The (No Longer Just The Big 12) Cob Of The Week - Colorado (Again), Kevin Cosgrove, Iowa State

It was the uniforms. Really, it was. They sucked the life right out of the Hokies. I'd burn them, and then burn all your Nike stuff and never buy it again.

The guys here at CN have decided to take the Cob of the Week Award national. The decision was made after seeing Colorado's performance against California, and the realization that we may face a year in which they once again dominate the Cob of the Year Awards. One need only check out last year's coverage page for an idea of what I'm talking about. 

And besides that, with Nebraska joining the Big Ten, we might as well consider ourselves more worldly, right? I mean, why make fun of Colorado alla the time? (It must be noted that JLew filed a slight protest, stating "I kinda liked Colorado dominating it.")

Someday we'll get the ability to do polls after the jump, but it's not here yet. Still, hit the jump and read why these nominations are the suckiest of the suckiness that was last week. 


After a week off from the Cob of the Week we welcome back Colorado. Almost assured the lifetime achievement award for cobs Colorado really outdid themselves this week. After giving their fans some hope with a 24-3 win over rival Colorado State, CU smashed those dreams with a 52-7 loss at Cal. With no money to fire Hawkins, and no money to leave the Big 12, Colorado has at least earned another Cob of the Week.

Kevin Cosgrove and Minnesota. 

In 2007, a Kevin Cosgrove led defense gave up 172 points in the final three games.  Coincidentally, South Dakota lost 41-17 to division II Nebraska-Omaha.  Since then, Kevin Cosgrove moved up to Minnesota as co-defensive coordinator while South Dakota moved up to division 1-AA.  Last week, the two met, with South Dakota defeating Minnesota 41-38.  Quarterback Dante Warren turned into Daunte Culpepper (or maybe Brad Smith), throwing for 352 yards and rushing for 81 yards and two touchdowns, one week after Central Florida held the Coyotes to 104 yards passing.  OK, 41 points isn't 76...but still, 41 points to a 1-AA team that didn't even have a winning record last season?

Iowa State 

During this offseason, we heard how Austen Arnaud and company were ready to take the Cyclone offense to new levels. But in Iowa City, it looked like more of the same old. Heck, there was more offense committed by the fans in the stands (over 120 fans cited for various offenses at the game) than the Cyclones on the field. 


I could have stuck with only Virginia Tech, but I'll admit I have a soft spot for Frank Beamer. The guy has always been a good coach, done things right, and I hold no malice against the Hokies. Besides, I worry about the alcoholic tendencies of their people, i.e., why pile on? 

No, the conference sucked as a whole. Miami played okay against Ohio State, and Jacory Harris was his usual hit and miss type of guy. Florida State went into Oklahoma apparently impressed with their first-weak performance against Samford and found out that, yes, this is a rebuilding year. Then there's Georgia Tech, losing to the Kansas Gillhawks - who can't vote for that?

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