

Will: I'm going to go out on a limb here. Oregon State already played TCU tight on the road early in the year and I think they just might have what it takes to come out with a gutsy road win. Beavers in a close one Oregon State 24 Boise 21

Jon: It's wishful thinking, wanting to to see the Broncos knocked off, yet their big win to date is over a Virginia Tech squad that ain't exactly lit up the field. If they destroy Oregon State, it'll be harder to argue that they're not fit to be on the big stage. I think we're somewhere in the middle.
Boise State 38 Oregon State 24

Mike:  Oregon State may have played TCU tight...but then went home and didn't exactly impress in letting woeful Louisville come back late.  I just don't see how the Beavers pull this one out.  Boise State 34, Oregon State 9

JLew: Does Boise have the best QB in the country? Anyone have a case for someone better? Boise considers this to be round 2 of their defacto playoff, they will be ready and they will win. Broncos 35, Ducks 17

West Virginia (+8) at LSU

Matt:  They don't lose many night-home games.  This won't be different and the late start time may allow those fans to get a wee bit inebriated prior to the game, causing a frenzy.  Tigers going away.
Bayou Bengals    37     Mountaineers   21

Will: West Virginia finally seems to have turned it around since Rich-Rod left but I'm not sure if they can go to Baton Rouge and win.
LSU 34 Mountaineers 21

Jon: West Virginia needed Marshall to collapse to get a win at home. LSU won't collapse at home, and like Matt said, they don't lose many night games in Tiger Stadium. We get to see the Bill Stewart icky face again....  LSU 31 West Virginia 21

Mike: Les Miles has been on the hot seat at LSU ever since Bo Pelini left. But this is a game the natives expect to win big; not sure about that.  Tigers 28, Mountaineers 17

JLew: I don't know much about either team. Heck night game at LSU? Yeah I'll take them. LSU 28 West Virginia 20

bill stewart icky face
Closing his eyes to the scene at Tiger Stadium, Bill Stewart was to never open them again. 

South Carolina (+3) at Auburn

Matt:  Home field may mean everything in this one.  It will be close, but don't think the Gamecocks are their quite yet.  Marcus Lattimore will star....but in a loss.
Tigers   27     Gamecocks   24
Will: This will probably be the game of the week. I like what Auburn has going on and they are at home. Tigers in a close one.
Tigers 27 Gamecocks 21

Jon: Another interesting game. South Carolina seems to have a flair about them and have looked impressive so far. 

Mike: I've been impressed with Steve Spurrier's team this season; I'm not sure why Auburn is favored, frankly.  Gamecocks 35, Tigers 21

JLew: War Eagle letdown after last week. South Carolina 28 Auburn 24

South Dakota State (NL) at Nebraska

Matt:  Bo will have the Blackshirts ready and I don't see the Jack Rabbits secondary being fast enough to chase down T-Magic, Helu and Burkhead from behind...which will occur frequently.  The Huskers will be surprisingly juiced for Homecoming, even after the big win in Seattle.

Huskers    56    SDSU   9

Will: I think speed will be the biggest problem for the Jack Rabbits.The Huskers will be just too fast for SDSU. Also look for the Husker running attack to continue its dominance.
Huskers 49 SDSU 10

Jon: One of those games that really doesn't belong on Nebraska's schedule, but will continue to show up in coming years anyway. The only value in this one is in continued development of young players, particularly Taylor Martinez and Cody Green.  Nebraska 42 SDSU 6

Mike: This is a bad, bad matchup.  The Rabbits play right into the Huskers strengths, so the only question is how many Huskers get into the game. That could determine how out of hand the score gets.  My guess is that the reserves let SDSU do something late...but Shawn Watson will want to get Cody Green more work, which I think lends itself to a high scoring game.  Huskers 70, Wabbits 14

JLew: NU wins, people complain that NU let too many rushing yards, didn't run the backs enough/or didn't pass enough. Green gets a lot of work, and we even see Lee in there for a while. NU 48 SDSU 17    

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