College Football Predictions - Week 3

It's that time again! It's time for our incredibly late prediction segment! 

I hope all y'alls week was better than mine. I spent most the week trying to fight off some bronchial stuff while all the while trying to implement Sharepoint Server 2010 for someone. Whooeeee. Glad that's over (the week, that is, Sharepoint never ends). Next up comes the best reward possible - a great Husker game day!!!! 

By now, you've probably noticed the addition of another writer to our ranks, Matthew Dalby. Matthew currently reside in Milledgeville, Ga. and is a sports stringer for the Union Recorder newspaper. He'll be doing some regular bits during the week, including a look at the national scene on Mondays and Huskers in the NFL on Tuesday, so be sure to give him plenty of crap. 

Farmageddon: Kansas State (-4) vs. Iowa State (at Arrowhead, KC)


Matt:  I'm going to have to take the Cats here.  If Iowa State can somehow manage t slow down Daniel Thomas they'll have a CHANCE. But considering they've allow 215 rushing yards/game this year, don't see that happening this weekend.  K State 27        Cyclones   17

Jon: Kansas State's Daniel Thomas is third nationally in yards/game in rushing with 185.50. He's averaging 7.57 ypc. I don't see that percentage going down any, even though you know the Clones will be keying on him the entire game.    Cats 24 Clones 14

Mike: Iowa State absolutely got disembowled last week, and while they'll be looking to make amends...this ain't the week.  Cats 21 Clones 14

Mr.Corn:  The Clones are opptimistic in this one, but last week finally proved to me that Austin Arnaud is not a big game player. Not sure if the Cats are that great yet either, but Iowa's running game decimated the Clones so I predict the same from a solid KSU ground attack.  
Clones - 10     Kittens - 30

Iowa (-1.5) at Arizona

Matt:  I want to trust senior QB Nick Foles in this situation, but I just can't get a certain recent bowl performance out of my head.  Hawkeyes  24       Arizona    20

Jon: This one is intriguing. Arizona has looked good early in the season and has clearly forgotten the butt-whooping Nebraska gave them in the Holiday Bowl. Their offense is good, but it's going against an Iowa defense that's outstanding. Adrian Clayborn and them Hawkeye boys feast on Wildcat while Ricky Stanzi > Nick Foles on his back.
Hawkeyes  27   Arizona 24

Mike: I think Arizona has been trying to get the taste of San Diego out of their mouth for nine and a half months. I didn't believe in Iowa last season, and I'm not sure I believe in them this season.  Cats 31 Squawkeyes 17

Mr. Corn:  I don't think people are learning from the last few seasons. Underestimate the Hawkeyes at your own peril. I don't think there is a question in this game, and Arizona goes limp against a strong Iowa secondary.
Hawks - 28   Wildcats - 12

Hawai'i (+11.5) at Colorado

Matt:  Dan Hawkins may need a win this week to prevent from getting fired (seems like that's a weekly headline doesn't it?).  Jet lag gives the Buffs the edge here. Buffs   35        Hawaii   28

Jon: Hawaii has such a long, long, long way to go. Problem is, so does Colorado. Hawaii 31 Colorado 27

Mike:  Hawai'i has spent the last week on the mainland, so travel won't be an issue. And let's be honest, in recent years, Hawai'i has been the better program. The Warriors played tough with USC two weeks ago; the Buffs won't be that much of a challenge.   Warriors 35, Puffs 17

Mr. Corn: Hippies rejoice! CU wins against the poi-eaters!
Buffs - 24  Hula dancers - 21

Baylor (+22) at TCU

Matt:  Robert Griffin may have just enough star-power to keep this one close...through halftime.  TCU is just too good on both sides of the ball and I don't suspect the Bears will keep this one within single digits long after the break. Horned Frogs   34        Bears    18

Jon: Ah, TCU, the best team in Texas...or at least in DFW. It'd be nice if the Bears put up a fight here, and knocked the Frogs down a little bit in the rankings, but Baylor doesn't have much of a defense. Robert Griffin could score three or four TDs and they'll still lose by 22.  TCU 45 Baylor 21

Mike:  Before Robert Griffin tore his ACL, this was exactly the type of upset people expected Baylor to make last season. Maybe not this season, but it'll be closer than everybody expects. TCU 24, Baylor 21

Mr. Corn: I think TCU is too strong here, The  Frogs take it easy.
Baylor - 13   Frogs - 31

Texas (-3) at Texas Tech

Matt:  Tommy Tuberville's first attempt at a signature win.  Everyone remembers the last time these two met in Lubbock....only the Red Raiders had a guy named Michael Crabtree at the time.  The Horns show they're still a force to be reckon with. Horns  41       Tech   30

Jon: Texas' offensive problems will make this close, giving Longhorn fans much indigestion. Texas Tech still has plenty of offensive talent, but everyone will have problems scoring on the Longhorns this season. Hence, close spread, close game. Watch for Texas Tech to run the ball better than Texas, but lose on turnovers.   Texas 21   TTech 20

Mike:  The revolving door at running back continues, turning this week to Fozzy Whittaker.  It's not like at quarterback, when they say if you have two quarterbacks, you really have none...but when you want to have emphasize the running game and can't figure out which running back is your best one, that's not a good sign.  Raiders 31, Horns 24

Mr. Corn: Ooh, this is a good one. I don't believe in Texas just yet, and they may not even be the 2nd best team in the south. I want so badly to pick this as my upset, but I can't do it. Texas benefits from everybody thinking they've lost too much talent, when in reality they could simply be waiting to step on the gas.
Horns - 35  Raiders - 30

