Big changes coming down the pipe in 2011

There will be more than likely a whole new different conference alighment in the near future with the Pac-10 and Big-10 trying to get to twelve teams.  This way they can cash in on the chance to have a conference championship game.  While this on the surface does not seem like a big deal to the Big-12 in reality it will shift the balance of power away from us even more if we don't try to keep up.  Because as of right now to put it bluntly, the south division has carried the conference for quite a few years.  And if and when Nebraska returns to prominence in the nation there are too many mid level colleges to really make the North relevant ( sorry to Iowa St, Kansas St and right now Colorado. ) Even Kansas and Missouri doesn't have the draw and the prestige to really make the north a threat year in and out.  Because every time they have had an opportunity to step up to the big boy table, well the south just smacks them down and shows who's the boss.  Not only do we need some fresh blood to make us a tougher conference but we need to bring in money and TVs to keep up.  So I've made a list of teams that are on my wish list.  These are facts based solely on chances that could happen by the research.  Nobody really can no what is going behind the doors of the administrators.  So this is more guesswork and reading between the lines more than anything else.

Less than 2% chance they join....The big three of Boise St., BYU, Utah.  BYU will be very hard to intice to join because they will not play on Sundays because of their faith which is fine.  If we get them i'm sure we could work out something.  These is a awesome team to get because of the following of the Mormons and the money and TV ratings that they will draw.  Also you can not discredit the history that this school has with its players and coaches.  The bad thing about trying to get this team has to do more with their reluctance to join the bcs conferences more than anything else.  Boise St and Utah are more than likely to join the Pac-10 from all accounts so it will be hard to bring them in.

Adding more southern teams....  Have heard people saying that the Big-12 should add maybe Tulsa, Rice, TCU or Houston which would not make a lot of sense when it comes to bringing in more money or TVs.  We pretty much have those markets covered and the only team that would bring in more TV sets could possibly be Houston.  Also recruiting would be even harder to do in Texas with more BCS schools to choose from.  So I plead with the powers that be NOOOOO.

Teams that I would like to see that we have a chance on......First on my list is Louisville which has several very good options for us.  First two are obvious the TV market and the money that will be brought in.  Also you have to love the recruits that will get exposed to us by playing in that area.  Another reason that will help this conference as a whole is the basketball team would be on our side.  To be able to bring in arguably one of the top 5 programs in the nation would be a huge boon for us.  Your talking a team that year in and year out they are one of the teams that you have to credit for a chance to go to the big dance.  Because if the conferences do realign you have to look at the bigger picture than just football.  Other teams that fall in this category are Memphis and Cincinnati.

Not a chance in Hell they want to join.........Arkansas heads this list because many people think that this would be an obvious one.  Sorry just isn't going to happen for one main reason, right now SEC is heads and shoulders above the rest of the BCS conferences.  Too much money and power will be lost by switching.  Plus you can be a 2 loss team and still get a big bowl or a championship by staying right where they are.  They same goes for Norte Dame, in fact if they switched they would lose so much money.  The senete would have to do a whole new bail out plan to help them with the president going on a nation wide tour to raise support.  ( Sorry just had to say that )

Teams that will go.....  Will more than likely be KSU and ISU since they are the least amount of TV power and prestige.  Kansas will stay because of basketball and the other two because what they bring to the table. 

And last but not least....  We need to switch up the divisions to make it more fair.  Instead of north south how about east and west?  East will have Texas, OU, Baylor, Kansas and Mizzou.  While the west will have OSU, Texas Tech , ATM, Colorado and Nebraska.  Depending on who we get to replace will determine where the north will shake out.  The Huskers should not be in the East region because that would just like the south in the end.

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