Nebraska's Three Most Underrated Coaches

Well the bye week is here and we all have to go thru temporary with drawl of the Huskers this weekend.  I know that the pain and anguish will all have us talking in tongues and scaring small children but please, try to remain calm.  With all the hoopla that is surrounding the team about the players, schedule and anything else that we can read about them.  I wanted to point out three coaches that have done a superb job this year that has not been mentioned.

Ron Brown....This was a guy that wasn't even coaching for a few years and he comes back and has done what the previous coaching staff never was able to accomplish, get a quality tight end on the field.  Mike McNeill is a future NFL'er at this rate and if you ask anybody outside of the fans they probably couldn't even tell you who he is. 

It doesn't end there because there are FOUR other tight ends that probably would be starting for a lot of other teams.  All of them do things that are multi tasking, do you want blaocking? Show me who and where.  Want me to catch a ball well throw it to me.    You can split these guys out, have them lead block, run a crisp route what ever you need they will do. 

Coach Brown is the reason behind this.  He brings not only a high energy to the team but he is doing something that can not be overlooked.  Preparing these kids to be men in life by teaching them the skills neccesary  to succeed. ( Which does not include beating up basketball players )

John Papuchis.... Not only are the d-ends stepping up the game by collapsing the pocket and containing the backfield.  Barry Turner has really turned the corner and starting to use that ability he showed as a freshman.  But the special teams has been really solid and at times awesome this year.  The special teams of the Hokies never really got close to blocking the kicking staff and Henery is well a stud. 

Take away some bogus flags by the refs and it has been a really clean group this year.  No stupid blocking in the back or holding that drives coaches and fans alike mad.  A freshman long snapper has done very well and this all leads to preparation.  Yes all the coaches in one way or another have a say in this but Papuchis is the one in charge and he has brought new life into this aspect of the game.

James Dobson....Don't know if you noticed but the huskers are just as ready to play in the fourth quarter as they are in the first.  The team as a whole looks to be fresher, stronger and  more energized than even last year.  Now grant it they haven't been really pushed yet except for that one game.  But it's safe to say that this team is in very good shape physically and to a player they are saying it was Dobson that helped get them to this point. 

During summer all you ever heard was how he was getting them ready and pushing them to get better.  So far I say mission accomplished.  There is more depth but that doesn't help when the players have more muscle than the are able to carry.  Helu is a prime example, he added more muscle without sacrificing speed or stamina.  This is very, very important in the late part of the year when the grind really starts to take effect.  To out hustle and out work the other team will lead to wins.

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