Cornflakes always has a plan to win

Life in the Red's Blog | Breakfast with Wats
I'd love to have breakfast with Wats. I'd have some eggs, bacon and toast. Good stuff from the LJS, not as good as bacon and eggs, but you do get Wats talking about Lee, Gilleylen, and if Green will get a series every game. Then there's this-
On the topic of quarterbacks: Watson was asked about former Husker Joe Ganz maybe eventually being on the staff in some capacity. Watson said he and Bo Pelini are hopeful that can happen at some point.  "I think he'll end up on our staff at some point in the very near future," Watson said. - Red Wolves have plan for upset
"You get your points when you can in the first, second and third quarter — hang around within striking distance," he said. "Late in the fourth, you make a move. And now you're putting that team in a position they're not used to being in. Put them in a position where their backs are against the wall, and then let's see how they respond."
Well it's always great to have a plan.

Daily Nebraskan - Practice notes 9/10/09

How to Listen to Husker Games on Your iPhone - Nebraska Football
This is very cool

Steven M. Sipple: Schedule makers should be commended
Jamrog’s overall scheduling philosophy: 1. Play a BCS team every year. It’s usually a home-and-home series. 2. Find quality Division I-A (FBS) teams, perhaps for three-game series (two in Lincoln, one away).3. "And then we’re going to have to fill in some spots — and this is the difficult area we’re working on now — with some other Division I-A opponents that will be a one-time deal," said Jamrog, noting San Jose State and New Mexico State as past examples. "Or maybe a team will play us two times over a seven-year span, but we can’t go to their place." 4. "If all else fails, we’ll play a I-AA opponent, by default," he said.
So what do you the fans think of this approach? Will it work money-wise? - The Omaha World-Herald: Sports - Shatel: Meat was served first in '81
Speaking of scheduling: Why is Nebraska playing for the Sun Belt Championship? Shatel has an answer.

Big 12 predictions for Week 2 - Big 12 - ESPN

Big 12: BTBS Box Scores - Rock M Nation
A beyond-the-box-score look back at all of last week's Big 12 games, including Oklahoma-BYU and Oklahoma State-Georgia. This gives great insight to the games. My hats off to Bill C at Rock M Nation.

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