Nebraska Football: Catching Up On Spring Practice

  Latravis Washington moved from linebacker to quarterback and has a really strong arm.

What’s interesting about this?

A couple things.

First, we have another story of spring that points back to Cody Glenn’s position switch to linebacker from running back. Everyone wondered if it would work, then Glenn played like a man possessed at the linebacker position, as if he should have been there all along. Could the same happen with Washington?

Second, once again Kody Spano is left in the shadows. He was overlooked by Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State. Now he’s being overlooked by the media and Husker fans alike. If you’re not pulling for this guy to do well, you should be.

Marcus Mendoza moved from running back to wide receiver.

"Just looking for speed, someone who can bring speed to the outside perimeter," offensive coordinator Shawn Watson said.

From what I’ve seen of Mendoza (which is little, same as you), I wouldn’t mind him seeing the field more. Perhaps he could be Nebraska’s alternative to Missouri star Jeremy Maclin. However, if it’s speed Watson is looking for, what about Curenski Gilleylen? Or again, are we just following stories, and reading more into this than needs be?

Consider another perspective. Mendoza should have been the third string running back, which isn't a bad thing. He'd see the field, get a share of the carries, and he's only a sophomore.

If he's switched positions, then doesn't that point to another alternative for third string running back? Collins Okafor, Austin Jones? Or Rex Burkhead in the fall?

Husker Mike pointed out that Phillip Dillard is in the dog house. You could take this as bad news, or you could see it from another perspective. If Dillard has been moved down the depth chart, then Mike Ekeler must have seen good things coming out of his other linebackers.

Like Will Compton, for example.

Going back to that Latravis Washington thing, does it really matter? Zac Lee is going to be the starter, right? Of course he is, he understands the offense. Still, I can't help but think about what a guy who used to play linebacker might look like running a hybrid single wing, kind of like some guy named Tebow. The single wing isn't complex, but it's more about power, will, and execution. 


So many questions with so few answers. It's spring football. What did you expect?

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