College Football Predictions: 2010, Week Two

What a great weekend for college football! It's hard to tell what's going on in the first week - who's good, who's not so good (and then there's Kansas), but this week there are plenty of "prove it" games going on. 

Works out well, too. Nebraska's game starts early, and then there's plenty of action the rest of the day! 

This is your prediction thread! (Better late than never... can you tell all of us here at CN lead extremely busy lives????) 

Iowa State (+14) at Iowa

Jon: I know this is a tough rivalry game, but Iowa State is going to have a helluva time scoring against Iowa, and Iowa won't have as much trouble scoring against Iowa State. It's that simple. 

Iowa 27, Iowa State 10

Mike: It's never simple in a rivalry game. In recent years, Iowa State has won this game more than Iowa, even when Iowa was supposed to be good. Add in Adam Clayborn's comments this offseason, and woo!

Cyclones 21, Squawkeyes 20

Mr Corn: Hate week in Iowa wipes all point spreads off the charts. ISU will be looking to knock Ricky Stanzi's "old glory" tattoo off his back, and if they were in Ames I would say they might pull it off. But at Kinnick, I think the Hawks have enough here. Hawk snobbery beats out "hick culture", by a feather. 

Hawks 24  Clones 21 

Georgia Tech (-13) at Kansas

Jon: Oh.... Lord. The spread is only 13? Here's to hoping Turner Gill can get his team to score a touchdown this week. They do. Good news? Basketball season is one week closer. 

Georgia Tech 28, Kansas 7

Mike: Craig Bohl has been RUTS on Turner all week. Kansas is bad...but not that bad.  But not good enough.

GT 24, KU 16

Mr Corn: Come on Turner. You can do it Turner. You've got to do it Turner. Please, Turner. Jayhawks get win number one of the Gill era. Yes! 

KU 21  GT 10 

Colorado (+8.5) at California

Jon: This is a "prove it" game for the Buffies, although not on the same level as Oklahoma's. If Colorado can hit Bear quarterback Kevin Riley early, they might have a chance. Colorado will hang with California for a while, but the Bears will pull it out in the fourth quarter. Closer than most people think. 

In a surprise move after the game, the real hippies from Berkeley and beat the crap out of the wannabe hippies from Boulder, welcoming them to the Pac-10 a year early. 

Cal 28, Colorado 21

Mike: If it's "prove it" time, always bet against Hawk.

Cal 35, Colorado 10

Mr Corn: I'm not buying CU this year. Bears win easily. 

Bears 30  Buffs 13 

Florida State (+9.5) at Oklahoma

Jon: The Sooners struggled against Utah State - really struggled - so this week we find out if Oklahoma is the team that can win the Big 12 South. I don't think so. Florida State looked like they'd been bottled up for years and they're ready to explode. This is a big game, Bob. 31-game home winning streak, longest in the nation, down the drain. 

Florida State 31, Oklahoma 24

Mike: I have to believe that the Sooners got caught thinking about Free Shoes last week. That won't happen again.

Oklahoma 35, Florida State 17

Mr Corn: If you think Pelini has ripped the Huskers this week because of a poor effort, imagine what's been going on in Norman over the last several days. Sooners shape up, and take care of business. 

Sooners 42   Seminoles 17

Michigan (+4) at Notre Dame

Jon: Denard Robinson and Michigan's offense tore up the field last week against UConn, but UConn receivers were open all afternoon. If Notre Dame can block (and they can), they'll just outscore Michigan. The first team to score 30 wins this game. Since it's at Notre Dame, and they have an Irish coach, it's them. 

Notre Dame 34, Michigan 28 

Mike: If Michigan was lucky last week against UConn, the luck ends against the Irish.

Amish 38, Weasels 35

Mr Corn:  Vomit-worthy teams still milking their storied past, and the booth guys will do their best to hype this up as if it means anything. Michigan looked okay last I'll take the Critters over the Irish. 

UM 17  ND 7

Miami-FL (+10) at Ohio State

Jon: Ohio State gets to prove why they're a top-five ranked team, but this game should worry Buckeye fans. Jim Tressel tends to play conservative, and still hasn't figured out how to truly unleash Terrelle Pryor. Miami has great athletes - their defense and Tressel's love of field goals will keep this a low-scoring affair. Unfortunately, ‘Cane quarterback Jacory Harris is his usual on-again off-again, so turnovers doom the Hurricanes. 

Ohio State 23, Miami 17

Mike: Low scoring seems to fit this game.  But I'm not sold on the Hurricanes, who haven't done much of anything under Randy Shannon.

Ohio State 24, Miami 10

Mr Corn: This is the game of the day for me. We'll see if Jacory Harris is everything they say he is, or if the Miami bandwagon just got rolling too soon. I think Pryor starts his (insert any over-rated and commercialized bronze trophy) campaign here....tOSU takes a close one, maybe in OT. 

tOSU 27  Canes 24 

Syracuse (+13) at Washington

Jon: Good news for the Orange - they're no longer as badly as they have the past few years. The bad news for the Orange - it doesn't apply when they're on the West Coast. Good news for Nebraska - Washington quarterback Jake Locker gets a lot of press heading into the game against the Huskers. 

Washington 35, Syracuse 21

Mike: Syracuse may not be as bad as they used to be, but Washington isn't as good as some people want you to believe.

Washington 24, Syracuse 7

Mr Corn: The 'Cuse will try to emulate BYU's game plan to compensate for not being able to stack up talent-wise. Doesn't work, and Locker shreds the Orange. 

Huskies 34  Orange 7 

Penn State (+12) at Alabama

Jon: JoePa started a true freshman quarterback, Robert Bolden, for the first time in school history, and now he gets sent against Alabama where he'll see 32 defensive formations he never knew existed. Not a lot of scoring unless Alabama feasts on turnovers. 

Alabama 27, Penn State 14

Mike: Freshman quarterback against Saban is not a good idea. Doesn't matter if Mark Ingram doesn't play.  Roll Tide.

'Bama 35, Penn State 6

Mr Corn:  People are saying that Bama could lose 3 games this year. This isn't one of them. Tide rolls. 

Bama 38  Lions 20 

Idaho (+29) at Nebraska

Jon: Another tune up. Idaho will put up more yards than everyone wants, and we'll worry about it all next week heading to Seattle. The spread is about right, though. 

Nebraska 42, Idaho 14

Mike: A .500 1-AA team sacked Nathan Enderle 4 times last week, and hit him even more often. Now he faces the Blackshirts.  Uh oh. His parents will not enjoy the drive back to North Platte.

Nebraska 49, Idaho 6

Mr Corn: has Nebraska squeaking this one out by a touchdown. Could you imagine? Surely the powerful computers running fancy analysis over there haven't heard of Taylor Martinez yet. Yep, I'm adding to the hype. The defense figures it out as well. Nebraska obliterates the Vandals thanks to T-Mart's performance and a killer defensive game. 

Huskers 56  Vandals 6 

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