Cornflakes - Aged to perfection.

Not a whole lot going on, at least not that I could find, hence there has not been a Cornflakes recently. Some of the articles have been out for a while, but just considered them aged to perfection.

So just who is this guy named Suh? Well a mock draft has him going at #1 to the Detroit Lions in next years draft-

It's been a while since the Blackshirts have had such a dominant player, but Ndamukong Suh looks the part of the next great front-line mauler.

In case you missed it, Evan Berry of Fairburn, Ga. who is the younger brother of Tennessee super safety Eric Berry. Supposedly committed to TennesseeTurns out that it's invalid. But that doesn't stop Mike's head from exploding at the thought of it. Nor does it stop people from making light of it all.

In another recap of recent events, lots of people around the interweb are talking about the Huskers breaking out the retro Uniforms for sellout #300. Husker Mike talked about it here on Corn NationBRN chimes in as wellTim Griffin does as well, and the OWH rounds out the coverage. I have to say I am excited.

Speaking of the upcoming season, Will NU replace it's WR in 2009 like it did in 2008? BRN thinks so. But wonders who will field punts with the loss of Nate Swift? I guess we can't use the joke that Nate Swift- isn't.

In other Husker news, Nebraska volleyball player Hannah Werth joins an exclusive group of athletes, as she is a finalist for one of the 2009 ESPY Awards.

Also Coach Sadler seems to keep making progress building up NU's basketball program. Ex-Huskers, NBA players say they're sold on Sadler

We'll finish up this edition with the funny and unbelievable-

The student paper, The Daily Evergreen Online addresses Wazzu's numerous player arrests

And finally-

Texas Longhorns linebacker Sergio Kindle ran car into apartment, left scene, lawyer says

He knew he was hurt at the time and that he needed to go home and go to bed," Brian Roark, Kindle's lawyer, told the Austin American-Statesman.

What? You're supposed to go sleep with a concussion? Course when you already have 1 DUI and run into a building at 2:50 am what other options do you have?

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