Tulsa (+6.5) at Oklahoma State

Matt:  Which Oklahoma St. team will show up this weekend? The team that drubbed Wash. St. by nearly 50 or the one that squeaked by Troy at home.  Either way, we know Kendall Hunter will get his yards and ultimately his points against an awful Tulsa defense. Okie State  45       Golden ‘Canes   36

Jon: This is your basketball on a football field game of the week, defense optional. Tulsa's G.J. Kinnie is second in the nation in yards per game, while Okie State's Brandon Weeden is merely pedestrian at 16th. Their stats won't suffer much, considering the Cowboys pass defense is 85th and Tulsa's is 115th.  Oklahoma State bazillion+52   Tulsa bazillion+45

Mike:  This reminds me of one of those late-night WAC games that ESPN would carry at 10 pm about 15 years know, the one you couldn't turn off because it reminded you too much of Arena Football?   Cowboys 56 Hurricanes 45

Mr. Corn: Oh geez, this one? Who the heck knows. Let me flip my rusty nickel and see which team comes out of the slug-fest. Last man standing?
Canes - 38   Pokes - 41

Notre Dame (+3.5) at Michigan State

Matt:  Can the Irish rebound after an emotional defeat?  Don't think so. Spartans  30    Irish   21

Jon: Has anyone ever figured out the pattern of Michigan State football? Flip a freakin' coin, but don't bet on this game, ever. Notre Dame 31 Michigan State 27

Mike:  Hell, has anybody figured out Michigan State?  Sparty 27, Amish 24

Mr. Corn: I'm liking Michigan State this year. Call it premature conference loyalties. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Irish lose on Saturdays, and I don't buy into the NBC  Irish hype. It is fun to see Montana out there, maybe he'll be as good as daddy one day? But it won't be tomorrow.
Domers - 20  Sparty - 24

Southern Cal (-13.5) at Minnesota

Matt:  Cosgrove and Co. have their hands full with this USC offense.  Then again they still weren't all that impressive last week against Virginia.  Still....not even close. Trojans   50      Golden Gophers     21

Jon: One can only hope the Gophers spent last week thinking about USC, otherwise the Gophers are going be embarrassed at home once again. USC may not be their former selves, but at least they've had a former self. USC 45 Gophers 17

Mike:  Last week, a team written off for dead bounced back and pulled off the stunning upset.  Umm...wait a minute...Tim Brewster, you're not Turner Gill.  But Lane Kiffin, you're no Pete Carroll.  USC 31, Goofers 17

Mr. Corn: This will be the one Pac-10 win over mid-western teams on Saturday. Minnesota has a lot of work to do...good grief.
Trojans - 42   Gophers - 10

Arizona State (+14) at Wisconsin

Matt:  Wisconsin has been a sleep pick all year, but they didn't do much to impress last week when San Jose State came to town.  Maybe just going through the motions.  Big Ten > Pac Ten Badgers   27      Devils    17

Jon: Wisconsin goes for their 26th-straight home win and to get it they'll have to beat a quarterback that's beat them before. ASU's Steven Threet defeated Wisconsin in 2008 as Michigan's quarterback. On top of that, Wisconsin is winless (0-2) against Dennis Erickson.  If that ain't enough, the Badgers only have three receivers healthy who have ever caught a pass (for Wisconsin). Still..... Wisconsin 31 ASU 14

Mike:  Wisconsin has played two schmucks and looked kind of meh.  Arizona State has played two 1-AA teams.  So who the hell knows anything about this game?  It's in Madison, so throw another brat on the grill.  Badgers 24 Sun Devils 10

Mr. Corn: The devils have talent, and could warrant a top 25 ranking even though it's early in the season. I think they keep it close, but the beer and cheese is just to tempting. An over-indulged ASU team gets caught up, and drops one late that they could have had.
Devils - 20  Badgers - 21

Nebraska (-3) at Washington

Mike: To hear some talk, Jake Locker and Jermaine Kearse are an unbeatable combination in the passing game.  They're good...but remember, these Huskies only averaged one more point per game last season than Nebraska did. Did anybody think Nebraska's offense was all that hot last season?  Yeah right.  Add in Husky Stadium; folks remember the 1992 "130 decible" game and remember it's sold out.  True...but it appears that about 1/3 of the crowd will be wearing red.  Oh, and Bo feels pretty good about how the Huskers practiced this week.  Hmmm...  Oh, then I'll go say it.  Huskers 35, Huskies 9

Matt:  Washington has the ability to pull the upset.  They have snuck up on teams in the past, but I believe Bo will have the boys ready for this one.  As long as the Huskers avoid costly turnovers early in the ball game, they should roll.  The defense will be stingy as usual and Roy Hely and Rex Burkhead will take the load off Martinez for one game. Huskers  31    Washington 17

Mr. Corn: I don't know if the Locker hype has clouded everyone's judgement, or if he really is that dangerous? Something tells me that a little bit of west-coast arrogance has seeped into the minds of the Pac-10 contingent around this weekends games. A small reminder: Nebraska has not shown all of it's defensive cards yet, and until Martinez blows a game....he's still capable of ruining a defenses day. I think the wildcard is Niles Paul and Brandon Kinnie. If Paul returns a few good kicks (all indicators point to that being very possible), and Kinney gets out. Washington tries valiantly, but hey...we are still a top ten team dammit, and they are not. Don't forget that.
Huskers - 35  Huskies - 14

Jon: I guess I'm more skeptical than everyone else. I think it'll be a good game.... for three quarters, and then Washington's depth shows through. Washington's offense is going to have a really hard time against our defense, and Jake Locker's offensive line won't be able to protect him forever. He's a NFL prospect, but he's playing against some other NFL prospects - I haven't seen that mentioned much. 

Nebraska 28 Washington 20

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