The Polls Appear To Be As Optimistic As I Am

I am sure that most you are well aware many pre-season polls have our beloved Huskers in their Top 10. There is even a #1 spot for us here.  I break down my feelings headed into the season after the jump. 


I am a die hard fan, I am talking womb to tomb but I don't think we should start off as #1 I do believe we have more than enough talent, desire, and coaching ability to get there but it most certainly should be and will be earned by a hungry group of Huskers that deserve everything they earn along the way.

Offense: I know there are skeptics but really we should be much improved. I have faith that there is a reason Zac Lee was playing even with an injured throwing arm Coach Bo is not an idiot but any means. I want it to be known that traditions at Nebraska including names for our different corps are returning in full force that said the "Pipeline" will be operational and Roy Helu and Rex Burkhead will both benefit and have great seasons, we will put points on the board. We have receiving talent, Niles Paul had an amazing 19.9 YPC last year,  Curenski Gilleylen showed flashes of his talent, and Mike McNeill TE, one of the best in the country is now playing the receiver position as well. I am excited to see what Taylor Martinez (T-Mart) is capable of doing but I am not going to write about anticipation alone. 

Defense: BLACKSHIRTS! They are truly back and I know everyone from the outside looking in is saying "you lost Suh you are nothing without him", well while I truly respect the SUHPERMAN and the GREAT talent he was he was just one person playing with 10 other guys on his side. I know there will be times we will miss him but Jared Crick is no slouch no matter how much others want to believe his success was built off Suh's game play. If that were the case then why didn't every team we play run to the right? Only makes since if you are shut down in one direction take an alternate route thats just some of my crazy Nebraska logic. We have a slew of very capable young talent at LB we have CB's Prince Amukamara and Alfonzo Dennard that would be welcome on any team in the country, I would go as far as to say there are a few NFL teams that wouldn't mind them wondering on their fields they are lockdowns. Look for the defense to be just as hot of a topic in 2010 as they were in 2009.  Oh and Jared Crick...........Already on a Heisman Watch List!

Special Teams: I am reserving this section for only one player.........ALEX HENERY, I cannot believe how under appreciated this kid is in all of College Football he is commonly found on the media's 2nd and 3rd team rosters. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! This kid is clutch, cool as a cucumber, and any other descriptor you want to use for someone you know will pull off what most see as impossible, hell if my prediction about QB is off let him take the snaps ok that maybe a little far but I would have faith for the first couple anyway.

Please feel free to give me your take or opinion I appreciate your feedback positive or negative.



Sgt Saitta





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