Colt McCoy, Texas & Nebraska's Defense vs 2009 Opponents

I thought y'all might find this interesting, but here are some more statistics and comparisons relative to what Colt McCoy has done in the passing game this season.

Texas Opponent Pass Defense Rank
La.-Monroe 85
@ Wyoming 72
Texas Tech 71
Colorado 40
+ Oklahoma 22
@ Missouri 109
@ Oklahoma State 93
UCF 112
@ Baylor 73
Kansas 95
@ Texas A&M 111


After the jump are visualizations regarding McCoy's passing performance relative to his opponent's strengths or weaknesses.

Also - are the game by game breakdowns of Texas total offense vs Texas Opponents Total Defense

Nebraska - Run, Pass, and Total Defense Game By Game Breakdowns vs Opponents Defensive Characteristics

Y-Axis represents Opponents National Ranking

All statistics courtesy of

I'm going to leave this for y'all to tell me what you see (or if you like this at all). I'm a little burned out. I apologize for some of the formatting, lots of stuff.

Texas - Total Offense

Texas Opponent Total Defense Rank
La.-Monroe 47
@ Wyoming 83
Texas Tech 48
UTEP 111
Colorado 59
+ Oklahoma 7
@ Missouri 55
@ Oklahoma State 32
UCF 45
@ Baylor 96
Kansas 74
@ Texas A&M 107

Nebraska Defense - vs The Run

Nebraska Opponent Rushing
Florida Atlantic 61
Arkansas State 75
@Virginia Tech 15
UL-Lafayette 77
@Missouri 82
Texas Tech 116
Iowa State 38
@Baylor 108
Oklahoma 72
Kansas 101
Kansas State 35
Colorado 113



Nebraska Pass Defense vs Opponents


Nebraska Opponent Passing
Florida Atlantic 14
Arkansas State 85
@Virginia Tech 99
UL-Lafayette 48
@Missouri 15
Texas Tech 2
Iowa State 98
@Baylor 37
Oklahoma 16
Kansas 7
Kansas State 105
Colorado 45


Nebraska Total Defense vs Opponents

Nebraska Opponent Total Offense Rank
Florida Atlantic 21
Arkansas State 90
@Virginia Tech 56
UL-Lafayette 72
@Missouri 33
Texas Tech 7
Iowa State 75
@Baylor 86
Oklahoma 29
Kansas 25
Kansas State 83
Colorado 104


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