Corn Flakes: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Offense*

*Apologies to Dr Saturday.
With more apologies to Dr Strangelove

Look, the Nebraska offense is going to struggle. Watson has tried just about everything to get something working. NU has changed QBs, WRs, RBs (by necessity), groupings, play calling, formations, even moved down from the press box. Nothing has helped. The O-lIne is going to be inconsistent, the WR will struggle to get open, and the QB's will continue to have their issues. People complaining now are basically demanding that Watson call plays that work. Ah if only it were that simple.

Still NU should be able to move the ball on KU, KSU, and CU. Helu looks to be back which is huge. No it won't be pretty and I'm sure everyone with an internet connection will have answers for the offense. But with NU's defense even a little output should be enough to win the North. Stop worrying, and love the offense. Or at least tolerate it until something better comes along.

On to the links-

Kansas vs. Nebraska Matchup Breakdown
I kind of like this format RCT uses for breakdowns between teams. What do you guys think????? Should we be using this here at CN? I'm not going to give anything away about KU's view on things - check out the article. - CB

re-Balancing the O - Kansas Issues With Offense
Kansas - can't run. Can pass, but this is leading to problems with constipation. You know how that goes, right???? - CB

An Attempt to Sort Out the Big 12 North Scenarios - Bring On The Cats
The Big 12 North is down to two or three games, depending on your team. Here's a look at several scenarios for the rest of the season.

Curt McKeever: Coach tries to find solution to KU's offensive woes
Anyone else think that Reesing is due for a breakout game? Help us Zuko! - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - Holt, Gilleylen near return
They are off the practice squad. Is it because they are ready, or because the replacements weren't any better?

Barking Carnival — Blog — 'Husker Hospitality
Notwithstanding my favorite day of the year in October at the Cotton Bowl, Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend was hands down the best game day experience and fans I’ve ever been part of. That place and those fans are TERRIFIC. If you’re an alum of a Big XII school, or anybody else that plays Nebraska, you have to go.

More candy for us Husker fans.

Nebraska capable of beating Texas, defiling BCS - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Rest assured, folks — the Blackshirts are back. And if you're a fan of the burnt orange down in Austin, that fact probably shouldn't go unnoticed. Yes, though the offense looks more like a middle school starting 11 than a college one these days, the Nebraska Cornhuskers — still unranked and under the radar — have emerged as one of the few teams in the nation still capable of throwing a wrench in the assumed plan for the BCS Championship Game.

Oh yes please... A BCS Bowl and handing Texas a gut punch loss. My dreams are this.

Second Cotton brother set to play for Huskers
He had offers from Missouri State and UNO... well that's nice.

A Message from Gabbert's Online Attacker - Rock M Nation
Austin Huff, who gained infamy in an online spat with Blaine Gabbert, emailed Rock M Nation in an effort to address what he deems to be a mistake.

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