College Football Predictions - Week 13

I'm barely awake after eating too much turkey, and the Green Bay-Lions game is not helping me stay awake.But I'm thinking of changing jobs...

Dear Colorado AD:

If you would like to grossly over pay someone to run your football team into the ground, I would like to apply for that opportunity. I have the ability to make outrageous claims about winning 10 games, yell about playing intramurals, and run off players, Additionally I would take a much smaller buy-out than your current head coach. For a few thousand dollars I can fail for you.

I plan on bringing in my own coaching staff. Husker Mike will be the QB's coach, Jon will be the O-Line coach, Cobby will coach the defense, and I'll coach the rest.

Please see my attached CV that shows my NCAA football skills on the 360 which demonstrates my keen football mind.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future, possibly after late Friday night.

-Your Future Coach



Average results in the picks last week. Big upset by Texas Tech, and NU not covering the spread hurt us all.

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 3-2
67-27 41-52
Corn Blight 3-2
62-31 41-49
JLew 4-2
64-31 35-58

Here are the Thanksgiving picks-

Texas (-21) @ Texas A&M

Mike: When A&M can't run the ball, they get blown out.  Texas is #1 in the Big XII in stopping the run.  Texas continues to roll.  Bovines 45, Gaggies 13

Jon J: You realize that Colt McCoy has a losing record so far against the Aggies and this one is at College Station, right? Yeah, whatever. Texas 35, Texas A&M 14

JLew: I'd really like to pick Texas A&M here, but if we are going to play fantasy we might as well have Texas lose in the championship game to Nebraska. Plus I do not see any way that A&M stops the Horn's offense. I think it'll be closer than the spread though, if only because A&M plays better at home. Texas 35 A&M 28

Missouri (-3.5) vs. Kansas @ Arrowhead

Mike: Now that it appears Dan Hawkins will survive, what about Mark Mangino.  Jayhawks are in the middle of a six game losing streak, and have been blown out badly in the fourth quarter the last four games.  Missouri had been experiencing second half suckage until a couple of weeks ago, until Danario Alexander picked the Tigers up and carried them on his back.  Look for KU to lead early, then wilt again down the stretch.  Tigers 31, Jayhawks 24

Jon J: This should be a great game to watch because of the blood match between these schools. Missouri is playing better towards the end of the year while Kansas appears to have lost everything. Can the Jayhawks get it together one more time? Reesing, Briscoe, Meier - all Seniors. Kansas doesn’t play for their embattled coach, they play for themselves. Kansas 42, Missouri 38

JLew: KU is done. Carve up the Jayhawk for leftovers. (As if there are any leftovers near Mangino). Missouri looks to be putting the season back together after a injury to Gabbert and as the schedule gets easier. Missouri fans begin to whine about losing to NU... but, but it was raining! MU 27 KU 17

Oklahoma State (+9.5) @ Oklahoma

Mike:  This is a line that makes people go whoa! after watching the Sooners get demolished by Texas Tech. Zac Robinson should be back.  Now, the question is: which OU squad is going to show up? Last week's Sooners or the Sooners that only lost to Texas by 3?  This game is in Norman...and the Cowboys pass defense is 10th in the Big XII.  OU bounces back...but doesn't cover.  OU 31, OSU 28

Jon J: Oklahoma’s season has astonished me. They’ve lost a lot of good players, but that’s no excuse for the talent level they have, and in losing games they way they have. It all points to a squad full of pansy boys masquerading as young men. Several games have seen even their good players not bother. This, however, is a rivalry. They’d damn well better show up. Oklahoma 35, Oklahoma State 27

JLew: Bedlam is always a good time. I think that right now OSU has more to play for and really wants it more. I really didn't think that OU would lose to Tech last week. As Mike and Jon said what is up in Norman? I guess the only answer is to fire Stoops. OSU 42 OU 37

Texas Tech (-20.5) vs. Baylor @ JerryWorld

Mike: Baylor left it all in Columbia. Tech rolls.  TT 49, Bad News Bears 7

Jon J: What Mike said. Baylor had so much promise. Even has some players, but apparently they can’t find enough that everyone cares at once. Prove I’m wrong, Bears.  Texas Tech 42, Bears 13

JLew: When does Baylor get booted from the B12? Wouldn't they fit in better somewhere else? Why keep punishing yourself? Anyway Tech rolls. Tech 48 Baylor 10

Nebraska (-10) @ Colorado

Mike:  Dan Hawkins survives the hangman's noose...because the Buffaloes can't afford any rope.  This is a bad matchup for the Colorado offense, with Tyler Hansen loving sacks as much as Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick do.  But we know Nebraska's offense can keep the Buffs in the game if they make mistakes.  Fortunately, CU is 10th in the league defending the unleash Roy Helu and Rex Burkhead.  NU 24, CU 12

Jon J: They’re not rivals. They’re not because we’re so stingy with our hate. Yet they play us like rivals. Last year the game was close despite the discrepancy between the teams because of Nebraska mistakes and Colorado passion. That was in Lincoln. Why not expect the same this time in Boulder? Nebraska 28, Colorado 21.

JLew: Will Colorado fans bother to show up, or will they boycott the game? Maybe they show up and get escorted out in the second quarter? NU should be able to get the offense rolling. Especially the running game. The defense should continue to dominate. NU gets momentum going to Texas. NU 31 CU 13

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