Is Bo our version of Bill Parcells?

For those of you who do not know I like two things, first is that I try to put things in perspective by comparing them to something.  Either in the past or what is going on now, i.e., history, different teams and so forth. Second, I am a huge fan of Bill Parcells.  Like him or hate him you can't argue with his results and say what you will but he can build great teams.  Is he a royal a**hole? Yes. Does he build winning teams? Yes.

Parcells has a formula when he drafts players and its a fairly simple one.  First, no one year wonders.  Anybody that had one great season and that's it more than likely got passed over.  Second is that they must have won at least an x amount of games depending on the position.  Quarterback, for instance, was normally in the 25 to 35 range.  His philosophy was that you need to be a winner at the lower level to get to win at a higher level.  Third and most important is attitude.  No I am the best player and my talent can take me as far as I want to go.  Someone like JaMarcus Russell would have lasted maybe and I do mean maybe 5 minutes with Parcells.  Just would not happen because attitude is infectious.  Lastly is body structure, he would take a flier on a less than ideal body type.  But for the most part he liked a certain body type to each position.

Now this is the part where I do the comparing.  From Parcells drafting to Bo's recruiting.  Since he has become head coach Pelini has basically followed these basic guidelines.  Again this is just my honest opinion.

Winning....  Most of the recruits that has been brought in have come from a winning program.  Maybe a championship or at least made the playoffs.  Winning starts early and success is like a drug.

Mental....  What goes on between your ears is just as if not more important than what goes on outside.  How many times have you heard players, coaches and analysts say that exact same thing?  You may be able to run a 4.4 but if you don't know where to run or how to beat a jam than you are no good.  Throwing the ball 60 yards from your knees is cool and all but when do you throw it is just as important.

Grades....  You have to be able to play by having good grades period, end of story. 

Body structure...  Take a look at a position and you will more than likely see a certain theme going.  O line for example more than likely will have be tall with a good base and fluid movement.  No plodders please.  ( insert your Callahan joke here )

Like I said this just my honest opinion but would like some feed back please.

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