Cornflakes has samurai discipline

Companion Country: Japan, 1980s. Oh, when it was good it was spectacular: a machine bent on crushing, decisive victory unified by a complete unselfishness, an indestructible organism with a simple but indefensible system for domination squatting on a brave island, staying afloat and apart from the rest of the world on a sea of sweat equity.
A different type of preview, with a nice touch of humor. -JLew

Bo Pelini has Nebraska Cornhuskers on track to again rank as elite - George Schroeder -
Glenn said, the Huskers would have known going in they were headed for a thrashing. But this time, he said, "we thought we had a shot." It got better. Sometime in the first quarter, Glenn recognized, "Hey, we can play with these guys." By midway through the second half, he knew: "We can beat these guys."
Interesting article talking about the mindset of Bo's team vs Bill's team.

Is It Wise to Play Virginia Tech? - Nebraska Football
BRN asks why should NU play a tough out of conference schedule?
Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Should Teams Be Rewarded or Penalized for Weak Schedules
Husker Mike's Rebuttal

Daily Nebraskan - Big 12 coaches: from worst to first
Made me giggle. JLew

Court records reveal FSU turned in Oklahoma in Balogun case
A Florida State compliance officer turns in Oklahoma and Mike Balogun, alleging that Balogun's semi-pro career should eliminate his eligibility. FSU comes to Oklahoma for a game next season. Note to compliance officer - it's easy to pull a chicken shit move like this when you don't have to walk out on the field and play. You probably won't even make the trip, will you? - CB

Big 12 football team ratings by position - Kansas City Star

BACKUP QB TALK - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Big Red Today
Eventually, Watson will choose a No. 2, but he stressed the fact Tuesday that his decision will not be based on redshirting possibilities – as in choosing to sit the player who might benefit the most from a year off. All four of those first-year quarterbacks have redshirt years available. But Watson won’t speculate on which players may or may not sit. "The media’s got to get off this redshirt kick," he said. "You do what you’ve got to do to win."

A few more after the break, Husker baseball, volleyball, Tennessee having problems?!?, CU has injuries, and a former Husker moves to the Broncos. Make the jump and you will be rewarded.

Five players, four of them pitchers, turn down MLB contracts and choose Nebraska > The Independent > Sports > Huskers Hq
Four of the five who turned down pro ball this year are pitchers: Lemke, junior ace Mike Nesseth (drafted in the 15th round by the Los Angeles Angels), recruits Kurt Giller (21st round by Toronto) and Ryan Hander (38th round by the L.A. Dodgers).
Should this limit the excuses next year? -JLew

Huskers Ranked Third in AVCA Preseason Poll -—Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
It goes Penn St, Texas, Nebraska.

Bryce Brown is Apparently Not Eligible. Tennessee is Appealing.
Bryce Brown has been ruled ineligible by the NCAA due to his activities as a high school sophomore.
Anyone who followed the Bryce Brown saga has to be absolutely shocked by this. SHOCKED I say! Or Not.... - CB

A Look at the 'And The Valley Shook Quarterback Productivity Index'
If you're the kind of football wonk that loves stats and ratings and such, you need to take a look at this from our LSU site.

Buff Bites - Just Can't Seem to Catch A Break
Colorado is having issues with injuries, ineligibility, lost recruits... maybe Dan Hawkins should have just sold his soul like most SEC coaches have.... - CB

Broncos acquire former Husker Le Kevin Smith from Patriots > The Independent > Sports > Huskers Hq
Smith is a versatile 6-foot-3, 308-pound player from Nebraska who appeared in 28 games as a backup the last two seasons with the Patriots, who drafted him in the sixth round in 2006. McDaniels is familiar with Smith from his days as an assistant on Bill Belichick’s staff in New England.


Your Reward


1995 Championship game Huskers vs Gators (via relapsejunkie)

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