True Huskers are headed our way

(Jon J: Bumped up from the fanposts, something not on conference expansion!) 

Coach Bo and the rest of the staff have done a masterful job closing recruits this offseason.  This clearly has a lot to do with the National Exposure we have received over the last year, but I also believe it is because the Staff has done a wonderful job identifying players that fit the Nebraska mold.  The last coach (I wont mention his name), went after players that weren’t Nebraska players, he just went after highly touted recruits.  I’m definitely thankful that he signed Big Suh, and I’m happy with a few of the other players that he signed, but more or less he didn’t sign players that loved the N. 

This years signees:

Jamal Turner

Ranked as the #4 athlete by ESPN, and the #6 dual-threat QB by  Without getting too much into what the Kid can do on the field (he can do a lot), I want to focus on his comments when he signed.

""I know that this is where I want to go. This is a final decision," Turner said. "I was waiting for the right time, and I wanted to go ahead and get it out of the way." (

As a Junior who was being recruited by Oklahoma, A&M, TTech and a host of other schools, it is nice to hear that he wants to end the process because he believes that he has found a home.  That is the type of player that will run through a wall for Nebraska, and I can’t wait to see him over the next 4-5 years.

Ryne Reeves

Ranked as the #2 center by ESPN, and the #4 center by Rivals.  He is a massive player, and he is very strong for his age.  Reeves is also a nice athlete, which is very important when you are going to play against this new breed of DT’s.  Possibly the most important aspect is his GPA (3.8- also recruited by Stanford).  This leads me to believe that he is smart and determined to succeed.  Centers have to be the smartest hog on the line, and Reeves appears to fit this mold.  As a Nebraska kid, I know he wanted to put on the red and white.  I would say that the biggest sign of this is that no other big 12 school bothered to recruit him (yet Miami, USC, UCLA, and Stanford did), along with the fact that he committed before his Jr. season.

Kevin Williams

Plain and simple, this kid is a monster.  As a junior he had 157 tackles, 15 TFL, and 15 sacks.  Those #’s are mind blowing for a DT, and I cant wait to see what the Brothers do to transform him into a monster on the college level.  Williams also fits the mold of DT’s that Bo has had considerable successes with.  That mold is shorter DT’s (lower to the ground= better leverage) with high motors who have shown an ability to play the 3 technique.  What did Mr. Williams have to say about becoming a Husker:

"People might kid and talk about all the cornfields or whatever, but everybody knows that the decision I made is a no-brainer," Williams said. "Definitely a good decision. Everybody knows what Nebraska’s doing." (

Kevin could have picked his school for the most part, and his choice was a no-brainer.  That is the type of player that we should be recruiting, not the FLA/ CA kid who really wanted to go to UF or USC.  Great pick up for the black shirts

Tyler Moore

Moore is a monster prospect who was being recruited by UF, FSU, Clemson, UM, OSU, UT, and many others.  Fortunately for Nebraska, Moore is a the son of Brian Moore (former husker), and the nephew of Vince Ferragamo.  Moore also had 2 cousins play for Nebraska.  Moore’s family has undoubtedly told him the importance of wearing the N, the traditions, and the meaning of playing Nebraska football.  This is the type of player that we are lucky to get, because he is truly a top-flight prospect from FLA, who truly wants to be a Husker.

Ryan Klachko

Ranked as the 10th best guard by rivals (4*), and the 25th best by ESPN, Klachko clearly has starter potential in his future.  Klachko was pulled from Big 10 country, and has a game to match his region.  A hard-edged and very aggressive linemen is the best way to describe Ryan.  The style Ryan plays is great come game day, but it is also great for practice.  The one on ones he will be involved with will be brutal, and will only make his teammates better in the long run.  I can’t wait to add this tough guy to an already tough N squad.  Here is what he had to say

"You talk about a place that has a million and five different things, and everything is top notch. They have a lot of great things. But you've got to have great people to work everything, and that's the biggest thing," Klachko told the State Journal-Register.

I don’t know if he is a born Husker, but he seems to have the right mentality, and a very good attitude.  However, he is a born O-linemen and that is almost as good.  If Ryan works hard in the program, he has the perfect size, mentality, and physicality to make a very successful player for the N.

Dylan Admire

One of the few players that I feel chose the program based solely on our up and coming program.  The main reason I feel this is because he was also fairly interested in Kansas (understandable, he is from there).  This is not an indictment on his character, and clearly is not a reason to write off the kid.  I don’t know him, and I want him to succeed with every bit of My Big Red heart, I just don’t know about his loyalties.  I will however give Bo the nod, and support any player he deems worthy of signing before their senior year. Good Luck Dylan, cant wait to see you in the Red and White.

Aaryn Bouzos

A scrappy safety whom I believe will end up in the "peso" role for Nebraska.  While his is not the biggest, he is among the strongest, and while not the fastest, he is one of the better angle tacklers in High School, which makes up for a lot (he does run a 4.5 though- which is damn fast).  Bouzos reminds me a lot of Burkhead, Just on the defensive side of the ball.  Tough as nails, deceptively fast, jack-of-all-trades, intense as hell, and a player you wont be able to keep off the field.  Here is what his father said about his commitment

"It was his top choice anyway, so why wait?" the recruit’s father said. "There’s no doubt he wants to go there, he wants the chance to play for a national title and Nebraska is a program that’s on the way back up."

Bouzos will be one of Bo’s favorite players within weeks of his arrival on campus, and I’m willing to bet he will be an immediate fan favorite as well.

Tevin Mitchel

Mr. Mitchel was recruited by near every school within 1000 miles of Mansfield, Texas.  At 6’0" 175 lbs, with 4.4 speed,  Mitchel should make an immediate impact upon his arrival.  Mitchel has only recently developed into a shut down corner, and by the end of his senior year he could be a top 5-ranked corner.  Mitchel has never stepped foot on the campus, but loved his visits with the staff, and had this to say about his commitment

 "I just thought Nebraska was the best school for me so I thought I'd go ahead and commit right now."

I am a little worried about UT however.  He has yet to be offered by Texas, and hopefully he wont be, however if we do see a move to the Big 10, we may lose this prospect to one of the lone star schools.

Damion Stafford

This kid clearly has lots of talent, and has a nice connection to the Program ( Taylor Martinez),  I just don’t see him as a true husker.  Once again I could be wrong, but most kids from So-Cal, don’t view Nebraska as their dream location.  I would argue that had UCLA or ASU offered he would have loved to go there also.  With that said, having a friend on the team should help the transition, mainly because Taylor can tell him what to expect.  Stafford will be a candidate to play the peso role as well as safety and corner.  He is a jack-of-all-trades DB and should be a nice addition to the team.  Here’s what he had to say about becoming a Husker:

"Pretty much I liked Nebraska from the day I heard about (the offer)," Stafford said. "They’re known as a powerhouse. Their defense was at the top last year. I want to be a part of that." (

I want him to be part of that also; hopefully Bo can make a monster out of him. 


As the recruiting season progresses I will update the recruits and hope to hear what all of you have to say as well.  Please remember, these are simply my opinions and I want success for every student athlete whether they love or loath Nebraska.  Also I will never write a negative comment about amateur athletes, so if your comments are going to point out these players deficiencies then I would prefer you just not comment.  With that said, I hope everyone enjoyed the article, and I look forward to reading the thread.


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