Corn Flakes wants Suh to win the Heisman

  • Suh for Heisman? Why not? Well lots of reasons, but it's something fun to think about while you wait 90+ more days until that fall festival that is Nebraska Football returns.  And look, he's showing the pose to Cody Hawkins.

Ndamukong Suh Interception vs Colorado (via huskeraddict)

  • The first 2 Husker games will not be on television
    PPV remains an option, as does going and buying a ticket, or tailgating. You know if you are into that sort of thing.

  • Speaking of the upcoming season, Tim Griffin points out critical schedule points for Big 12 teams in 2009. He picks at Kansas, Kansas State, at Colorado for Nebraska. A 2-1 record or better in these games likely will push the Cornhuskers into the championship game.

  • Ex-Husker Wistrom loves making his mark helping kids
    The three national championships, the Super Bowl ring, the Lombardi Award, induction into the College Football Hall of Fame — all pretty overwhelming. But none of that is why Grant Wistrom was cracking with emotion Friday night. He was telling a story about a boy, the kind of boy with the kind of attitude you don’t forget — even when he’s gone.
  • With college baseball in the post-season without Nebraska for the first time since 1998, we have found 2 links that should put the Husker baseball season to bed. First off, don't look for Osborne to make a coaching move this season, or maybe ever?  And you can bet that Anderson will be watching the draft closely, since most of the problems have been pegged on the recent losses to the draft.
  • So I always read or hear how Nebraska fans are the "Best Fans in College Football". Well here's a little something to back that up. How good does the sell-out streak look when Kansas is selling split season ticket packages? Really Kansas? Where's the interest?
  • Ask Phil Steele A Question, Win A Copy of His Preview Magazine!! | In The Bleachers College Football Blog
    ITB has Phil Steele coming on their show on June 8th. In exchange for your question, you can win a free copy of Steele's preview magazine. So here is how it works. 

    Either send ITB an email to inthebleachers[AT] with your question for Phil, or leave your question in the comment section of this post. By either emailing us or leaving a question in the comments section, you will be entered to win one of 5 copies of Phil Steele’s College Football Preview that In The Bleachers will be handing out. So tell your friends about this!

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