Corn Nation - Time for A Roll Call

Corn Nation will be doing game threads for every Nebraska football game, so we'll be your place to be to follow game action online. Enjoy witty banter with other Husker fans! Find your long, lost college roommate who still owns you $25 and a case of Blatz beer! Stay together in all kinds of weather for Dear Old Nebraska U! 

All that gets better the more you know your fellow CN community member. Given that, it's time for a roll call.

I'd like to see every person who reads Corn Nation please respond, including both frequent posters and lurkers. It's always interesting to see where we all come from as a group and given the number of Husker fans spread across the world, it may give you a chance to connect with others in your area.

Here's a list of questions for the roll call (I so wanted to write "What is your quest?" for the first one.): 

1. What is your connection to the University of Nebraska? Alum? Student? Raised as a fan? Randomly adopted?

2.Where were you born and raised and where do you currently reside?

3. For what other teams have you developed a rooting interest and why?

4. How did you find and begin to read Corn Nation?

5. You're given a chance to spend an evening over drinks with one figure from Nebraska athletics history. Who are you picking and why?

6. Your red beer - with tomato juice or V8? 

This was written as a fanpost, so that it will stay on the right side of the page rather than scroll off as more front page posts come online this week.  To get this post to stick at the top of the FanPosts throughout the [early part of the] season, everyone please take the time to click the "Rec" button below the text to recommend this post. Hopefully, this will entice every CN member to join in the Roll Call.

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