Cornflakes could be a NU QB

Prediction Time!

Wine Country Husker: Huskers have what it takes to beat VaTech
Vince D'Adamo runs a pretty decent Husker blog and makes a good case for why we're ready for a good road win. - CB's Prediction: NU 23, VT 20 (via
The difference? Nebraska's defense is much stronger this season and won't allow VT quarterback Tyrod Taylor to make the big plays like last year. -HM

Gobbler Country NCAA10 Simulation: Hokies 38, Huskers 10
Colton Koehler the leading tackler for the Huskers? We'll let you decide how realistic this simulation really is. -HM

Huskers up to bat again for big-game breakthrough - Dr. Saturday
Doc Saturday sees no indication that the Virginia Tech game is a streak-breaker. Just goes to show you that all these fake "doctors" don't know everything. - CB

Husker News

Matt O'Hanlon - All He Does is Outwork Everybody (Omaha World-Herald)
The inspirating story of how Matt O'Hanlon emerged out of nowhere to become a starter at safety for the Huskers. Hard work and smart play sometimes matters more than physical ability. -HM

From Virginia to Nebraska, through Iraq - Kansas City Star
Story about walk-on Fahie who walked on under Callahan, kept his spot with Pelini after a tour in Iraq.  Not bad for someone who was dedicated not to football, but music in high school.-JL

Big 12 takes aim at increasing its TV footprint
Where's the Big 12 going with regards to TV exposure? Your answers can be found here - an excellent read. - CB

Nebraska's Lee awaits big test against Va Tech - College Football -
Nothing new here, as it is an AP article. I do like this quote though- "Zac has been 100 percent in his checks," he said. "He’s gotten us into good plays. He’s ahead of where I thought he would be."' ~Watson -JL

You Be the QB

Understanding coverages and attacking them with passing game | Smart Football
Think you could be the QB at NU, if only you had time to hit the gym a little? Well read through this article and see what it takes to be the QB. Also how much more impressive has Lee been when you see that he's hit 100% of his reads? -JL

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