The four biggest problems that I see

After the game was over and my jaw was picked up from the floor from the shock it took.  Started to rant, rave, and throw things in glorious rage.  After I was told to shut up from the wife drank my problems away.  Wanted to write a post right then and there but waited until i can go over the game with a somewhat cool head. 

First problem is something that I haven't realy heard mention, Offensive leadership.  On the other side of the ball there is tons and tons of leaders.  Def line alone has Suh, Turner and in a way Allen and Crick. Not to mention Asante, Dillard and O'Hanalon.  On Offense their is really no vocal, get on my back and lets go type of player.  We had that in Swift and Ganz and so many other seniors.  In fact there is only one senior starting in Hickman, which is great, for 2010 season. This season nobody on offense has taken that step and it is really hurting us.

Second is so aggravating to me its damn near painful, the penelties.  Most of them fall directly on the olines lap, with the holding and fast starts.  Even hickman got some and he has the ball! When you throw in the delay in games and illegel substution it just is enough to drive you to drink.  ( more than usual that is, right blight? ) They must be at least corrected a little to even begin to move foward to a better program.

Third is catching the ball pure and simple. Paul has been OK at times and I'm real happy that Brooks is doing so well this year but everybody else, sorry just not going to cut it.  Kinnie and Guyllien have flat out dropped the ball.  Somebody please put out an a.p.b. for Holt because wow he has Sucked after the first game.  Bell and Cooper are to raw and we really haven't seen to much of anybody else.  Its been brought up that where are the tight ends and I totally agree with that.  hell go to three or four tight end sets if you have too.  It can't hurt.

Four is the run. Yes we are very thin at the running back position but notice I said run.  Where are the qb draws and some spread plays just to open up the box a bit?  How about some play action bombs to spread out the field a little to get a running play open.  how many runs did we see this weekend where the rb was touched before he got to the line of scrimmage because the lbs were not respecting the pass.  Or really even a commitment to being physical with the ball?

There are a lot of things you can find fault with yesterdays game, save Suh and most of the def.  It will be an interesting week that is for sure.

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