The ultimate 8 team playoff

Now like most of you bowls are nice but a playoff would be even better.  And once again the long off season is apon us and we will be soon clamoring for even a scrap of news about our husker team.  Soon stories on what flavor of gum that coach Bo chews will be a headline for sure.  So I have come up with a novel play off to keep us occupied. Taking 8 former national champions from the last 20 years or so and letting us the fans vote on who would win.  All that I ask is not to be too much of a homer and automatically pick the huskers.  so on with the first two teams. 

The first seed is obvious and they are the 95 Huskers.  This team was so dominant that they are considered one of the best Ever.  And everybody and there dog knew what we were going to do.  Run right, run left and run up the gut.  Please repeat until a touch down occurred.  It wasn't pretty but good Lord was it awesome to behold.  The thing that will always stand out to me was they way the lines just man handled the opponents. Imposed there will until the other team wanted to tap out.  Than when they were ready to cry we finished them off.  Like I said earlier, awesome.

The second team was the 01 hurricanes for one reason only.  Have you ever seen a team with that many future NFL players on the roster?  Wasn't it like 21 eventual pros were on that team?  They were the last great team from the u and they may have been one of the best.  Nobody wanted to play them and they would let you know about it too.  Fast big and quick are only a few words to describe this team and they beat a pretty decent husker team that just was holding on for dear life.  Like the u or hate the u either way they had some great teams so they are my pick for number two seed.

So please give me some nominations because my rules are simple

1. Has to be from 1990 to today

2.No more than one team from a school i.e. 94, 97 Huskers are out sorry

3. Partial champions are allowed like the undefeated Auburn tigers are ok

4. Please be fair and don't let a hatred of a school cloud your picks because I threw up a little in my mouth giving the u its props. 

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