A Great Nebraska Season May Require You To Root For Kansas State, Colorado and Missouri

We're one fourth of the way through the regular season and so far we've seen our Huskers dismantle overmatched opponents, outscoring them 143-48. 

It's been fun watching Nebraska destroy Jake Locker's Heisman candidacy and rattle fellow NFL draft prospect Nathan Enderle into five interceptions. It's also been fun making fun of Missouri for pulling a game against San Diego State out of their ass and poking at Colorado's haplessness. 

There is, however, something Husker fans might want to consider, and that is hoping that all of our opponents pull themselves together and win as many games as possible. That means rooting for Colorado and Missouri (even with the realization that it may be painful to do so). 

Nebraska has a relatively easy schedule this season. Washington didn't pose much of a threat, and the Huskers will ultimately dispatch South Dakota State this weekend. The team is playing well enough that if you did a Big 12 power poll right now, you'd be hard pressed to not place Nebraska at the top. 

This year could shape up to be something very special, and by that I mean, a potential run at the national title game. In order to do that, however, Nebraska may need all the help they can get in the BCS standings.  

A quick look at how the Husker's opponents have done so far reveals why: 

Western Kentucky has yet to win a game, and probably won't win many games this season. A really really weak opponent that will do nothing for our BCS aspirations. 

Idaho is 2-1, and could shape up to have a pretty good season. 

Washington - heaven only knows what kind of season the Huskies will have. After watching the game Saturday, you'd have to conclude the pundits were correct, that the Huskies will finish in the middle of the Pac-10, meaning they'll need to fight to make a bowl game. 

As for our Big 12 conference opponents: 

Kansas State - is doing fairly well. 3-0 with wins against UCLA, Missouri State (doesn't count in BCS standings), and Iowa State, and should win against Central Florida this weekend. They should have a good season ahead and make a bowl game. 

Texas - 3-0 with wins against Rice, Wyoming, and Texas Tech. Obviously Texas is Nebraska's biggest game of the season. A loss here would probably end any chance Nebraska has of making a national title game. 

Oklahoma State - 3-0 with wins against Washington State, Troy, and Tulsa. Game with the Aggies is coming up on the 30th will tell us more about them. 

Missouri - 3-0 with wins against Illinois, McNeese State, and San Diego State. Another winnable game this weekend against Miami of Ohio.  A best case scenario for Missouri - somehow beat both Texas A&M and Oklahoma before coming to Lincoln. 

Iowa State - 1-2 with a win against Northern Illinois and losses to Iowa an Kansas State. Not a bowl-eligible season in sight for them. 

Kansas - First week loss to North Dakota State, win over then-ranked Georgia Tech, then another loss to Southern Miss. Clearly a rebuilding year for Kansas - they'll fight with Iowa State and Colorado for the cellar of the Big 12 North. 

Texas A&M - 3-0, with convincing wins over Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech, then a mind-blowing close game against Florida International. Texas A&M is a wild card, dangerous because of their bipolar nature, should easily make a bowl game. 

Colorado - 2-1, with a convincing first win over Colorado State, a horrid 52-7 loss at Cal, then a tougher than it should have been win over Hawaii. Most likely a loss coming this weekend at Georgia. 

Husker fans had better hope that Kansas State, Missouri, or Colorado win games over the Big 12 South teams in order to strengthen Nebraska's strength of schedule - to make the Huskers look better to the computers used in the BCS calculations. 

An early look at a BCS simulation is further evidence of what I'm talking about. Nebraska is only one place ahead of a one-loss Texas.  I'm not going to go through all of the scenarios that need to happen for a shot at the national title game, as it's so early in the season, but given the weakness of Nebraska's schedule, the best bet is hoping that everyone ranked above us loses at least one game. 

Granted, this is wild, early speculation and these things tend to work themselves out, but we're fans, we don't have to live week-to-week. Wild speculation should be part of our business. The best news is that the Huskers are capable of beating everyone on their schedule. The bad news? You'd better be rooting for Colorado to beat Georgia and that Kansas State handles Central Florida this weekend. 

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