Nebraska Cheerleader Needs Your Support

Nebraska Cheerleader Katie Rockwell needs your support as she is this year's Big 12 entrant in the Athlon Spirit contest. Round One is happening now, she is currently in fourth place behind the ACC, Big East, and SEC. That just ain't right.

She needs as many Nebraskans as possible to hop online and vote! Voters can register for free (and it's easy) online the link above. (Yes, Athlon changed the rules this year so that you need to be registered to vote. In an election year. Imagine that.) Everyone can vote 20 times per day, per account. Voters on Facebook can vote 10 more times a day, through the Sideline Spirit application.



Spartan coach Dick Tomey would rather come to Nebraska than go to Tennessee. You have to wonder if the Spartans will take the field performing a pre-game ritual where there's plenty of screaming and then they lift up their garments and show their buttocks to the enemy before the battle begins.

He (Tomey) thinks the Spartans can beat Nebraska, and he's right. Double-right. San Jose State, which almost lost to UC-Davis last weekend, is a 27-point underdog against the Cornhuskers. It would be an upset, sure, but not a Stanford-over-USC upset "... not if you consider Tomey's history in games like this, his history with Nebraska and the state of the Nebraska program. "Are we good enough to win? Sure,'' Tomey said. "The best team doesn't win. The team that plays the best wins.''

A nice homerific article complete with coach cliche'. Doesn't end there, though:

Meanwhile, SJSU has several defensive players (cornerbacks Coye Francies and Chris Owens, linebacker Justin Cole and linemen Jeff Schweiger and Jarron Gilbert) who could play for the Cornhuskers, perhaps even start.

As if that won't be read in the Nebraska locker room. I don't think we'll need that level of incentive, but thanks anyway.

As a follow-up note that the Spartans took a pay cut to play our Big Red, as they're only getting between $750,000 and $900,000 as opposed to the $1,000,000 they would have gotten from Tennessee. (When you put all the zeroes in there, the numbers look daunting, don't they?)

When I read this, I remember the uproar about the schedule Steve Pederson left us with and the high cost of playing patsies. I'm sure when Osborne returned he was in shock about what the arms race had done to college football. There's your proof.

You may have noticed The "Buzz Up" logo next to the headlines. That's because Corn Nation is now part of the Yahoo Buzz publisher program. Basically, it's a Digg-like system that allows readers to promote the best content on the web.

Bottom line, if you like what we're doing, lend us a hand and Buzz us Up. (For what it's worth, I hate that phrase, but I wouldn't mind the results.)

Since your account on Corn Nation allows you to easily join any other blog (like those of our rivals and opponents), you might consider joining the SB Nation blog and giving feedback about what you like and don't like about the new platform. They should have tutorials as well.

A couple items of note - you can easily create your own Fanshots and Fanposts - if you'll notice, user swanee80 created one all by hisself earlier today and if he can do it, anyone can do it. Use them to post news items about Nebraska football or other sports for discussion. If you like the posts, recommend them so they move up the list.

That's all for now. Don't forget to support Katie Rockwell and Go Big Red!


You wouldn't want to let her down would you?

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