Horns, Huskers Links 10/11/10

Texas fans may be feeling in the dumps, but the team is ready.  And, they don't feel like the underdog


This is a big game for Texas.  Lose in Lincoln and they are two games behind Oklahoma.  This means they have to win out and hope Oklahome loses 3 conference games the rest of the way to make the Big XII title game.  They are getting desperate for a win.

Texas lost its first two Big 12 games in 2007 and rebounded to finish 10-3 with a win over Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl.

"We dealt with it in '07. I'm not new to this. It's not fun," Brown said. "You pull in tight. It's your family and you go back to work."

Greg Davis comments about some of his first half play calling.  Watch for Texas to open up their game more in the first half.

Davis said UT spent part of the off week looking for ways to get the offense going earlier in games. The return of freshman Mike Davis, who is probable for Saturday's game at Nebraska after missing the Oklahoma game with a knee injury, should help.


Bo Pelini says that his team has moved on from last years Big XII title game.  Remember what Mack Brown said after that game.  "Championship teams find a way to win."  Had Nebraska not kicked the ball out of bounds and had that 15-yard personal foul penalty, :01 wouldn't have matter.  As it stands, Championship teams apparently are only required to get 5 yards for a field goal attempt.

As much as officials screw up, they did get this call right. UT deserved to win because it made one more play and not because the officials handed the Horns the game.

Apparently, the close call to South Dakota State scared the Huskers straight.

NU coaches were saying after the 48-13 win at Kansas State on Thursday night that they had the players' attention because of the close call. Players were saying it was a rude awakening that took them into a bye week with the right attitude.

The O-line gets some love, but they have their biggest challenge yet to come.

Now comes the toughest test for this O-line. Texas may have two losses, but the Longhorns have plenty for defensive talent.

Different faces this time, of course, but it was Texas that held Nebraska to just 67 rushing yards and five first downs in the Big 12 Championship last year.

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