I Think You're Gonna Like It Here

(Uh, wow...... you guys really gotta see this....  - JJ) 

Oh hey there Red, I just wanted to personally wish Nebraska and its (by reputation) fantastic fans to one hell of a conference...

2236capture_anniese09_medium = Nebraska...

(press play and sing along)

[spoken] Now Nebraska, what would you like to do first?

[spoken] Well, first I'll pretend to be rivals with some nowhere state I guess. Then I'll see if I can get us on a local TV station -- that way maybe a few thousand people might realize the other teams in our conference besides me exist...

[spoken] No, no, you don't understand. You won't have to do any conference building while you're here.

[spoken] I won't? But then how am I going to earn my keep?

[spoken] Why you're our guest, Nebraska!

The Big Ten Network will show your classic games.

[spoken] The '70s are her best era; no, '90s I think.

Your bowl game tie-ins are recruiting dreams...

[spoken] Tangerine, no, Citrus I think!

The CIC will come to check your grades....

[spoken] All B's...hmmm...maybe you need some R&D money for pharmaceutical research.

I think I'm gonna like it here!

A third of the nation's high school football teams are to your right.

[spoken] Inside the house? Oh boy!

The hockey rink is in the rear

[spoken] I never even laced up a skate...

[spoken] What?

Have an instructor here at noon.
[spoken] Oh, and get that Red Berenson fellow if he's available.

I think I'm gonna like it here!

When you're high, visit I,
I'll let you come and slouch...

When you're done, just for fun,
We'll let you, burn the cooooooooouch!

No need to ever fire your coach!

[spoken] That's okay, Osborne calls all the shots anyway.

We'll broadcast every game of hoooooops!

We have but one request
On our boards act your best!

I know I'm gonna like it here!

Used to lie, with Judge and Cy
Where I'd sit and snooze
Get me now, holy cow
Could someone pass the booze?

[spoken] on it, dude!

[At this point the cops arrive and MSU takes off running]

[spoken] He didn't mean it!

[spoken] Hey there, Nebraska: I've got something for ya ... here you are: your choice of New Years Day Bowl games!

[singing] No need to hide your arrogance!
[MICHIGAN]: (You'll never touch our count of wins, we love to count our lovely wins!)

I'm glad to add eight-hundred more!

[under our breaths] Give it 10 years she'll be our whore!
[PENN STATE]: hey!

We're glad you took a berth, We'll double your net worth
We know you're gonna like it here!!!!


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